Monday, July 13, 2009

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Daniel and Melissa

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big 30, Austin, and the 4th of July!

Yep I am officially 30 and all I can say is that I had no idea what was in the works for me. Daniel threw me a surprise party! WHAT?!?! I know!!!! SURPRISED!! I guess I am loved more than I even thought possible. So many of my friends and family had gathered to surprise me, even from out of state. I mean what more could a girl ask for...An amazing dinner with friends on Friday night as well as a surprise!!
Saturday I had birthday chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and then spent the day shopping, getting a pedi, grabbing a fruity drink, and having girl time. I was told we were going to a show that evening however, when I walked in I realized I was the show! I had an amazing 30th birthday and have to say a thank you to so many of my friends who helped Daniel make this possible. I received some amazing gifts and can't thank everyone enough for all the trouble they went through! I love you all so much! I have been told I am not easy to surprise..a girls gotta know what she needs to wear and pack when she is packing for 3 weeks away from her home including her birthday and trips to the lake..right?!? ;) Daniel I loved every bit of it; the pool party, decorations, great food, fun times, and many memories! I love you from the bottom of my heart and will never forget my 30th birthday!
My parents came in for the party and my mom and I headed north to spend a few days at my grandparents house. We were able to also celebrate father's day with my daddy on Sunday (at where else but KFC) and gave him his very own hand painted ice cream bowl! He loved it and we love you daddy!
During our quick visit it was determined my grandmother is having knee replacement surgery later this month. Mama came back to Longview with me for the rest of the week. We had so much shopping for Ben and Ann's baby, in general, and spending time together. Mama you were a blast and I am glad we were able to spend the week hanging out!! Daniel, mama, and I headed to Austin for the weekend to see family and friends. Daniel and I spent Friday night with his parents and were able to see his sister Michelle and family as well as some of his parents life long friends. As you can see from this picture Daniel got in some good quality time with Tory! It was so nice to see everyone. Unfortunately I had not been feeling well most of the week(and actually the week before) and ended up at the doctor on Sat morning with an abnormal sinus infection. I received a message right before my birthday from Phaedra who is like a sister to me "You'll be 30???? At the stroke of midnight you'll start getting aches and pains doing simple things like bending down to tie a shoe. But trust me, you'll enjoy the 30s better than the 20s." I love it and couldn't agree more! I am feeling so much better and really appreciate Daniel, Mary and my mama taking care of me!

Mama, Daniel, and I spent Saturday night putting the baby's room together at Ben and Ann's new house and were able to surprise them big time on Sunday morning. They could not have been more excited to see everything. We are so glad you guys liked everything and we can't wait to meet the little guy!
We finally got the 5th wheel back after almost 3 weeks and of course something had to go wrong. The AC would not stop blowing the breaker and it was only a mild 100 degrees. Who needs AC? Luckily it was an easy fix! Everything seems to great with the repairs, new roof and awning. Yippie! We are staying a new park and so far love it! We won't be here for long as Daniel's last day is on Friday. We are still up in the air on our next location but hopefully will sign something soon!
We headed to the lake house for the 4th with Jill, Jill's cousin Erin, and Jason. We had a blast and of course got some major sun time as well as relaxing in! I am sad Jill, Erin, and I were having so much fun we didn't even get a picture together. Why does that always happen? We had an amazing time at the lake and can't wait to go back!! Poor Chance hurt his knee early Saturday morning and spent the weekend curled up in a corner. I am happy to report after a visit to the vet and broken bones! He twisted his knee and we should know by the beginning of next week if its an ACL injury. He is starting to use his leg again and the swelling has significant decreased. I was so sad for Daniel as he was feeling Chance's pain.
I also have to mention that the 4th was Kylie's birthday! Welcome to the 30 club! We miss you!
Well again like I always say this rotation has flown by! We can't believe we only have a few short days left here. I promise to post when I know of our next location. We have such better reception here! ;) We miss you all and can't wait to hear from all of you! Sending much love from East TX!
Daniel and Melissa