Sunday, March 30, 2014

On The Road Again...

Well here we go! We are moving to College Station! D got an amazing job opportunity in the same field (PT) and are so excited about all it has to offer!

 Update...yes this happened again! Yes, that new motor..broke down! :/ In a teeny tiny town about 50 miles from our destination! We certainly have a good view of now nice people are in this area. No lie at least 10 people stopped to see if we needed help when we pulled over in the tiny WM parking lot. We were amazed at how nice and willing people were to help. "Do you need us to call a tow truck?  Do you need help finding a hotel?  Do you need help?  Do you need anything at all?  Can we help by calling someone? Are you guys ok?  Are you stranded? I know a person who can be here in a few min..."  AMAZED!!! 
 We also looked for 5 hrs today (Sunday) for an RV park. At one point we were sitting in a parking lot waiting for an office to open and W was being so good.  I let him out of his car seat and he was playing in the backseat. He dropped his car over into the 3rd row and had to go "Oh no! Get it mama...get car...get it!" LOL!
All the parks are full and we honestly got the only open spot in the entire area and only because we just happened to show up when someone unexpectedly got moved out of the area for work this morning! Whew! We were stressing over consistently being told "we have zero open spots until the end of the year." We got lucky!  We drove around most of the day and called park after park. This was the last place we called and was a last ditch effort. It isn't anything special at all (zero extras) but, is a place to park! LOL!
This area has pipleine, oil, and natural gas work...just like very location recently! I thought we were a few months behind them in regards to when they moved ( from N TX) and we would be fine because they would have moved on again.  Nothing is more terrifying than not knowing where you are going to live because you have no idea where you are going to actually park the 5th wheel! LOL! We had hotel reservations for a few nights because when we broke down I jumped online immediately and got a room..but um then what?  We owe a huge THANK YOU to the tow truck driver, towing company, and the rv park! They went above and beyond to help us! So far...everyone has been very nice to the new people in town that broke down! LOL!
We need good Juju for the truck to be an easy cheap fix and for D's new job to be as amazing as we hope and have prayed about! Please Send it! PLEASE!! I will update as the wifi allows! We are back to using the wireless card as our sole source.

Monday, March 24, 2014

W' isims

As I mentioned life is about to get crazy!

I have been wanting to record a few of W's words and just haven't taken the time to do it! This more for me..but I think it so cute!


Mulks pleaze Mama, Mulks pleaze
Good Day Mama, Have a Good Day
 Oh no!
It falls offffs
Where daddy go?
Move Hershey!
Move Chancie!
I Driiivvee tha Carz.
I want keeyss.
Keeys pleaze.
Hershey Hush
Ride in Truck
 I wub you.
Keys mama.
I go outside.
Ride bikes.
Wash, wash, wash, yer handz alllll day long, washn, washn, washn, wash, waaaasshh yer hannnnnddzzz
 Where Daddy Go?
I take a baff.
I take a showrrrr.
What happeen mama? (Like when I drop something.)
I hunnggee mama.
Mama walk - When he wants to walk
Hold Hand - (Hold his hand)
I sit down.
I go. I go.
I go home...(When we are home!) LOL
I go bye bye (When he is ready to leave!)
I put in pocket (Anything he wants in his pocket.)
Daddy Go to work
I go to work
Mama rock please mama.
Mama sing song please.(Meaning sing me a song)
Pick up mama, pick up please. (Hold me)
Up mama
I cloze the dooorr mama. I cloze it!
Ouch hurt!!
I talk to Nannie and PawPaw.
I go see Mom.
I cudder. I cudder.
I scizzors. (When he wants to use scissors)
I paint good.
I talk on phone.
I take a pictuuure.

Read book pleaze mama. Read book.
Another book mama.
Dance mama. Dance
Says please and thank you to almost everything!

Are you a good boy - Response always NO!
Do you love mama = Response NO..wub mama!

I am going to keep adding to this list because I don't want to forget any of the cute/ funnies of a 2 almost 3 yr old!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Two sweet boys...

Two weekends ago we made a very quick day trip down to see some of our besties. It was a much needed trip to love on Sadie, pet Stewie, romp around with little C oh and course to visit with R and R! :) Love you guys!

The boys are at the age where they seemed to have a lot of fun together! We had a blast hanging out and it always makes me miss them so much more when we say "See you guys soon!"

We needed an updated picture of the boys...

This series just cracks me up..obviously my guy had other plans! Love you guys!!!!
PS...See you soon!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Mother's Instincts

It is a fine line of "Am I overreacting or only doing what I think my child needs and is best for them?  Do I wait out this cough or head straight to the doctor? What to do, What to do?"

In the middle of the night (last Wednesday) W started coughing enough to wake us all up and we had to give him a breathing treatment. Given his history we are guarded and probably overly cautious. I decided to just watch him on Thursday because it sounded like allergies. But...during the day it got worse. I didn't want to rush off to the doctor because the week before he said his ear hurt, only to be told his ears were crystal clear! Whoo Hooo! Don't get me wrong, I do not want him to be sick...I just know his typical "sickness cycles" by now and just like every mom try to avoid them. Every parents wants a well child all the time and we do what we can to prevent it! Amen Right?!?!

 Breathing treatment during the day

So Thursday when I called, I got an appointment for the next morning. I decided we really should wait until Friday so I called back. Our doctor was out of the office so we were seeing another Pediatrician and were the last appointment of the day. Sitting in the exam room he continued to get worse. I was relieved we went in that day. The doctor said he could hear our barking seal and walked in saying "He has croupe...poor guy!"
 Looking at all the cars in the parking lot.

 The medicine started working immediately and by the next morning he was much much better! So grateful for a fantastic pediatric office!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Train Park

Last Saturday we spent the day celebrating family style! We have some exciting news about an upcoming move that I will share soon!

We started at Pluckers because everyone knows sports, chicken, and a beer are fantastic on a gorgeous celebration!
 We knew Sunday was supposed to be cold so this was our chance to be outside.  Our plan was to go an indoor kid park but, plans changed while having lunch on the deck. I had heard from several  people in the north Dallasish area about a train park, but when I asked around no one had any idea what I was talking about. We were figuring out where to head next and I realized they may have been talking about the park where we were. Success!

 The park was packed which typically means W stays close. Not today, he was all about it! He is really starting to warm up so much faster! (I have mixed feelings on this! LOL) It may have helped that the park isn't huge, but he loved it!

 A train car, little buildings, a maze..what more could a kid ask!

 Running around the TX maze!

 Re-arranging things...

He had so much fun and was a hot sweaty mess when we left! I love this sweet picture of my guys relaxing in the grass. I think Daniel was having a man to man conversation! :)
It was a great day celebrating a new upcoming adventure!
More to come in the next few weeks! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Library Time

The past 3 towns we have lived in, I have searched out the library for the kids programming. We got pretty involved and started going regularly when we lived in SE TX and have done the same as much as possible in north TX. We enjoy our library friends and playing with them on Wednesdays. My lil guy was super shy when we started going and has recently started being comfortable with all the other kids. He is still shy however, I have learned if we go about 30 min early he is so much more comfortable and will participate easier when the kids program starts.

One of the moms captured some sweet moments from last week. We sing songs, do yoga, listen to books, learn sign language, word association, and much much more!

 Playing in the beginning

 We were the  helpers for learning the signs for More Water Please, Thank You, and All Done.

 Obviously W was impressed with this process! LOL!!
Who knows what was going on in my mind..probably "I need to remember to get milk at the store!" Regardless, W was having fun!
We met daddy for lunch after. A special treat!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

St. Lukes Parish Mardi Gras Night..

I mentioned the big Mardi Gras event in my last post. It is a big deal, bigger than I imagined. Tickets are sold, they always sell out, people are not happy if they don't get tickets, and a fun entertaining night is expected. People look forward to it... Like all. year. long! :)


All that said, last Saturday we got a Date Night (thanks to my amazing parents!)...Whoot Whoot!! LOL! Actually, I was heavily involved with this event and by the time it rolled around the core group had been working on it since sometime in November! Whew!
Obviously, this was my first year so I was not totally prepared for the extent of planning and actual love and labor in the last few days. Think extreme prom decorations. Think taking a space and completely and totally decorating every inch of it. Think wedding decorating in overdrive. Think seven or so visions coming together. Think "We typically do it this way"...or "Well whatever you think looks good." Think no real overall vision given to the new kids on the event block. (AKA three of the seven people decorating and organizing)..LOL! That kinda sounds like we didn't have fun or get along,  because we got along great and laughed a lot! We just spent several several hours figuring out decorations, organization and flow, setting up auction items, and making sure things were perfect with a small exhausted team. I really enjoyed getting to know more parents and staff. Friday after the parade we got a huge majority of the decorations up and finished.

This left Saturday for organizing and setting up all the auction items both live and silent. It was a
 process to say the least! We had some amazing items donated from jewelry, tv commercial packages, photography, various experiences, furniture, memorabilia, memberships, grills, trips, to gift baskets galore!

St. Lukes is a private school that has been around for 65 years and this event is the biggest fundraiser for the year. It is needed in attempt to fund things like scholarships, new computers, supplies, furniture, etc. Without its success: tuition continues to rise at a faster rate, parents are constantly asked for donations, small fundraisers are continuous, and money or donations are always needed.


 Each class creats and item that goes up for live auction. This was the art piece the W's PreK 2 class made. The kiddos colored pages and the teachers put their names on them, rolled them, and created this art piece. It had a class picture on the front of it. These items go for quite a bit of money! So neat!
Some of the other classes made a kids table with pictures of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Another did a neat picnic table with hand prints, a cross with prints and many other creative ideas! 

 Auction Hall

The event went great and was a huge success! I am not sure we could have asked for things to run smoother. The food was great, the band was fantastic, the bar was flowing, the auctions were successful, and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. All the work was definitely worth it. We felt the pressure but, we succeeded! Many thanks to all those who donated!
Plus...we had a fun date night!