Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Zoo and Water Hose Fun

 Wyatt and I made a fun day trip to the zoo with our friends Stefanie, Meredith, and H. We were so excited to spend the day seeing animals and at the splash pad. We left early because we had about a 2 hr drive and arrived to find all the parking lots filled buses. We were a little worried it might be crowded, but to our surprise it wasn't. We arrived in time for lunch then set out to see the animals. 

 We enjoyed chatting, walking around, and letting the boys take it all in. We didn't rush around trying to see everything and instead hit up the bigger animal exhibits so the boys could really see them. Wyatt even took a nap mid afternoon just in time for us to grab a quick snack, head to the petting zoo, ride the carousel,  and end the day at the splash pad.

I think we definitely did things in the right order. The petting area was hot, so the plash pad was a perfect ending. We  didn't leave the zoo  until 5:00 so we certainly had a full day. Wyatt was asleep immediately after we stopped for dinner and was out for the rest of the night! We had a great day and I know we will be going back for more zoo fun this summer. Daniel has to see this boys face when he spots the animals! 

The heating up of early May brings simple pleasures. I love this sequence of pictures. Look at Wyatt's face the first time he got to play with the water hose!

I mean ......
More Summer Fun to come...

Friday, May 3, 2013

Splash Pad fun at the zoo

Quick video someone having fun at the zoo splash pad!

Pictures all about our fun day coming soon!