Thursday, May 29, 2008

A long week for me...the rain, alergies, and my head!!!

Last weekend we began the long weekend with a quick trip to Fayetteville for Kylie and Brett's engagement party. We had a great time at Crown Pub! It was so nice to meet their friends and parents!

We got up early on Saturday to meet my parents and Ben and Ann in Rogers. They came back up north with us to play. They got to see what Daniel and I like to call our "split level"! We ate at some great places and explored the area a little more. We went to Bass Pro Shops on Sunday and of course found things we could just live without! They left early evening as the sky opened up for the week of rain. We had a great time with my parents and Ben and Ann. We can't wait for them to come play again!!!

Sunday night I started getting a migraine as we were visiting with our Monday was a lazy day. Daniel did grill for himself and went on the run with the dogs. The headache lasted and lasted and by Tuesday I could not take it anymore. Poor Chance would not leave my side and I know he was stressed out. He always stays by me! Daniel left work to take me to the emergency room. We were there for what seemed like eternity and I left feeling worse than when I went in. I went home and got back into bed but that headache stayed around! I am very happy to say, I am currently feeling much much better!! Daniel thank you so much for taking such great care of me!!!!! Now make this rain would go away!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh My Goodness... Lake Fun and Quality Time

We were at PK Lake last week and its amazing to me how much I love that place!! Its always hard to leave. We spent the first part of the week just us relaxing, playing with the dogs, and enjoying each other.

Many of you know we got engaged at the lake house, the 15th was our 2 year engagement anniversary, and we just marked 6 months of marriage. A few weeks ago in Dallas I learned that most people are doing the topper tradition when they return from their honeymoon or at 6 months. We decided our topper had traveled enough: Ozark to Austin, from our Apartment to Ben's, from Ben's to here, and it was time to take a bite of yummy goodness at PK! It was also Kylie and Brett's anniversary of being engaged for 6 moths on the 16th so perfect timing! Well thanks to Heidi W. (professional chef and always willing to answer any question about cooking) and her knowledge of wedding cakes she told me to wrap and keep wrapping the topper in foil! Who would have tasted just fine! Thanks Heidi!

The longhorn and razorback were also in the box from the grooms cake. It was a little treat from Mama and Casey. Apparently at the wedding Casey and my mom were moving or shifting the topper and it rolled off the top of the cake and onto the table. My mom said they both had a look of..what just happened..
I think its hilarious! Thanks ladies!

Kylie, Brett, and Ozzie arrived on Thursday and my dad and Coco the puppy on Friday. It was doggie madness and they wore themselves out. We taught the dogs to fetch a ball way out in the water and it was neat to watch Hershey and Coco get better as the week went on.

The weather was perfect and made the trip so relaxing. It so nice to not be on a schedule or have any plans. It is so nice to lay in the water or on the dock and enjoy the waves. Anyone who has ever been to the lake house can attest to the continued swaying as if you are still on the dock. We had many ires in the pit at night and many stories were told. Its always fun to hear stories and adventures about everyone. The lake was a blast and we can't wait to go back!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dallas, the Vet, the Naturals, and Possum Kindgom

This past week has been a busy one. I co-hosted a lingerie shower in Dallas for my friend Amanda who is getting married on June 28. Friday night Daniel and I stayed with Kylie and Brett. We grilled, sat by the fire, and it was Ozzie's birthday that night. The dogs had a party for Ozzie!
Daniel and the dogs stayed with Brett and Ozzie (the dog) all weekend. They went over to OK and fished and did man stuff, along with Daniel doing our laundry!! Andrea, Kylie, and I rode together to Dallas on Saturday morning. It was nice to see Amanda, Holly, and all the ladies from Austin. It was a fun but quick road trip. I know Amanda had a great time with everything pink and she got a lot of cute things! We also went out on Sat night and it made me realize I had not been out in a while! It has taken me a few days to recover, but I am back now!

Its funny to me how dogs know they are doing to the vet. I took Hershey and Chance on Wednesday in a downpour of rain. They were excited to be in the car and then it was all the sudden a rage came across them. I was so mad simply because it was raining and they were acting crazy. Hershey got the rest of her shots and Chance got his toenails trimmed. One would have thought they were torturing him! At least that is all over now and I have 2 healthy pups to drive me crazy! I asked the vet why Hershey is so wild and he responded chocolate labs are much more stubborn..hmm that's lovely

Last night a very last minute whim came across Daniel and we went to the Naturals game about an hour and 15 min south). Kylie and Brett meet us there. The game was so fun as they were playing the St. Louis Cardinals out of Springfield (farm team).

I can't wait to be at the lake. Our engagement anniversary is May 15th and we will be there! We have several groups of friends going and are super excited to see all of them! Can't wait to write about it!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am here and St. Louis

I arrived in Joplin on Friday night after a packed week. Pat, thanks for understanding. As soon as I got here Daniel had Strawberry Shortcake chocolate cake and balloons for me! He was so excited for me to be here! We started the great truck unpacking that night. Later that night Kylie and Brett arrived for our trip to St. Louis to see Caroline and Kae and the Cardinals vs Astros, We had a great time watching the Cardinals win. After the game we went to the Arch and Schapleys Brewery. A few raspberry beers later and we headed to Caroline and Kae's to play pool. Thank you Caroline and Kae for your hospitality! We had a great time and will be back, We all had an awesome weekend!