Thursday, April 26, 2012

9 Months

Really..This does not seem possible! We enjoyed celebrating outside all weekend! Happy 9 months 4-21-12 little YY!

This week you started babbling mama da da all the time. You have been babbling for sometime but this week these two words really took off! I LOVE it!  You are still happy 99.9% of the time and are only fussy when overly tired or hungry. You sleep from 7-7:30 pm to 7:30 am. I would say you are a great sleeper! You typically don't make a peep at night unless, Hershey is barking like a crazy woman! When this happens I can pat you on the back and you are back to sleep! You are still eating anything we offer and new this month was raspberries, strawberries, black berries, ground turkey, and chicken. You have become a fan of yogurt melts and really enjoy when I freeze yogurt in drops for you. I am still making your food and for us it works. You are starting to eat more of what we are eating for dinner and this definitely makes it easier...ok well, you have it the next day because I never have dinner ready in time for you! HA!You are a joy to our lives and we love you so much little man!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Swim

**Several new posts below**

Last week it was hot and we decided to take Wyatt for his first swim. To say he loved it is an understatement! The pool was empty, the water was perfect, and the splashing (to us) was adorable! Summer has arrived!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No words...

Hopefully someday I can come up with words for this post..but for now just pictures....

On this same trip we stayed with R and R. We really enjoyed seeing them and catching up. Wyatt loved having a lot of room to explore! Thanks again guys!! Hope we see you again soon! We also stopped at my grandmothers. She has been busy with my Uncle being in the hospital and I know she enjoyed play with Wyatt. Thanks for letting us do our laundry! I am glad we were close enough to make this trip and great to see friends but…anyway I hope someday I can express more in words my real thoughts on why it was so hard. So many memories, so much love, more laughs and more fun that will always live on!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Astros home opener and Easter

The Friday night before Easter was the season opener for the Astros. If we are in the area we MuSt (per Daniel) go to several games. Daniel is a huge fan so much so, that he took off early on Friday for us to make it downtown to join in on the fun. I made a mistake when ordering tickets by not thinking about the sun for an evening game. It was hot! Like HOT like a mid summer game in Dallas that we experienced a few years ago. I even put Wyatt on top of the backpack, out of the sun, sitting on my feet using the shade of the seats in front of us. He didn't mind at all. We stripped him down to his onesie and he was good to go! The game was great..although the Astros lost to the Rockies in what could have been a great comeback. We stayed for the fireworks and they didn't even bother the kiddo! It was another great ballpark memory for us and Wyatt was a champ!We had plans to go to Austin over the weekend. So...Saturday we spent the entire day organizing our Cargo trailer. We haven't had the opportunity to drop off things into storage in 2 years ...this was an attempt at a massive load drop at storage. Success!

Easter Sunday the bunny left an Easter basket full of fun things for a boy of 8.5 months. He enjoyed a ball, bibs, new shirt, spoons, goldfish, and a puppet!He played with his new fun things for a few minutes and then we headed to Austin to Daniel's parents. It was nice to have the entire family together. The kids played, the adults talked, the kids hunted eggs, I took a million know! HA! We haven't had all the grand-kids together in a long time, Daniel's mom wanted pictures, and I am the family I kept my end! Wyatt was asleep during the egg hunt so Daniel and I put a few eggs in the grass that afternoon and he crawled for cute! We also went with Michelle and her kids that afternoon to a bluebonnet field so I could take pictures of her kids. I got some great shots! I think she really likes them. I got a few of Wyatt and Daniel as well and had her take a few of us. I am finding that I am not ever in pictures, so I take an opportunity when I can to get a family picture. Our first Easter as a family of three was a success and I know we made some fantastic memories.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

An Arkansas wedding, meeting lots of litte ones, and playdates- covering 2 weeks

I can't believe little guy is 8 months old! Seriously...we love you so much!!
The end of March me made the trip to NWA for one of my besties wedding. **Total side note and really just for me..but on the way we had to stop in McAlester OK, and we put the kiddo in the seat part of the cart. He loved it, couldn't stop laughing, and talking to everyone. I had been waiting to do this when Daniel was with us plus I knew he would eat it up. I will say that this makes it much harder to get through a store quickly! He smiles at everyone and then they all want to talk to him. HA! Makes me heart happy to have such a happy little guy!**

We stayed with Rebecca and Rob whom we hadn't been able to see in a few months. Thank so much letting us crash at your place on our way through. Wyatt also stayed in his PeaPod for the first time it was a success! I highly suggest if you travel a lot to get a PeaPod instead of having to take the Pack n Play. We travel so much the Pod is just much easier and takes up hardly any space!
Ok now back to the real story! Kerryanne and I met in college and were sorority sisters. She married a great guy who I also knew in college, although the two of them didn't meet for several years later. The bride looked gorgeous!

I am extremely happy for them and wish the cute couple much happiness. We had a great time at the wedding, as we got to see Cassie, Adam, and little Miss Maye. Little girl is a cutie pie. Wyatt and Maye were adorable together and we got some cute pictures. Sue also few in from FL and I always love reminiscing with her. I love having friends that we don't see often and pick up just like it was yesterday! After the wedding we walked around campus because, I had to show Wyatt where he could be attending college! HA! (Love ya Daniel!)

Something I have dreamed of.. playing with my family on Old Main Lawn! I remember doing this as a kid and wanted to someday do this with my family!

We were lucky enough to be able to stay with Andrea, Marshall, Ashlynn, and Jaxton. My parents came up to watch the kiddos so we could go to dinner. I think they were excited to see our friends also! AW-We had so much fun staying at your gorgeous new house! Thank you for having us and we feel very special to have been your first house guests. know I totally think you did above and beyond for us! DG twls are fine! HA!
Sunday morning we had a crew for lunch. We met Shannon, Jason and Baby Bryce at Common Grounds on Dickson. My parents, the Watson's and Sue joined us as well. It was quite the change to be on Dickson with kids! HA! Wyatt got to sit in an highchair in a restaurant for the first time...a fun milestone! We had a great brunch catching up. Shani-Bryce is adorable and I can't wait for the two boys to get into some "fun" aka Big pimpin in the Trooper! I am so sad I didn't snap a picture of you and Bryce! We did have a lot going on at that table! HA!
Daniel left to drive back to TX on Sunday and I stayed with my parents for a week and a half longer. This way they could get in some playtime with Wyatt and we would be able to see a few more people while in town. Wyatt got to see lots of my parents land, animals, play with Elmo the monkey, celebrate my mama's birthday, and swing, swing, swing.

We were able to see my parents neighbors Connie, Darrell. Connie I am still dreaming of that yummy lunch and Wyatt got to nap with Mouser! One evening we stopped in to see Tammy and George as well as Patrick and Kayci and I got to meet little Miss Charlotte. Charlotte is few months younger than Wyatt, but I have a feeling and hope that one day they can be friends just many years just like Patrick and I. We were also able to have a Saturday afternoon play-date with Jennifer, Rusty, MacKenzie, Katie, and Malachi. Wyatt loved Malachi's toys and is really starting to play with other kiddos. Jennifer's mom stopped by while I was visiting and it was nice to see her. Jennifer and I talked about how we used to spend as many nights together as we could get away with! Fun memories!My dad and I took little guy to see my Aunt Phil and Uncle Johnny. My aunt isn't doing great, so we really wanted her to be able to see Wyatt again. We stopped at my cousin's restaurant for lunch before heading to my aunts and Shawn and Lafonda got to see the little guy for a few minutes. Wyatt and I met my mom at her school for lunch one day so she could show him off. She loved introducing him to everyone again. Its so funny to me that I know almost all the teachers that my mom works with..either they taught at Altus, were teaching while I was in school, or are close to my age. Actually I think it is kinda neat! They always know where we live and what we are up too! They all ask about us..I guess our lives are pretty different from most! **Whew we were busy!**

Monday evening before I left my mom and I had a girls night with one of her students. We took a sweet girl out to dinner and to shop for clothing. In this girls 15 years she had not been shopping for herself. Between Daniel and I, my parents, and my moms art club we were able to get her several new outfits, shoes, essentials, a bathing suite, and a a few girlie things. It warmed my heart so much to actually see how much she appreciated the things we got her. Daniel and I give often either money to students and families at my moms school or clothing items however, this time I saw first hand the impact we had and look of excitement and joy it brings. Make me happy we are able to help in some little way and give back to the community in which I was raised.

Wyatt and I flew back to TX last Wed. The flight went smoothly and Wyatt did great. He has flown before, but I was a little nervous because you just never know with kiddos. I can't get over how many people want to help you when you are flying alone with a baby. It can be nice as they want to help in anyway they can. The flight attendants kept gushing over him and they told me a million times he should be a baby model. Well sure...:)
Daniel's sister was nice enough to have us over for dinner. Michelle - I really appreciated this as it was nice to not have to come in and cook!
We had a great visit and I know my parents are really missing us. They loved having us, spoiled Wyatt, and probably didn't mind the fact that I made dinner every night! HA! Miss you guys!
Let us know how you are all doing!