Monday, June 30, 2014

5th Wheel - All the changes and tiny spaces

I mentioned in the last post that over the past 6 almost 7 years (gasp)  we really have changed the 5th wheel.  Please note that these are just completely random pictures from throughout the years. If you look closely you will notice we started out with picture frames, lamps, etc. Those are all now in storage. LOL! I try so hard to keep things to essential purposeful items and really could put more in storage! We live in a small space...about 200 square feet. It gets cluttered quickly, like when a plate is out much less toys! So when I hear people say they are busting at the seams...I wonder how they would feel living with this set-up for almost 7 years with 2 labs, kid, and hubs! I don't mean that in a mean way, but honestly you really can make it work in small spaces. It takes a lot of patience, creativity, imagination, and work!

The beginning

 The extreme makeover...couch and table out..custom cabinet installed.

Ultimately we moved that cabinet several times inside trying to make things more functional. We bought a couch when I was pregnant with Wyatt and couldn't get it in the that was fun! LOL!
Then I set up an area for Wyatt...many.many.many.times and kept rearranging it!


 He's Here!
 Re-arraigning to try and make things with an infant work better

 It seems to be working....

Then ultimately we had to take out the built-in cabinets because of  the leak that couldn't be fixed :( So we had a lot floor space but, less storage!
 Then W started crawling out of the in came a big boy bed
 I decided that W's bed area needed more insulation because I kept the pack and play protected from drafts. In my late night attempt to find curtains I was unsuccessful, so I put up make shift curtains to cut down on the cold/draft from the wall....(Make shift...hahah they are still up!) The above picture was his first time in his bed and he wasn't sure about it!

 Then I added another dresser/cabinet because we needed storage! (Horrible phone pictures from a few months ago!)

And honestly, it looks a little different every day. Always changing, rearranging, and attempting to figure out more ways to store toys. I just took pictures and of the current state at 10:00 at night and! We are packing and organizing things to move so that random stuff everyone has is all over the place! :) Yes even in a small space you still have it! 

If you have been reading our blog you know we have had our share of issues with this 5th wheel. I have kept myself from painting and doing all the neat things I see on Pinterest because I think some people would like it with the wood original if we traded it in.  I go back and forth almost daily.  I would love to whitewash the cabinets, paint the walls, put in a backslash, wood floors, etc. Pinterest oh dear Pinterest why do you make me dream of anther RV remodel. HAHAHAHAH! Seriously you only dream about these things if you full-time rv! I think we FINALLY have the the living room leak fixed. It only took 6 years and over a dozen (at least) different RV repairmen and dealerships all over the country to figure it out! Now watch it! 

Ultimately I just wanted to share because so many people have asked about our lifestyle. I still can't believe we have been on the road this long and am so thankful for all the amazing experiences we have had. That doesn't mean every day is great because lets be honest, I obviously don't have a lot of cabinet space  and when crackers fall out every.single.time I open the pantry I do get irritated. I don't like the shower but I have gotten used to it, the bathroom stinks just because rv bathrooms do, the refrigerator is small, my oven is tiny, and yes it is annoying that D and I have all of our clothes outside in our closet/cargo trailer, and that I can't dry my hair with the ac on....but I know this isn't forever (I think). I will look back on these years and know I will miss the closeness (because this lifestyle will either make or break a marriage and family) and the fact that my husband is asleep in the chair beside me and my soon to be 3 year old is tucked in his bed only feet away as I blog while listening to the intro of Jimmy Fallon. Years from now....I will miss this! :) I know I will and I know I will miss the simplicity. I know I will miss always seeing and experiencing new things. I know I will miss how we take full advantage of an area while we live in it. I fully get the fact that when you live somewhere it is very common to not visit/do all the fun things it has to offer. I know I will miss how creative I have to be with cooking because it gets so hot inside. I know I will miss how the dogs race to the door when D pulls up after work because they can hear his truck. I can not hear anything over the air conditioner! HA! I know I will miss meeting new people all the time with interesting stories and why they rv. I.know.I.will.miss.this lifestyle when it is over! 

We move on Thursday and I hope to blog about that soon. I am 100% sure I will rearrange things when we setup in the new town. (New way to store the toys, new rugs, pillows, etc) I have to keep changing things to make it feel bigger! LOL! Please please pray and send vibes for an easy, safe and uneventful move!!!!!!!!

Hugs to all! 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

6 Years of blogging...

We are in our 6TH YEAR of this adventure!!!?!?! I know can you believe it?!?!! My first post was on March 28, 2008( Getting Ready) and boy did we did not have any idea what we were getting into! LOL! I kid.... I kid. Although we did think this was just something we would do for a year or possibly even two. (Look at the babies in that picture!) Even now.... just this week.....I thought we had plan.... a firm one......nope!!!!

 The 5th wheel has changed so much..inside and out! :/ I should get a post together on the  changes and as they stand at this point. (It is kind of ever-changing!)

I am hoping to get caught up on blogging very soon. Wyatt and I have been very busy making lots of friends since we arrived. Not complaining as I love meeting new people!

I know I have not been good at keeping the blog updated. I am trying...we have so much fun stuff to catch up!!
I guess that is the price you pay when you live a gypsie life! :)