Sunday, January 10, 2010

It was a busy break..but we enjoyed it!

After the last blog post life got a little hectic to keep up blogging in real time! Ha! Lets see...We ventured over to Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino in New Mexico and spent the day watching the horses run. The day ended great as we came out ahead $200! Daniel had not experienced horse racing so he really enjoyed it! We both had a great time picking the horses but I can't give away our secret! Haha!

We also headed back to Ruidso, NM to hit up the slopes. This time I was much more confident and even went with Daniel on several runs. I am not going to say in the least I kept up with him..but its fun to attempt some of the same runs! Love you Daniel and you know you secretly love getting off the lift with me! ha We can't wait to go again!
We left on Christmas eve afternoon to head to Dallas to celebrate Christmas with my family on Saturday. Mother nature however, had other plans for us and around Abiliene we hit snow. Daniel's mom called to say the interstate was shut down and we might have to spend the night on the road. When she called the road was clear however, as we continued east and finally when the interstate trooper told us the road was closed we had no choice. Luckily we were close to Daniel's cousin and Aunt Martha and they lovingly opened their home to us and our doggies. It was so cold we were more than grateful to have a place to stay as all the hotels were booked! Thank you so much Aunt Martha for letting us stay with you.
We awoke on Christmas morning with the interstate still closed so we played in the snow a little! Aunt Martha got between 12 and 15 inches at her house! WOW and FUN! After taking a very long detour totaling 5 hours in a distance that should have taken us an hour and half we arrived. Needless to say were were happy to be in Dallas!
Christmas this year with Connor was fun..but next year is going to be a blast! We all had a lot of fun having a little on around this year! Ben and guys have a little charmer on your hands!
This year we did something a little different (to help out my grandmother) and stayed at a hotel. I am only saying this because they put this on our door (because of our dogs) and it disturbed me a little We had so much fun seeing my side of the family and always love the time we have together! I can't believe the holidays are already over! It seems just like yesterday we were excited to be leaving the cold of Omaha and looking forward to 09!
On Sunday we headed down to Austin for a week of fun with family and friends. The week did not disappoint as we were on the go!
We started off the trip by celebrating Christmas with Daniel's family. Its always a lot of fun with all the kiddos and this year all of them were old enough to really dig in and rip up the paper! (I know what to expect from Connor next year!) Ha! I love watching little ones get so excited!
We had a great evening with Daniel's family and as always enjoyed getting to see and catch up with everyone! We do not make it to Austin often so when we do we are always amazed at how much the kids have grown!
On Monday we started getting together with friends in between spending time with both families. My parents came to Austin to spend some more time loving on Connor! ;) Daniel was able to meet up with a few old friends and yes they acted like boys! I know Daniel, Calvin, Shelby, my dad, and brother were a sight to see acting like fast and furious on the track! Ha! It sounds like they had a great time playing lazer tag as well!
This trip was great as we were able to see so many people - Mike and Brandon met us for lunch. We had a great time catching up you Mike and can't wait to hear all about the half Iron Man Tri this year! We are so proud of you!!
We stopped by Suzette's house and were able to visit with her family for a while. It had been almost 3 years since we had really been able to catch up. Suzette set Daniel and I up on our first date! Ok well kind of.... she asked Daniel if he would like to go to a party with me and I just happened to walk up while she was asking! We love her so much and always try to make it a point to go see her!
We were also able to visit with Cara and Orlando at Little Woodrows early in the week. I used to work with Cara at a sports medicine clinic and we always have some great stories to keep us laughing! It was great to see you Miss Karob!
We continued our meet and greets with Marie and little Fletcher. Marie and I worked together at the gym and I always love catching up with her. She is so much fun, we laugh the entire time, and I miss seeing her every day! Doesn't she have just the cutest little 2 yr old? I can't believe how Fletcher has grown!
We also met up with Rebecca and Rob. We miss them so much and enjoy getting to hang out with them anytime we have an opportunity! They are such a fun couple! We always start laughing as soon as we get together and don't stop until its time to party ways! We miss you guys and seeing you often!
New Years was low-key beginning with a late dinner at McMorick and Schmiit's with Casey and Calvin. It was super yummy and fun to have no real plans except for catching up and having fun! We got rowdy (ha) and Calvin and Casey's house for a little Rockband! We had a blast and loved that it was so low key! We had a great time with you guys and love hanging out. You are a great couple and I am glad we are cousins! Ha!
On New Years day we planned for my family to have lunch with Daniel's. Its always hard to get everyone together when we are in town. We met at Chuy's (my favorite- YUM_O) and could not have had a better time! I love the pictures! Everyone had a great time so we will have to do it again!
We enjoyed so much getting to see everyone as well as spend a lot of quality time with family!
Mary thank you so much for letting us stay with you this trip! Ben and Ann thank you guys for letting us come by anytime so we could visit. It made our trip much less stressful! We had a great time and hope to make it back again soon! We better because little Connor is going to keep growing up! On that same note..I guess we both must have been a good again this year because Santa was great to both of us! I really appreciate everything and can't wait to get my creative juices flowing. Daniel is in heaven with his gifts and has already been showing them off!

With all the traveling and getting stuck on the road I am horrible friend for just getting around to this.... Christmas day is also Happy Birthday to one of my best friends! Jill I am so lucky to have a friend like you and treasure our friendship more than you even know. Happy Birthday Jillsie and hope we can see you guys soon!! We miss you!!
And just for you....

To Everyone: Your welcome for making your know you all love the song! Oh sorry that it will now be stuck in your head for the rest of the day! ;)

ALSO a Big Christmas Holiday Surprise..A BIG CONGRATS to Shannon and Jason who got engaged! We are so happy for you both and could not be more excited!!
As you can tell we had a amazing holiday season and hope you did as well! 2009 was great however just like you, we didn't enjoy the unexpected bumps during the year! We treasure all the new experiences and adventures, the wins and losses, traveling, welcoming babies, making new friends, our health and happiness, our family and friends health, and growing stronger as a couple! We are very excited to experience all this year has to offer! Here is to hoping 2010 is a great year for everyone!!!!

And Finally - Update on our next location...drum roll please..we are headed to Santa Fe, NM! We are both really excited about all the town has to offer and the snowboarding! I am personally excited about all the art in the area but not about the cold..its currently 13! We only have a week left in El Paso and can't believe it! We have loved this rotation and have met some amazing people! With all the nervousness we had about coming to El Paso (being so close to Juarez) I am so glad we did! This last week is going to be busy looking for that one thing for our home someday to remind us of this city as well as goodbye dinners..Oh the joys of living on the road! Its an experience that I can say we will never forget! The plaque in our 5th wheel says it perfectly "Wherever you go, go with all your heart!" Come visit us in Santa Fe!!!

Ta ta for now!
Daniel and Melissa