Friday, January 30, 2009

A little happy song!

I hope this brings a Happy Friday smile to your face! It does mine!
Miss and love you all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where have we been...

Seriously right..where have we been. Well we are obviously out of Omaha and not that we completely hated the cold..but I do have to say we do not miss the -11 temp we were having. Our last week there was one we will never forget. All of our water froze..yes every faucet meaning zero cooking and showering at the gym. You really do use water more than you think! We had a major malfunction with the truck..while I was driving. FYI a Diesel does not break down often..but when it does oh mama its pricey. That day was completed with a migraine, 6 inches of snow, and Daniel coming to my rescue at the dealership!

We went snowboarding our last full day in Omaha and it was a blast. Daniel showed me some new moves. I could tell he was in heaven on the mountain. The next morning we got up early and started packing. It was only supposed to flurry but after 5 inches of heavy snow we decided to continue packing and hit the road. I spent over an hour on the roof scraping and shoveling snow and ice in 5 degree weather. It was so cold plugs on the truck were constricted making it almost impossible to leave that day. We did leave but had a heck of a drive as it was snow all the way to Kansas City. I had to miss seeing the girls in Fayetteville..sorry ladies. I did get to see Kerryanne..loves! I also have to say Congrats to Cassie and Adam who got engaged before the holidays!

We were in Ozark a few days and then headed to Dallas for Christmas. It was so nice to spend time with family. We followed with our traditions dinner then Ben and I exchange what we refer to as our "fun gift" on Christmas eve. My family exchanges on Christmas morning follow by Eggs Benedict..yummy! The rest of the day was spent relaxing and watching football. Santa was very good to us! Thank you family! Saturday Daniel took is exam and then we headed to Austin.

We got to see several friends but time always seems to fly by and we never have enough time. We had Christmas as with Daniel's family on Monday and spent the day catching up with them. It is quite different compared to mine considering there are 5 little ones when we go to his side. So many toys I always get a little overwhelmed, but its fun to see them get excited. We had a nice time visiting with the family and it was nice to see Aunt Martha as well!! Again thank you guys!!!

We always have a great time with Ben and Ann and Mama and Daddy. They are a lot of fun and it was exciting for us to all be in Austin. We had good food (even Chuy's) great laughs, and made wonderful memories.

We had fun plans for New Years with C and C, R and R all meeting for dinner and bowling. We were having great time until around 10 we found out our truck was broken into and our GPS stolen. Boo C and C also received the same treatment. We are very happy that R and R were spared. Ben and Ann arrived shortly after our discovery and we are so fortunate they didn't walk up on it happening. In total 3 cards were hit so these were some serious thieves.

We headed back to AR after New Years ready to possibly leave for Macon on the next day. After recognizing that we were not going to hear anything about Daniel's licensee and not being able to get anywhere with his company. We waited a few days and then made the decision to make something happen. Long story short we switched companies and are in Livingston for 3 months. The weather so far is a lot like Austin. Daniel is enjoying his job and we are able to spend time outside every evening. We love being on the water. This past weekend we explored the area a little and went to the town Trade Days. It is a market of what the area has to offer. We both enjoyed seeing it on our first weekend here. What a way to learn quickly about what an area has to offer! We also realized this is snow bird area...we love it! ;)

Enjoy the pics and can't wait to hear from each of you!
Love Daniel and Melissa

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Please think about this family!

Please click on the button and think about this family.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Total Change of Plans- We are in Texas

I just wanted to update you on our location! After the adventures the holidays brought us..truck issues, completely frozen pipes in Omaha, a broken window and stolen GPS in Austin, and waiting, waiting, waiting on Daniel's GA license (still waiting + 6 weeks)..we are in Livingston, TX!

Long story short..we arrived here on Monday and from what we have seen so far...its going to be fun. Daniel and I have dubbed this city "The Snowbird Capitol of Texas!" We are about 4 min from the lake ;)

We are having some internet issues so I am going to do a long post with pictures soon! We miss everyone and hope you all had great holidays!
Love Daniel and Melissa