Friday, May 25, 2012


You know what always makes a boy happy..grown or growing?  Spaghetti night! Yes, this boy loves his mama's homemade turkey with veggie chunks and whole wheat pasta (oops D didn't know that part) Oh well! :)

**Just because we thought this was funny***Over the past few months I have been looking at car seat reviews on Amazon. I narrowed it down to two separate ones and honestly couldn't decide. Did I want one that folded down flat for air travel but weighed alone almost 40 lbs and accommodated a 130 lb child, or the one that was lighter weight and went up to 100lbs? I asked other parents and remembered advice from Andrea and Marshall from last summer. I finally came to the realization that I am usually the one in the airport by myself with Wyatt. Do I really want to carry a 40 lb car seat and will I keep him in the same seat after he is over 100lbs?  Ok probably not to both of those! HA! So anyway, we decided to go ahead and move him since we were going to Austin and could easily put the infant car seat in storage.We still had time in weight and inches on the other however, the ease of storage was a big sell to both of us. And..I was typically taking him out of the infant seat anyway because I felt like I was having to lift the carrier over my head to get it  into the Sequoia! HA! Well we couldn't install it. So we actually ended up having both car seats with us until Sunday afternoon, so ultimately our plan backfired. Thankfully the Shellenberger family had the same car seat for their youngest, so they knew the trick on getting it tight. The one thing I had read was that this seat was hard to install the first time..they weren't kidding! I wonder how many people have gotten into "heated discussions" during the installation of a car seat?  We did for 2 or 3 days! HA!

Last weekend in old seat

So happy!
We had a three day weekend in Austin and as always had a blast! We stayed with Terri, Shelby and the boys which was perfect.  Our four legged babies even got to have a fun weekend playing with Becca. (They slept the entire first half of this week!) We got in late on Thursday and enjoyed visiting for a few hours before bed. Friday, we had Thundercloud (a fav of D's) then the three of us ran  around campus for a few hours. Daniel was excited to show Wyatt the heart of the Eyes of Texas. We all know he is going to be a HOG though!!

 We spent the rest of the day searching for pants for Daniel. Apparently all the men in Austin (and Houston) are short. We could NOT find any in his length. After several hours of shopping we had success. Terri made a yummy dinner and we all prepared for a fun filled day of graduation on Saturday.
Proud. The only word I have to say how I feel about Daniel. He completed his bachelors degree while we travel full time, I got pregnant, had a baby, worked full time, kept me sane, and moved, moved, moved! I am so proud! We had a great crowd for graduation and the party after at Chuy's. All the love and congratulations that Daniel received made him feel so proud of this accomplishment. He could not have felt more honored and have had a bigger smile on his face! 

 We had a large crowd of 30 for lunch and enjoyed every second of it! I can't tell you how many times I heard that people were having a great time! Thank you to everyone that came to the graduation, lunch, or just simply celebrated with us that day. It was completely felt from wherever you were! :) A big thank you to Daniel's mom for helping me with the details! :)

 Sunday we spent the day helping clean the pool for summer. Wyatt played with H and R inside and out. He had a great time with the big boys!

 Before leaving town we stopped by to see Ben, Ann, and Connor as well as Mary and Leo. We had a quick visit at each place but, it was nice to see them while we were in. Ben and Ann are expecting another little this summer and we can't wait!! I know we will be back soon! Congrats again Daniel Wyatt and I are so proud of you!!! An accomplishment to be extremely proud of!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend mud run and this big boy is eating at resturants..

We decided a few weeks ago to complete a mud run on Mothers Day with Daniel's sister Michelle and her daughter M. This was going to be Michelle's first race and Daniel and I were excited to be doing it with her. They are moving soon and I knew this would be an opportunity to make as well as, capture some lifelong memories! Ok back to the story...We ran errands in preparation for graduation the next weekend and decided to stop at Chipotle on our way for lunch. Wyatt was hungry and I wasn't really prepared to feed him (as in I had nothing other than fruit). He was such a big boy eating beans, rice, and chicken from the restaurant and loved it. It made me happy and kinda sad to realize that this is a significant milestone change! :)

We got to Michelle's house, picked up the race packets, played, had dinner, put the kids and Daniel to bed, and before we knew it Michelle and I were up talking at almost 3 am. We both really enjoyed catching up and talking about their plans for the move to PA in a few weeks. I had taken the older girls out the night before to get something special for their mama and they surprised her with gifts on Sunday morning.  Side note**It totally cracked me up at the things a 13 and 9 yr old think their mom wants! Glitter nail polish, hair spray, deodorant, nail file, a tongue ring, toe rings, other random jewelry,  etc. I also have the realization that kids really have no idea what you already own or would want! I laugh because I know that I got my mom a laundry basket and hangers for her birthday one year and also made her the most hideous "dress" and never understood why she wouldn't wear it to work! *** I think it helped make her mothers day a little more special to know that we recognized her husband was out of town and did something just for her.

We arrived at the race early so the kids could ride rides,we could experience the festival, and have lunch.  Soon it was time for the race. Michelle and  M went first in a heat before Daniel and I;. We had to space out so we had someone to watch the kids. The course was fun and though it was a mud run it had rained a lot in the days before, so most of the course was very soft and kind of hard to run on. We went over  hay bales, through mud, under trucks in mud, through tires, and more. It was a fun day and a great way to support the Lions Club. The big and big little kids had so much fun playing in the water after the race! Wyatt and Jacob pretty much hung out in the strollers chillin!  This was my first race post pregnancy  and not my best..but I was proud of myself regardless! On that same note I felt accomplished. I have been doing races for years and have always wondered (I know it is probably a crazy trainer thing :) ) what it would be like to train every day with a kiddo in a jogger and then what that feeling of accomplishment would be like after said race is complete. IT.WAS.BETTER.THAN.I.THOUGHT!!! Anyway, we had a great time at the race, Michelle and M did great, and we enjoyed spending the day with you all! 


Over the hay bales

Rinsing off and playing

After the race we headed out to a Mother's Day dinner at our fav Chuy's! Wyatt was a big boy again and had the yumminess that is Chuy's! We headed home pretty late and Hershey, Chance, Wyatt and Daniel surprised me with the most precious gift ever! My little guy loves his orange ball!

 I found a super cute picture on our small camera! Daniel took Wyatt one afternoon to "shop" for mothers day! I am so glad he took a few pictures - Seriously a daddy and his boy..look at how happy they are!

Michelle, we had a great weekend with you and I am so glad we were able to celebrate Mother's Day together! So...yes, my first Mother's Day was fantastic and exactly how I would have spent had I been able to do anything I wanted! Call me crazy but adventure, sweat, outdoors, music, and thing! :) Who's in for the next race?

Friday, May 18, 2012

A picture says it all

Nothing says Happy Mother's Day like a Mud Run. This week has been nuts, I will tempt you with pictures! Full story to come later this weekend as time allows.

Isn't this what everyone does for a day all about mom?  Oh wait no..

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fashion Show Model or Standing Star...

I totally thought I had blogged about THE runway appearance! HA! Wyatt was in a fun fashion show  in late April at the nursing home where Daniel is currently working. He wore one of Ben's (my brother's) outfits from when he was little and the crowd loved it! He completely stole the show with three outfit changes and Daniel said the residents still talk about him! Wyatt had so much fun and LOVED all the clapping, cheering, and hugs!  They love him so much that we are taking cookies to the residents for Mother's Day!

Last week we had the 9 month appointment. He weighed in at 24lbs and was 27 3/4 in long. The doctor said he is exactly where he should be if not above, in all areas developmentally and socially. We can't ask for more than a healthy happy boy!  So blessed!  He has continued to master crawling and is keeping me on my toes! HA! In reality,  I know we have no idea what is to for now I am enjoying the few moments of down time and the fact that the gate still keeps him contained away from the steps (yes we have steps), puppy food, door, and water!

Also last week the kiddo started pulling up with our assistance. I am pretty certain he loves seeing things from a new view, as he is trying so hard to pull up on his own. We don't really have a good place for him to do I put several books in the ottoman and so far so good. He has tried on the recliners..they rock, his toy boxes are wicker so they give...little guy has learned this box is best!

 We also started a rock band..many of you know this joy! Although if I don't have a headache I do love it! :)

Daniel and Wyatt had lots of daddy/son time this weekend. Friday D took Wyatt to do something for mothers day and I was child free for half a day! It was fantastic!!! It really is a lot faster and easier to shop without the kiddo! Saturday I woke up with a migraine, so Daniel took Wyatt for the morning while I slept! Daniel is fantastic with Wyatt and it makes my heart explode with love to see how much he adores him. Daniel will sing and is so cute! We spent the rest of the day shopping for a mattress and we are sleeping so much better!
We also discovered a love for bubbles and that Peek A Boo is so funny! Look at that face!  Bath time in the sink (at least in the 5th wheel is over) :( He's to long! HA! I ordered a special bath tub that will fit in the bottom of the shower, but for now a shower basin bath is working..

 It has been a week of new things. I love this stage....showing Wyatt things, seeing him react, singing songs, clapping, etc. Its so fun to see the joy he feels from such simple things!!! We know that each day he is learning so much and we are holding on for this fantastic ride!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” –Mark Twain

Hope all is well in your area of the world and that you Explore.Dream. and Discover!

Friday, May 4, 2012

New friends and sand castles

Last week Wyatt and I were pretty busy...sorry for a picture overload. I had a neurologist appointment in Dallas on Tuesday with plans to see friends and family while in town. The appointment went great with just a few tweaks in my treatment plan. Wyatt and I had enough time to hit up Whole Food before seeing the doctor and I was in heaven. I simply love really good food markets with yummy treats, a good health section, and any area where you can find something new! We left the doctor and headed over to Jill and Jay's to meet Mr. Preston. He is simply adorable and it is obvious Wyatt and Preston are going to be great buddies forever! I am sure Jill and I will be having lunch someday wondering how our boys grew up so fast! As a dear friend recently they get older they create new and even more interesting circumstances for you (right Andrea?!) Thank you guys for letting us stay with you! We really enjoyed meeting the adorable little guy and spending time with you both! I hope I was helpful and that we get to see you guys again soon!

 The next day we headed to my grandmothers. My uncle was home from the hospital and she really wanted to see Wyatt. She was so nice to let me catch up on laundry...we had a lot! It started getting late so I decided to stay the night. I am pretty sure they didn't mind to have little guy around even longer than expected! Wyatt also waved for the first time to her neighbor Jane and she was in heaven! Thank you so much for letting us stay with you!
We meet Rebecca for lunch on Thursday before heading home. Grr for not taking a picture!  Anyway, its always a fun time when we see our Reb! It was a quick but enjoyable trip and I hope we can make it back soon to see our friends!

Friday we were busy getting ready for a day at the beach. We were taking Michelle's kids to Galveston along with Daniel's mother on Saturday and we needed all the essentials-sand toys, drinks, snacks, etc. We had a say the least! I know the kids had fun by the exhausted looks on their faces and the fact they went to bed earlier on Saturday. We really enjoyed watching Wyatt play with Jacob in the water as well as, in the sand. It was a busy trip watching 7 kids as all of them were constantly (it seemed) going in an opposite direction. The big kids boogie boarded and all the little played in the sand, sat at the edge of the waves, ran from the waves, buried themselves in sand, Wyatt took a nap, built castles, made a mermaid, carried water, screamed, enjoyed snacks, repeat, repeat repeat! After a fun filled day we had a delicious dinner at Chuy's! It was a great day and I know we will be going to the beach a lot this summer! Wyatt first experience was fantastic!

Sunday we were pretty lazy hanging out at Michelle's and it was fantastic! The little girls at one point were playing house with Hershey and was hilarious. H and C were completely willing to take part. We had no idea what was happening and at point Hershey came  running into the room dressed up. She willingly kept going back to play if Chance did. They played for over an hour with the little girls while Jacob and Wyatt had some quality boy time!

I am so pretty!
Mary and kiddos we had a great weekend! We are so glad we were able to (hopefully) help you out a little and really run some energy out of the kiddos! It was a great weekend that we will never forget!

In case you can't tell..we decided to stay here another 3 months. Daniel is really enjoying this rotation. Everyone he works with is so nice and they genuinely care about Daniel and our family! We haven't had a bad experience in our travels but, this "small town" feel has been nice to hold onto for a while. We recently had our four year anniversary for both of us being full time travelers and to us...four years have flown! Thinking back on the places we have been, people we have met, and things we have done..simply amazing not always perfect adventure!  (I know some of you are ready for us to stop...but not just yet :) We are in summer mode and are looking forward to lots of first with Wyatt!
Now that you are up to date with us...What is going on with you? Whew..I need to remember to not wait until Friday night to post for a week..please ignore any errors! :) My eyes are twitching!
Hugs from us-