Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy Busy

I haven't forgotten the blog...

As I briefly mentioned we have been to the coast, Austin twice, have had visitors, and leave again very soon. I am working on blog posts and hope at some point this week to have one up.  Our wireless card died so I can't blog in the car as I previously did to catch up. I haven't had a chance in 2 weeks to get to the wireless store..hopefully Daniel can take care of it while I am out of town! :) Hint!

Anyway- keeping my fingers crossed to get a post up this week!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

So busy....

Doing a lot of this....


that I know you feel bad for me..and understand why I will have to blog after I am done playing! Wyatt said we have so much to do while his Nannie and PaPa are in town...
Be back soon

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Birthday, Lots of playing, a Weekend in Austin, and not much of anything

Well I am another year older the big 3-3 and I guess it feels ok! HA! It honestly doesn't seem like I should be celebrating already...wasn't it just summer?  Last year at this time (end of June) I was wondering about little guy, delivery, and where we were going to move next. Daniel and little guy made it very special with dinner, flowers, jewelry, and a cute frogie cupcake cake!  He had kidded about tint for the Sequoia...but I am pretty sure he knew the repercussion would not have been good! I know deep down he was rooting for the tint to happen!!


Throughout the week we played and played. Thursday, Wyatt and I visited Daniel at work for a picnic  lunch and some quality time.
We played a lot and Wyatt might have even spent some time with his head in a large stock pot. He thought this was hilarious and kept this up for most of the morning. I have started putting shoes on Wyatt more as you can see...cloth diaper and shoes. He doesn't mind them..I just want him to be used to them when it becomes a necessary. This park has stickers and they hurt! 

We built forts and played peak a boo.
Friday we left for Austin for a weekend of visiting friends and family.One of Daniel's best friends, Shelby, became a Deacon in the church all the "boys" grew up in. We had a fantastic time with family friends and introducing Wyatt to many people that watched Daniel "become a young man." (The words of many..and made me laugh because he still becoming a young man! HA! Just kidding :) The ceremony was very touching and we enjoyed seeing our friends surrounded by so many people that love them.
Saturday we ran errands, visited with Daniel's mom, had lunch with Ben, Ann, and Connor, visited the Kropps as well as toured their new home, went to a birthday party, and hung out with several friends that evening.

The party was too much so he took a nap. We didn't leave until almost midnight so I am glad he gave in early!

Birthday Poker

Sunday we ventured back over to meet  our new nephew little Matthew for the first time. He is adorable and as his mommy and daddy said...certainly has a temper! (He is a McKenzie!) Welcome to the family "Maddy" Aunt Melissa and Uncle Daniel can't wait to spoil you!

We also had lunch at Jason's deli on Sunday with Ben, Ann, and Connor. Wyatt was cracking us up with his love of ice cream. He has had it before..but Daniel got a twist cone and I am thinking that is what sparked this complete joy and love!

 Last weekend we decided to stay close to "home." We really didn't do much. Swam, worked out, organized our cargo trailer, went on several wagon rides, waved a lot, said Hell-OOOO, and possibly made some new friends!   Daniel is starting a Master's Degree program in August so he has been working on getting all the little things together that the program requires! I am so proud of him for wanting to continue on and get his master's! So proud..so proud! 

Like I said low key..but fantastic.The next month is so busy traveling, birthday parties,and  possibly moving.  It was like the calm before the storm! HA!!! Hope all is great with each of you!!!