Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and life truly on the road...

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you have all been truly blessed today with the company of family and friends. We are out of Omaha, have been in Ozark for a few short packed full days, and are now in Dallas at my grandparents house.

Christmas this morning was so warming and nice to be with family and friends. It amazing how quickly you can become comfortable with surroundings you have not seen in several months.

We hope you continue to have a great holiday and many more great days to come! Love all of you and hope to see you soon!! Pictures of snowboarding to come in a few days as well as our last days in Omaha!

One more special shout out..HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILLSIE!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside is Frighful...but Let It Snow, Let it Snow. Let is Snow!

Its official..its our last week in Omaha and we are headed to Macon, GA! Its just south of Atlanta. We are really excited about another adventure and are ready for all a new city has to offer.

Last week the weather was cold to say the was below freezing all week beginning in the teens and today below zero. Saturday was a super nice day and we spent it taking in the 5th wheel, enjoying the weather outside, and going to the Old Market to see the twinkling Christmas lights!

I spent the week packing the split level, Christmas shopping, and designing websites. The puppies love the cold weather but more importantly love laying on my electric blanket. Saturday I built a huge fire outside and played with the dogs until they were sleepy. That night we went downtown for dinner and to see all the Christmas festivities. It was a winter festivities explosion: outdoor ice rink, caroling, twinkle lights galore, and Christmas music everywhere! It is a nice change to be in a cold place around Christmas.

It snowed several inches here on Tuesday and the forecast is for snow again today! I can't wait to build a snowman!! The ski slope opens today so we are hitting it up before leaving town sometime this weekend!! Daniel is so excited to snowboard and be surrounded by the sport. I can't wait!!! More to come..its almost time to see family and friends for the Holiday Season!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving and Its Beginning To Look Like Christmas...

Thanksgiving this word awesome! We got home around 3 am and mama loves to chat it up when we get there so I didn't go to bed until 5. We got up on Thursday to watch the parade and made sweet potatoes, a family Bing Cherry salad, and my dad's famous (after this year) relish tray. Daddy was in charge of going to the store and we all know he doesn't do that well. He bought every kind of pickle, relish, olives, cranberries, and antipasta they had. He gave us so many became a joke at the house. I only took half of what he bought the Shawn's house and it was at least 30 containers! Everything was super yummy and we had such a good time. We had not had the chance to see most of the family since our wedding last Nov and even then we didn't get to chat much. It was so nice to catch up. laugh, and just hang out with everyone! I totally forgot to take pictures as we were so busy visiting. boo

Friday we did a little low key shopping and then headed to dinner with Kylie and Brett and Andrea and Marshall at Weiderkehrs. It was the first time for us to be back since our wedding and it was so nice. We had a great time hearing all about their daily happenings and holidays. We really miss getting together with you guys!! It was so much fun!!!

Kylie, Brett, Andrea, Marshall, Me and Daniel

Saturday Daniel and daddy went quail and pheasant hunting. They got up super early and were out all day. I know they had a great time and we heard all about how the dogs hunted! Daniel had a great time hunting Daddy - he still talks about it. While they were hunting Mama and I went antique shopping..I had some very specific items I was searching for and I found them!! We were super low key that night watching SNL as all of us were exhausted. We all relaxed Sunday morning and Daniel and I hit the road early as the weather was predicting snow for our entire drive back. The weather was right but we didn't have any problems thank goodness. We had a great time mama and daddy thank you so much for letting us come in and relax. We always have a blast and enjoy all the room!!

We wanted to wait until this past weekend to put up our tree but on Thursday it happened. This is the first year in my life I have not had a real tree and it is the earliest I have ever put one up. I know it doesn't make sense in our 400 square feet to really decorate so I made it special. We have sunflowers from the rehearsal dinner and silver balls from our reception. Daniel added a few Family Guy characters and we found some funny RV ornaments and they fit our tree nicely. A tree does make it feel more like Christmas.

We had a great weekend of shopping, relaxing, and spending time with Daniels work friends. Friday was date night with dinner and a movie! We never go to the movies and were both very excited! We saw 4 Christmases and both thought it was super funny. Saturday we shopped for winter clothes for Daniel..that is not an easy task. The lines at Kohl's were so long!! We ended the day meeting up with Daniels co-workers and then out to the Old Market. He works with some of the nicest people and we had a great time with them. We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing trying to stay warm.

It snowed 2 times this week and has been so so so cold. I do have to say the weather man is scaring me by the "snow storm/blizzard conditions" they are predicting for Monday night. I am excited but not ready for a blizzard!! Daniel is on his way to work!
We are still having a great time and making memories but miss everyone! Hope you are all great! Christmas is coming fast!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Now this would make your week...You know you wanna look...

How would you like a $500 Wal-Mart gift card?

Don't fib! Go here and enter.

Share your money saving ideas for Christmas..

Here is mine from the site...

I love, love, love to recycle at Christmas (ok all year). I have never understood why people throw away bows and bags that they receive throughout the year. Last year I got married and saved the bows and bags. If they were not too wedding related I would use them again. If they were I would cut out a piece of the bag and glue it on another to make a new bag design using several bags. I always use bows from all year and re-make them into new by adding or taking away from them. I also like to use stickers and stamps to decorate bags. I have been known to make wrapping paper out of brown grocery bags or newspaper and made stamps out of potatoes for Christmas designs using different paint colors or food coloring. It is green and saves money! Its also super cute and you can be totally creative in how you make the gift look.

Now go register for a chance at that $500 gift card!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boo to the Flu...

Lets see last week we got a little treat..the flu! My little plan of not getting sick this year didn't work when Daniel came home on Thursday not feeling well. Poor thing was super sick and I started feeling bad on Sat night. We must have looked horrible because we made a trip to the pharmacy and the lady looked at us as though to say "oh you guys don't look good." Isn't that nice? Love it! Anyway we are both feeling much better!!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow? Happy Thanksgiving everyone! With that in mind something new and exciting to give thanks for coming soon...


and Daniel says Go Horns!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Very busy...Has it been a year?!? Seriously!!

Whew have we been busy. I didn't mean to take such a long break from blogging (I began this post over a week ago) just happened. No Jenny L. I was not busy planning social events...ok well maybe a few impromptu ones. Daniels mom arrived on Thursday the 30th. We met Daniel for lunch and spent the rest of the day shopping. Friday our Halloween adventure was buying a cargo trailer. Not an easy find but we located one in a small town in Iowa and spent the evening at an estate auction. I got to watch Daniel and his mom take it all in. My advice..don't talk with your hands however, we ended up with a few good finds.

Saturday we took the 5th wheel into the dealership to get the leak in the slide fixed and spent the rest of the day watching football and cooking out with Luther and Victoria. On a total side note..its leaking again! Now why did the repair man go through telling us all about his repair again???

Sunday we made it to the Henry Doorly Zoo with Luther and Vitoria. I know I have mentioned it before and it did not disappoint! Its huge and look at those Gorillas!! I was amazed at how the exhibits were staged. They reminded me of the ones I saw in Japan...oh memories. Mary was very excited to see Rosenblatt Stadium as well..the Men's College World Series home. Sunday night we sat by the fire and made smores for some it was their first taste! I know!

Monday was our one year anniversary (I can't believe it) and Daniel and I celebrated with dinner at Main Stream Brewery. I completely forgot to pick up the cake topper I ordered..and remembered around 5 pm. So I frantically ran to the store and improvised with a few one year birthday cakes and icing. It turned out well and only took 30 min to improvise..Its a good thing I am easy going! ;) I came home to a dozen sunflowers and a rose. I am not sure when it started but he calls me his Sunflower so...he always gets me roses with a sunflower in them. We stuck with the tradition first year gifts of paper so I was very excited to see what he came up with! We exchanged gifts and Daniel shocked me with something I thought he would never do..He made me a book of coupons filled with things, like a ski trip, massage, dinners, new purses, etc. I had heard of coupon books before but you never think you are going to get one. Its funny because I was going to make in the money clip I was going to give him..but he bought if for himself instead. I got him a cabin stay in the forest around here and a picture from the last marathon I ran in. Dinner was great, we listened to music on the street, and ended with ice cream from Maggy Moos!! Yummy!

Mary and I were busy shopping most of the week. We also went to the Durham Museum which had miniatures on display and if you know me well..they make me smile! The museum was an old train station and displayed old rail cars, home items from the past, old cars, and Eyewitness an exhibit on actual accounts from the past. We spent the rest of the week, shopping, going to the vet, the dog park, and went to Cabela's, Scheels, and Bass Pro. Saturday Daniel and his mama watched the Longhorn game and Sunday we walked the pedestrian bridge from Nebraska to Iowa and back. It was actually fun and apparently is the only footbridge that connects two states. We ended the weekend with a yummy dinner at Big Cabin and Mary had an Omaha steak. She flew home on Tuesday and it sounds like she hit Austin running. We had a great time with you here Mary and the puppies miss you!!! We hope you come to see us wherever this great journey takes us next!!! See you at Christmas!

I spent rest of the week getting ready for our cabin weekend! It was super cold in the forest this weekend and just as soon as I got a camp fire started it began sleeting and snowing. I thought starting a fire was something Daniel would have learned as much camping as we do. After his pitiful attempt, I knew and have now come to terms with the fact that I will always be starting the fires. I think this is a common problem. ;) We woke up on Sat morning to a dusting of snow and hiked much of Saturday in the fluries. It was great and Daniel said it was the perfect anniversary gift!

On a total side note..daddy Hershey is learning to "whoa" very well!! According to for those of you who don't know "Whoa" simply means, "stop, don't move until I release you." Don't laugh...and yes I taught her..its all those years of watching you!;)

I also can't believe how fast the holidays are approaching! I am in the beginning of Christmas shopping and I think the fact that all the stores around are decorated and the music is early for the season but the weather is seasonal..I am realizing it is that time of year! Hopefully we will know soon where our next adventure is taking. Daniel is really hoping for ski country! Many good JuJu wishes to our friends and family...we miss all of you!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Daniel! Wow how fast a year can fly and change your life! We have many many more great years to come. Daniel I love you!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hay Rides and Hiking

Again with all the rain...but it then the heat and the frozen water pipes...Is this Arkansas? You know the joke..heater in the morning ac in the afternoon.
After a late workout on Friday, an almost weekly (almost obsessive) trip to Walgreen's, Daniel and I met up for dinner. We couldn't decide or find any place local and ended up at Fudruckers. It was yummy and we both opted for the grilled chicken.
On a total side note I don't think I have mentioned this before...For some reason I think that I have to look at the Walgreen's add every week even if I do not need anything. They have great deals on things you would not think of buying at a pharmacy. Start paying attention if you don't! Its a huge money saver lots of buy one get one free, combination offers, and instant rebates! I don't take advantage every week..but when I do its good!

Saturday we got up and headed to the gym for an extra long cardio session and weights. We ate at a new yummy local place called Noodles and Company. It was great and reminded me of Japan. Daniel is not a huge fan of Asian food but I can talk him into it every so often. (I jump at the chance for Sushi when Daniel is not around..oh how I love thee!) Daniel informed me he had a secret mission that needed immediate attention since we were downtown. Operation Secret Anniversary gift began with me in the truck. I had to promise I would not peak, listen, etc. He put a sweatshirt over my head, made me close and cover my eyes, and put on music as he took me in circles of downtown. Then he ran inside to finish the gift. All I know is we were in the location of a Pets Mart and Kinko's. I had to uncover my eyes he said it would be 5 min and it was more like 30. He has successfully totally thrown me off!
That night we met up with several people from Daniels work for a hayrack or hayride at Shady Acres. It was a lot of fun however, I was not a fan of the hay fights with other hay rides as we passed by. The weather was warm all day and cooling off that night and reminded me of hay rides at Ryan's when I was little. His family would always have a haunted ride with things to make you scream and feel of (grapes for eye balls)!

After the hayride we had a bonfire with all the works! I love burned marshmallows! Yum! However..if one were to look from a far at the situation there were about 40 bonfires with 30 people around each. I looked down onto the fires from a hill and it kinda scared me. It looked like a cult ritual from a distance. I can't wait to go back to Shady Acres and ride horses.

Sunday it was so cold 30 degrees, but that didn't stop us from going on a hike to the Louis and Clark Monument and Acre Lake. We took the dogs and froze but were determined to hike and see the area. My favorite part was convincing Daniel he was wrong and that I knew the sky line city we were viewing! He suprised me after our hike with a pumpkin to carve. Yippie!

So far this week..its been a busy one. Monday night our water froze. The temp was in the low 20's..that made me have a not so good morning along with the migraine I had for 2 days. We also have yet another leak in the slide..this time in the bedroom. Do you remember me talking about the rain? Yes it has been annoying. The earliest we could take it in was this Saturday and it just so happens that Daniels mom is coming on Thursday. So I have been frantically trying to get things packed, finish Daniel's anniversary gift, and get things ready for her to come. Daniel says he is getting a cold...I am not so sure! Then again when a man is sick..well poor baby!

Tonight an easy dinner..a pizza from Sam's! I finished cleaning, made a trip to Wal-Mart, took the dogs out to play, soaked black eyed peas, and carved our pumpkin. Ok Mary we are excited and ready for you...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Cassie!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Cass!

I hope you have a great day!! Miss you!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Brr, Rain, Looking for Land, and Ladybug Invasion?

Last week was full of lots of rain (blah), fun, cold weather, rain(um yea), fun...Well you get the point.

Friday night we headed to the Old Market area for Mexican food at Trini's. It was so yummy but, I do have to say didn't compare to Chuy's in Austin. Oh and yes they had good salsa that I topped off the chicken tacos with! We did a little impromptu Christmas shopping in the cute boutique stores! It was so much fun and of course Daniel loves to shop! Picture this...a hungry man, cold temps, hungry Daniel, pretty twinkle, lights, starving Daniel, and many Friday night diners and shoppers! He thought it was heaven! Haha

Saturday we got up early for a trip that lasted all day! We drove all over south Iowa going to a triangle of towns. We stopped in several for lunch, to mingle, and get the word on the birds. It was actually a semi successful trip. We found an area that has birds and places to hunt. You know about thirty minutes up the road to the next town, near the railroad tracks, right by the lone wind mill, and you will see lots of those white energy mills as you pass the corn fields..Yea that land!! We were a little baffled by the directions but after about an hour drive north and east we found that lone wind mill and the land!
It is so nice to spend time together and to continue to get to know the area around us. I believe honestly we all get used to an area when we live there and do not take advantage of the fun things it has to offer until someone comes to visit or we move away and take a trip back. How many times have you discovered something new that your area has to offer?

Sunday Daniel and I finally got my birthday present..Yes it was a few months late but we found the perfect mountain bike. I was so excited to ride on Sunday. We went for a 2 hour ride through the back roads and corn fields. It was a a lot of fun and a workout. I would have to say one of the best parts happened when a Columbine (its Harvest time) was driving behind us down the dirt road. I felt like I was in the movie Cars. The scene where the asphalt smoother (Bessie I think) is driving down the road to catch..Lighting McQueen.. well you get the picture.. The man driving the Columbine sped up. I didn't think that was nice but Daniel and I were laughing so hard, we made it funny! When we got home we had a swarm of ladybugs inside and out so bad I thought Daniel was going to freak. He hats bugs with a passion!! We finally got them all no worries! I even found a concoction on how to get rid of them including vinegar, dish soap, water, and sugar..kinda like the one that gets rid of fruit files. I also didn't' know that ladybugs have an oil they let off when you touch them and it stinks! Yuck! I still think they bring good luck but this was too much of a good thing!

Anyway, so everything is still great here in Omaha. Daniel is still enjoying his job but is so ready to go snowboarding. We are waiting (yes patiently) for the mountain to open here so we can get some time in. I know I am ready to have a snow ball fight! ;) Hope everyone is doing great! We miss all of you!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Proud of a Pumpkin...Patch?

No but I have to brag..Daniel received the honor of employee of the year! His employer is the largest traveling company in the U.S. so this is a huge honor! I am so proud of you Daniel!!!!

Last week it began to cool down but it was not until the weekend it turned cold! Brr! Friday night we went out for pizza (justified warmth) at one of the funnest pubs we have found on our travels so far. A local hang out in the downtown area of Omaha brought great pizza, fun times, and many memories! In the words of a hammered 70 year old man at 7PM..(a lady walked in by herself) "Hey (to his buddy) must be cold look at that lady's (yea you know)". He yelled it!!

Saturday after Daniels work obligations, we made a trip to Cabela's to look for more hunting "stuff" as I put it for Daniel and to locate public land in Nebraska. Then we headed over to Vala's pumpkin patch which far over exceeded my expectations.It was over 150 acres of a Fall Festival and a complete experience with camp fires, shows, animals, hay rack rides, and plenty of homemade treats to eat and admire. Neither one of us had been in a corn maze and it was a 5 acre Nebraska Cornhusker blast! We also watched the Pigtucky Derby Pig Races, pumpkins launch, apple sling shot, a haunted house and cemetery, and of course found the "Great" pumpkin! We had a great time looking in the sunset for the perfect pumpkin and picking it off of the vine! The picking area was a little off of the beaten path and most do not hike back into the 55 acre pumpkin patch! After finding the Charlie Brown pumpkin we dined on treats of the season and one of the best and largest Carmel apples! I told Daniel I want another one for my birthday and he laughed! Some of the pictures are a little dark as it was getting dark while we were there.

Sunday we got up early and again became experts on water filters. We have some of the hardest water we have ever experienced. I honestly would rather have the lake water at the lake house. It is full of copper, iron, calcium, and its dark!! So after putting in three filters outside and one in the kitchen we are good to go! I also found a well/hard water shampoo. Who knew!? No more iron smell and soft hair again! Its the little things in life!

It was a great weekend with both Hog and Horn Wins!! Cassie the pictures from your party are so cute! Looks like you had a great time...

This weekend we are off to look at public land in Iowa and Nebraska. Daniel, my daddy, and his friends are gearing up for bird season (pheasant, quail, and grouse). Its that time of time!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy 11 Month Anniversary!!I

I know can you believe it? We can't! Last Friday October, 3 was our 11 month anniversary and we are quickly closing in on a year! Wow how so much has changed in a year. I was talking to Marie and Rebecca on the phone this week and we can't believe how we all got married last year at this time are all doing something completely different. How grown up are we? Marie got married, bought a house, and is now a great full time mommy to precious little Fletcher! Rebecca got married, received a promotion to club manager in Austin, and as of this week is a District Manager for 24 Hour Fitness in Dallas! I am so proud of them...and I can't forget Jill she is closing on her new townhouse with Jason as I type! She just texted me and said it was because I sent her good MoJo all day!! Daniel and I obviously got married, have both changed jobs (Daniel with his traveling PT position and me with my new PT company) moved from Austin, began traveling, and are having a blast! Wow what a year!

While I am at it..Cass- have a great time at your 13 Going on 30 birthday party! I really wish we could make it! I know you are going to have a great time. I also hope that Amanda (who also got married this year) and Andrea have a great time at their high school reunion. Mine last year was a blast and so much fun to catch up and reconnect with people who I had not seen in 10 years!

Hershey is taking after Daniel and trying to "learn" all the new hunting commands!

So back to our anniversary...we decided to celebrate one month of our first year. We got each other small gifts and had a 20 dollar limit since it wasn't our year anniversary. That umm makes you be very creative. We did good on our gifts and surprisingly we got each other almost the same thing. We had dinner at Haraha's as Daniel really wanted to do some gambling. We only lost 15 dollars so we did ok!

The rest of the weekend we played and explored Omaha and Iowa in the gorgeous weather.

Inside of Speecs Sporting Goods. Its huge!

Farmers Market, College World Series Stadium - Daniel was so excited to see it!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby's Baby's Everywhere...

It seems like everyone I know is having a little one. This morning Daniel's sister Michelle had a healthy little Victoria Lynn and from the pictures I have seen she is so cute! I know her big sisters are so excited! We are very happy for you guys!

Although most of babies I know of are healthy, it also seems that many young couples with little ones that are not so lucky. I can't imagine what they are going through and it brings everything in life to a reality. I hear stories from my parents about my brothers two open heart surgeries when he was a baby and it is still hard for them to talk about 30 years later. He is perfectly healthy now but, I can not imagine what they felt. With that in mind, please keep Baby L in your thoughts as well as Baby B. I know their families appreciate all of the warm wishes, thoughts, and prayers.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh I wish I wish the Hogs would have won!

Well our first week in Omaha was great. We went to dinner on Friday night with a couple that is also traveling and are staying in Iowa at the same park. On Saturday morning Daniel and I got up to go to the farmers market we had heard so much about. It is on the Old Market area in Downtown Omaha. The area is filled with shops, restaurants, bars, and on Saturday mornings with vendors from all of the surrounding areas with fresh produce and such. We had so much fun shopping for the week. We went to lunch at a bar/grill called Froggy Toads. We ended up at a Brew Pup to watch the Hogs get whipped by the Horns. We were the only fans representing our teams but there were some Virginia Tech and Cornhusker fans cheering us on!! We had a great day just spending time together and rooting on our opposite teams. Everywhere we went people would say..I am sure your house is interesting with 2 totally different teams rooting against each other! If they only knew how many phone calls I got during the game from Daniel's family and friends to rub it in my face. Ben and I kept texting during the keep our down the Horns spirit going. It didn't' work!

Sunday we went out for a hike at an area near where we are staying.We drove through a town called Missouri Valley that had these stuffed dummies all over it representing the businesses they were in front of. It was a little odd and I am going to find out what the meaning of those are. Here is a pic to follow of one in front of a NAPA Hardware. It was a relaxing day with nothing much to tell about just continued cool weather, a sighting of wild turkeys, and playing with the dogs!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jennifer and Andrea!!

Happy Birthday ladies! I miss you both so much!!

Jennifer has been a friend since the first grade! Wow we have grown up together!!

I met Andrea through Amanda. She is an amazing person!!