Monday, August 10, 2009

Umm...Well at least its an update!

Alright everyone..we are here! Get ready for picture overload!! We had an amazing fun and relaxing week at the lake house and as always it was so hard to leave!
Enjoying the Lake
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We left the lake on Thursday and headed West and stopped along the way and visited with Daniel's Aunt Martha and cousin Glen. We spent night in Midland/Odessa and then got back on the road for a day that seemed to never end. I had been warned about the "nothingness" between Fort Stockton and El Paso but when I say nothing I literally mean nothing! Daniel and I are always in different cars so the entire trip we call each other ponder things like what people did on wagons traveling that terrain.

The Lake and Trip Out to El Paso...

We have been pretty busy since arriving: almost crossing the boarder twice; driving the Southern Rim Road and shopping in downtown El Paso; mountain biking in the Franklin Mountains - the southern most part of the Rockies in the US; going to an El Paso Diablos baseball game with Daniel's work; figuring out the area and finding a safe place to stay; making a trip to Dallas to see a few special peeps some of those are 4 legged and check on my grandmother after her knee replacement and see my mama; seeing and catching up with my lil sis (sorority) Jennifer during dinner while she was in town (I forgot my camera), and taking a trip to Alamaogordo, NM to the White Sands National Monument as well as a weekend camping mountain adventure in Ruidoso, NM. We have had an encounter with wild horses, a mule deer, and what my dad says were probably wild hogs. Being a Razorback fan..still not a fan of wild hogs especially with the heinea like noise! ;)

Our New Home Site!

Downtown El Paso and Driving the Southern Rim

Ciudad Juárez

Mtn biking in El Paso at the Franklin Mountains - The Southern tip of the Rocky Mountains in the US

El Paso Diablos game.. They lost horribly but we had fun with new friends!

Camping in Ruidoso, NM

White Sands National Monument

In other exciting news guess who made an appearance a little early... Little Connor Pascal Chen McKenzie was born 7/27/2009. Ann and Ben are doing good and Connor is growing a little more everyday! We all think he is pretty cute!

Daniel's job is going great and so far so good. We really like this area and all the outdoor activities available. Remember their is an open invitation to everyone anytime. We love visitors and comments! ;)
Love Daniel and Melissa