Sunday, March 25, 2012

Well well..

I thought I had scheduled last weeks post and then I realized I never uploaded the pictures. I am away from home and Daniel has the laptop with the pictures. I guess mommy brain is in full force at the moment!

Sorry! At least I will be able to backdate at some point and still do this weeks post. Hiding my head in shame!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I get lost in bluebonnets

Two weeks ago Daniel's mom came for a visit and the weather was perfect. We spent quite a bit of time outside, shopping, and playing!

Over the weekend we decided to take some bluebonnet pictures and we were on a mission to find a field abundant with flowers. It didn't quite go as planned, because we spent a while looking for the second spot and never found it. HA! We did get a few and I am hoping to go back before they are gone in hopes to get that "perfect picture!" To me he kinda looks like he's lost! Daniel's cousin was also in town the same weekend. We had not been able to coordinate seeing him in almost 2 years. Time flies when you are having fun! It was nice to get in some family as D's sister and family are moving to PA this summer.We had a very nice visit and Wyatt is ready for his mimi to come visit again!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Foxy least that is what we call her

We didn't do much this week as it rained and rained and rained even more. On a good note, the lake is filling up! Due to the rain, this weekend we did those things that are necessary but not for the Sequoia, regular maintenance, and shopping for summer clothes (ok well that part was fun). So..this post is randomly about the things during our week.
Some things become even more fun over time and apparently the bouncer is one of them!

Last week Daniel told me that the residents at the nursing home wanted to see Wyatt again. I told him that would be no problem and we would come up the next day after lunch. When we arrived he was quickly snatched and covered in kisses. The little guy was quite the charmer and they all love him so much!

The next day D called me to say that one of the residents wanted Wyatt to have the fox she won in bingo the night before. Immediately it warmed my heart. Her only requirement was that she get a picture of Wyatt with Fox for her room. Wyatt and I met D for lunch that day and an instant love was created. He will just look at her and laugh, smile, and talk to her. I have been putting the two of them together on the floor with a few other options to play and it never fails he talks to her. Wyatt loves his Foxy Lady! W is also feeding himself a lot more. I know this is a milestone, but it makes a mama kinda sad and the reality that her baby is growing older. It is not like I don't know this, but anyway. He has been feeding small things to himself for a while, but this was a bigger step. The weather has been gorg this week so hopefully I will have much to blog about for next!
Lots of love from the road-

Friday, March 9, 2012

House Divided

Well folks, the boy has a love for the swings! Wyatt is really at a fun stage and has definitely become much more vocal and active over the past few weeks. Life is full of nonstop babbling and at any moment he will be crawling. We found a really nice park near us and it has running trails that were made with my heart in mind. I am envisioning lots of park time! Over the weekend Arkansas and Texas were playing in the Houston College Classic. A house divided over sports is like a love/hate relationship, but makes for a lot of fun when they play each other. We went to games on Saturday and Sunday's because I will take any chance to see my Hogs and Daniel the same for his Horns. We had a blast. The weather was gorgeous and on Sunday the roof at Minute Made was open! Way to make a girl happy! Wyatt was dressed appropriately for each game and may have even had a wardrobe change to support his favorite team. On Sunday, poor thing had to be confused as he was sporting both teams at once.
Ultimately the best team won! HA! GO HOGS GO!!!! Love you Daniel.
Until next week..

Thursday, March 1, 2012

7 months and the RODEO

I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that Wyatt is 7 months old. Honestly, I still can't believe we have a baby! HA! (Yes..I am still working on the traveling post..a lot happened blowout, bumper falling off, etc, and I want Wyatt to know all the details of his first few weeks!)

The little guy is full of life babbling up a storm, constantly moving, and I believe will be crawling in the near future. He has 9 teeth and prefers his food to have some substance..none of this thin stuff! He is hilarious when he eats and after each bite will make a noise of yum, ummmm, yum ymm, and mmmmm. He is currently eating rice and oatmeal cereal, applesauce, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, yellow squash, green beans, sweet peas, avocado, pears, banana, and cantaloupe. He has tried oranges and strawberries but I am waiting on those a little longer. Daniel and I both swear he said mum mum or mumma the other day while I was preparing his breakfast. He is eating 3 meals followed by a bottle and "snack" bottle in the afternoon. He is doing really well with a sippie cup and we are offering it at meal time and "snack."At his 6 month check up he was 20lb 2 oz and had a height of 26.5 in. He is wearing 3-6 month clothes, 6 month, and some 12 with room to grow because it has been so hot. We are using cloth diapers so the disposals I buy last a long time and I always get at least one size up, he is in a 4 and they are large but he doesn't mind! He is still a pretty good napper. One in the morning, another mid, day and then one long late afternoon. I think the midday nap might be coming to an end because it seems to only really happen if we are out and about. He will nap in his car-seat like a champ and it makes life so much easier when running errands. He loves his bouncy seat (thanks Andrea) and jumping up and down either on our laps or in this big bouncer (that is what we call it..thanks Michelle) as well as dancing. He thinks peekaboo is hilarious, any tickle game, and clapping. He loves being on the floor playing with toys he loves trucks, small cars, blocks, his steering wheel, and crinkly things. The floor is also a favorite spot so he can roll around, get up and rock in the crawling position, and play with the dogs. Hershey is completely in love with him and can't lick his feet enough. He loves going on runs and riding in the stroller. I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time outside.
We decided when we heard the rodeo was coming to town we were game and it just worked out that Professional Bull Riding was on the same Saturday as the barbeque cook-off. We had a blast! Wyatt loved dancing, looking around, and was such a good boy he even took a few naps. We arrived early enough to walk around before PBR started. The work that goes into the cook-off is amazing..its like full on restaurants and bars are built for show! We walked around the carnival and he just took it all in.

The bull riding was really fun to watch. I had not experienced professional bull riding in person and it is just as much fun as I thought it would be. A guy from AR won so I really felt like it was a win win! As we were leaving we stopped at the wine garden and listened to Charlie Robinson (a Texan) sing My Hometown! We had another great weekend!
I hope this post made sense..I have a horrible sinus infection and think I am finally starting to turn a corner on it! Regardless I had to get this posted...what the fans want..the fans get! HA! Hope you are great!