Wednesday, September 28, 2011

June to July 20th...

Can I start by saying...where did June go? Is it really almost October! I can't believe I celebrated my 32nd birthday this year! I feel like I was just excited to be in the double digits, then a teenager, 16, 18 turning 21..Where did all this time go! Don't get me wrong, I have great memories, it just seems like it was yesterday! HA!

All of this was written in July:
This birthday sorta slipped up on me. I guess I mean we have been more focused on July: baby is due, my parents were coming, the rain will stop, and this rotation would be up. So seriously can we slow down time a little. I am so excited for this little bundle to arrive but completely kinda freaked out at what all that means. Everyone tells me that these feelings are completely normal and I know I am going to have a ton of questions and time (as much as sometimes we wish) can't be slowed down or speed up! HA! So with that I have to officially say I think we are ready for him! Of course we still have a few last minute things like ordering the diaper bag (but really we can make it without that super cute bag for few weeks) and all those other random things you need.

We celebrated father's day with a baseball cake from the doggies and the baby had a special gift for daddy. A baseball of the stadiums of America. He loved it! I was so excited to meet up with KyLee a few weeks ago in Portland. She and I became friends when we lived in Austin and have run 2 half marathons together. She is leaving in a few days for training for the Army reserves. I am so proud of her! KyLee it was great to see you and be safe on your month training.

Daniel again made my birthday special. We had plans to go to dinner but our neighbor is a sweet old man that lives by himself and we were having a good time visiting with him that evening. By the time we came inside it was late so we ordered pizza and I got to have mushrooms which almost made my happier than anything! HA! He also got me a cake from the doggies, a small bag of M &M's from the baby (the baby had been saving his money for 9 months), and a tripod for the camera! I have wanted one since Christmas when I got DSLR! I am so glad he took care of this because honestly I had been looking and looking and the amount of choices on Amazon made my mind go crazy. Daniel went to a camera store and they steered him in the direction on exactly what I needed! I love it! We did go out to dinner later in the week and it was just as special as if it was on my birthday! Thank you Daniel for making my birthday so special! It was perfectly perfect!

Two weeks ago we headed about 30 min south to a Dock Dogs Event at the Gun Dog Expo in Albany. Hershey did fantastic taking two 1st place wins in the Junior Division on Saturday. We went back for another round and Sunday she won 2nd place! We are so proud of her as she had not jumped competitively in almost a year due to location of events. Chance was a good cheerleader as always! We all know cheering always makes you fly further!!

4th of July weekend we headed to Portland for Blues on the Waterfront. We had a blast and got to hear Buddy Guy! I couldn’t believe the crowd for the festival! We spent the entire day and it wore me out but it was all worth it.

Backing up a bit it seemed like the month was flying. I started packing for our upcoming travel to Arkansas. My mom arrived on the 13th and we finished getting everything ready for baby, packed up the last of what we could in advance, and enjoyed a little shopping. My mom went to the doctor with me on Thursday. The doctor told me what I had feared in that I would probably be coming back next week for another appointment. My original due date by our first doctor was on the 15th and Daniel and I really wanted the baby arrive before my dad did. Well baby apparently wasn’t ready. He had his own agenda. My dad arrived on the 18th. My parents came at the right time of the year as the rain had essentially stopped and the cherries were in season. (Although they were late this year I believe it is because they were waiting on my parents). I had another appointment on the 20th and again the doctor said she might see me next week and if so she would schedule an induction. The hospital had apparently just changed their policy and the doctor is not allowed to induce someone until they are 41 weeks. Well apparently the baby heard her and it might have been combined with a slight procedure she did that day! Honestly we will never know! My mom and I headed to run a few more errands and went up to the outlet mall. We walked and walked and walked. We had been for the past week but we stepped it up. I was so concerned that our travel plans were going to be altered as we were to leave town on Monday morning. Daniel called his recruiter to tell her the details and she put his next rotation on notice. They were very accommodating to the babys arrival. Whew! That evening we had dinner, watched a little Modern Family, Daniel had just gone to bed, and I had just looked at the clock and thought well baby I guess you aren’t coming tonight. Low and behold around 11:30 I thought I have either wet myself or my water just broke. It was the later when I realized I couldn’t stop it! Looking back Hershey was acting very weird after we got home from the hospital. She got sick at my feet, kept sniffing the air and would not leave my side. I kept trying to get her to lay down. Obviously she knew what was going on! You would have thought all four of us had lost our minds. Daniel and I weren’t so sure we should go to the hospital. My dad insisted. We called the on call doctor and told her what was going on. She said we should head that way when we could but no need to rush. Again my dad was “in charge.” Of course we stopped for a picture before we left.

When we arrived at the hospital I was afraid of having Daniel just drop me and my mom off at the front door. I convinced him to let me walk into the hospital with him. He really didn’t want to do this but decided it was ok.

We started checking in but not before posing for a few pictures in front of the entrance. Daniel suddenly remembered we had preregistered but they asked me to bring my id back at some point. Did I? NO! Then I thought oh no they are going to let me check in. They did! The nurses were amazed when I told them I was actually due today! It was after midnight and the 21st so I was telling the truth! They got so excited because apparently that rarely happens! We went through all the paper work and all the sudden I was in a wheel chair for what seems like an eternity being wheel over to the Birthing Center. I remember thinking "Are they going to keep me or send me home? This doesn't even hurt..I bet they will send me home! This can't be for real!"

Stay tuned!