Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Move out to way West TX

Well, we moved again. Another permanent move. Who knew when you went off the road...you really weren't!  We our now way out in West TX. The move went as expected...with hick-ups!

We are used to it..I mean after almost 7 years. That doesn't mean we don't get mad or frustrated because we totally do!

Anyway, we got a late start because we almost had to make a trip to Sam's for new truck batteries. Thank you to Kasey for coming to our rescue and watching W for us while we figured things out! She.is.amazing! I am also pretty sure W had a good time! I mean cuteness! 

So we finally loaded up and hit the road!

 And then bam...
 It was so hot! Daniel was a trooper and I kept the traffic shifted to the other lane as much as possible. While he changed the tire.
When the tire blew not only did it rip out part of the insulation under the 5th wheel it blew off the bearing cover (that is apparently important) and this place saved our life... We love Cameron Tire Center and were in and out in less than 15 min. Talk about customer service! They were so polite and wanted to make sure W was comfortable! So sweet!
Then a few miles down the road....BAM Again at 5:15 on July 3rd!
We may have lost our cool with this one. It was on the other side with more flying insulation as well as rv parks and a freak storm was about to open  up the sky. Luckily, I was able to look up that we were 6 miles to a tire shop (so we called and told them we were on our way) where we have road hazard isurance (this lesson was learned and it  is worth it) so we drove on the flat.in a horrible storm.while it hailed. and flooded. It was great! Our GPS freaked out and took us down a few dead ends but, in the end we made it! 

 I think someone had fun in this tire shop. He even got his very own pressure gage. Best.ever! So after getting that tire fixed and buying yet another spare we did what any normal family does and headed to Chick-fil-A.  To decomress and figured out a plan. This one however, didn't have a dining area or a playplace..so fail! We ate outside and it was prefectly fine and little guy didn't know any different. He got to run around, eat some chicken, and have a little ice cream!

We decided to drive for a few more hours and spend the night on the road. We were all exhausted including the pups!

Not the best..but the only place that didn't gross us out when we walked in the office.  We hit the road mid morning and attempted to find a place for breakfast only to realize we were already out of town. LOL! So we snacked on crackers and cheese sticks. We also realized we weren't going through another actual town until we reach our destination so those snacks for W had to last until we arrived mid day...lovely...

This town is "interestingly interesting." I am still trying to form an opinion. In totally honesty, I am not impressed with this RV park. Like AT ALL! Hopefully it will grow on me or one of the many waiting lists we are on will call with an open spot! 

 W didn't care he was happy to celebrate 4th of July! We celebrated by getting set up, relaxing, playing outside, and finally and enjoying some Starburst candy! HA!

So that was the move, pretty typical for us! LOL!
Howdy from way out in West TX!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Kite Watching

We made a quick trip down to see one of my college friends. Her family has recently moved to the the Houston area and I was determined to see them before we moved. In my mind I had made all kinds of fun plans for this summer...but alas we move.

 Just hanging out looking at the rocks and water!
 This little guy took to S's husband like a champ. He would take his hand and go on a walk with A and T with no problem. I was so surprised and it really did almost make me tear up..but on the same note it made me so proud. I love this family so much and it warms my heart that he does as well. I wish I would have snapped a picture but, I was so in the moment that I will never forget it! (Tear!) LOL! (This really is a big deal! I love that my little guy is shy and first but warms up..he is just warming up much faster. I also am amazed at how he remembers and doesn't need that warmup time the next visit!)
 Hey A lets take a break and watch the kites...Wait what are you doing?  A was trying so hard to get W to look at him. I have no idea what was going on in W's head but both of them were cracking up laughing!

We had so much fun spending the day catching up at their new place and ended the day in Herman Park with a picnic, letting the kids play, and watching kites! I loved meeting her little one who turned 1 on July!! She is such a great mommy and I enjoy watching friends become these amazing moms right before my eyes! Such a fun day with such a great friend. I know we will see each other very soon! These boys had such a great time!

When we got home he told daddy all about our day in his own special way. "Daddy I ride in mamas car to Houuuston to see S. Daddy I walk with T by pool. I watch kites in park. See trains. I eat lunch with mama and S. I ride in stroller and see water in park. I run in park. I play on A's car in the living room. I play with A's toys. I have a special treat cookie!" LOL! Love this age!!!!

I love you and you love me song..

 If I remember correctly Daniel was the original one to make up this song. It is supposed to go
"I love you and you love me and that's what makes us a family.
Mama loves you and you love mama and that's what makes us a family.Daddy, etc."

We go through all the family and friends those we see often and those we don't.  He has caught on and so has started naming people. He will say to name a few "Aunt Suuuuu loves", "Aunt Annndrrea loves",  "Connor loves you" "Nannie loves you," "Gammie loves you," "Aunt Rebecca Cooopr loves you," "Nee Nee loves you," "Aunt Kookie loves you," "Peston loves you" so I caught the end of it.  He wasn't singing all the words but he talks about each and every one of you all the time! I am not lying! I also love how he will group people together. This is just a memory I don't want to forget!  Love this age! Please excuse my singing and that this was right before bed, he was being silly and tired, and it was hot!