Monday, October 29, 2012


The last week in East TX we had lunch with Daniel’s coworkers, several trips to the nursing home to say our goodbyes, and lots of fun park time. Wyatt and I loved every bit of it.  I know it is good for him to be out and about, so I try and take him to the nursing home to visit as much as possible. We were about 20 miles from town at this rotation so it was more of a challenge, but we made it at least once a week. Henderson had an adorable town square with some super cute shops. I may have spent quite a few Friday afternoons shopping on the square! HA!


One day we met Daniel for lunch and stopped at the park before we dropped him back off at work. My boys both loved it. Quality time during the day isn’t something we get often!

Wyatt was happy to go down the big slide. You need two people for this thing! HA!
Friday we had lunch with Daniel's coworkers and then had a fun little trick or treat for Wyatt in the therapy department. He completely and totally ate it up! He loved exploring the wide open space and loved going between the therapists for animal crackers. He had a fun treat bag we hung on the side of his Cick-Clack  but, he decided they were better suited to keep his "snoopy" aka Flu Baby company. He had so much fun and we really enjoyed watching him interact with the therapists and patients.

This is literally all the town we were actually living in had to offer.....

Friday also meant...we were leaving out in the morning. We both admitted that this time we were not ready! HA! Oh well. I stayed up late doing laundry and packing while the hubs snored away (love you D)! :) We all know this to be always happens..the woman stays up..the man sleeps! HA!   Anyway, we got on the road fairly early and actually had a trip without any hiccups. It was a miracle! It was a quick trip of only 3 hours and I was hopefully that in that short time things would be fine! We arrived and drove past he park, turned around and just decided to stay at the first one we came upon. In hindsight and after talking to several people in town..I think we should have looked at the other option. The owner is SUPER nice it is just the surroundings that do make us a tiny bit nervous. So far so good, it is just not my favorite park. At least our spot and the other RV spots are well kept and that my friends is more than you can ask for at some parks. Daniel and I were laughing because we have become quite the RV park snobs and have expectations that I am put out with if they aren't available! We joke that it means we have full-timed for WAY too long! HA!

He REALLY wanted to be outside helping daddy...he was pretty cold that morning but he eventually got his wish.

Helping Daddy

At nap time I resorted to putting toys in his bed. He played for a few then went down for the count!

Packing up. The toys have made it more of a challenge however, I think I have it figured out when we bring in the slides.
 So anyway we arrived, started setting up, and I stepped in EVERy single fire aunt hill as we decided what spot to park in. Then Daniel found a fun new crack in the fiberglass of the 5th wheel..Oh wait did I say we had an uneventful trip. So I decided that night we were going Austin on Sunday to vote and just avoid the stress of possibly not getting in our early voting forms and to switch out the mattress. A few months ago we bought a new King but it was actually a little larger than the built in space and this has always concerned me in regards to the bedroom slide. Who knew the mattress for our 5th wheel was custom….clearly not us. The tag said King. (We have no idea if this caused the crack..but I didn't care not taking a chance!) So I made the decision we would switch it out for the new Queen mattress we had in storage. Daniel was not so thrilled, but we did it.  So Sunday morning we loaded up the mattress into the back of the truck of course with no harsh words towards each other. Right?!?! I have come to the conclusion that regardless of size, any furniture will be hard to get through the door…specifically a king mattress. 

Mattress is finally out!

Wyatt woke up from his nap and we headed out. We got in town just in time for lunch. We stopped by Daniel's parents,  picked up Mary, headed to lunch, voted, and tackled the storage unit for our mattress. Wyatt had a lot of fun playing at his Mimi's house  as apparent by the last picture. He was on the go in the few hours we were in town.
Mary thank you for helping us with Wyatt while we were loading and unloading. We got back to the 5th wheel around 11 and unloaded. Regardless we did it and the new mattress fits much better. Anyway, like I said it was a very quick impromptu trip but we accomplished a lot. A weekend of moving, voting, and half day trip to Austin..I mean what more could a kiddo want!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and last weekend in East TX

The last weekend (2 weekends ago) in east TX we headed out to find the great pumpkin...we weren't successful on that aspect but we did however, make some great memories with our little pumpkin! We roamed the patch, went on a hay ride, and practiced our walking. Little guy decided the patch was a good place to become really confident. He did great and of course we were proud parents!

 We spent the rest of the weekend packing (a little) and watching Wyatt become more and more confident walking.

I adore this picture as Daniel was telling Wyatt how every soon he would be playing ball.  He was telling him all about the fun they were going to have! It was such a cute moment!
 Nothing more fun that mama's sunglasses for entertainment fun! HA!
We had a great last weekend...up next the move!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Places to go and People to see

So I was a horrible pictures from our packed weekend (3 weekends ago). :( I really meant to...but just never took any. I know Andrea got one of us together..but I am not sure she got my good side. HA!

Three weekends ago we were packed with people to see and places to go. Wyatt and I spent the week doing our normal normal. You know playing, playing, singing, clapping, running, hiking, etc. I was more than excited when I found out one of my bffs was going to Dallas for a birthday weekend trip. Her husband contacted me to see if we wanted to come over and meet them for brunch. It is about two and a half hours for us and we jumped at the chance to see our sweet friends Andrea and Marshall.

Saturday Daniel's mom and Aunt were in the area visiting a cousin. They came in to watch his cousins boys play football on Thursday and Friday. We drove over mid day on Saturday and Wyatt was full of energy when we arrived. Daniel, Glen, the boys and I watched several football games, and played. I was certainly outnumbered in a house of 6 boys! HA! The other ladies arrived after attending a conference in the afternoon and I enjoyed the female company. Wyatt explored all over the house then after dinner was in no mood to play. His Mimi and Aunt Martha really got cheated on that deal...but he needed to go to sleep! We drove home late that evening to get ready for a day trip to Dallas.

Saturday we met Andrea and Marshall for brunch at Corner Bakery before they headed back to AR. I am so glad we were able to meet up with them. Daniel had not seem them since March. I was able to see Andrea when I traveled to AR for the KD reunion in July, but our times together are always too short. We were able to have a nice quick visit, give each other a hug, and fill up our hearts with friend love! :) Thank you guys for the shoes! Wyatt loves them! We really appreciate it!

Like I said..not great. It was cold, we were in a hurry and the wind was blowing my dress in every direction. Even filling it up! HA! Oh well it is a picture I will always cherish regardless!
Unfortunately Jill and Jason were not able to meet us. Boo to sick bffs. They all shared a virus that weekend and were kind enough to keep it at home. We missed seeing you guys, but know you were resting up! Glad you are feeling better!

While in town we visited my grandmother and uncle. Wyatt and Daniel were able to get in a good nap and I helped my grandmother with a few things around the house. We also made a yummy lemon cake. She also always spoils me with banana bread when we visit. Daniel and Wyatt are quite fond of it as well! Thanks for letting us hang out for a few hours and I know Wyatt enjoyed crawling around!

We left my grandmothers house and headed over to another bff's Rebecca and Robs. I had a few things to drop off for her before the baby arrived. She was so cute showing me all the baby things, the nursery and her plans, and everything for baby. We visited for a couple hours  before it was time to hit the road to head home. I am so glad we were able to see you both. Since then they welcomed Cooper Edward Lee 5lb 15oz 19in.  on October 4. We are thrilled for your family and know you are going to be amazing parents.  Cooper is one lucky little guy! 
I can't wait to get my hands on this little love!
 The next weekend we did a while lot of relaxing. Daniel had a ton of school work so we stayed close to home. Wyatt and I have been discovering lots of new sensory and creative play ideas.  
So we played with all sorts of new fun things. It was chilly here - we snuggled, laughed, had several dance parties, and clicked and clacked all over the place! All in all it was a great weekend! Both our teams won that makes for happy mama and daddy!
This cluster just cracks me up...


 Finally, after lots of thought and uncertainty about this rotation we have decided to move again. It is not that we do not like it here because we do however, it became a real possibility that the census  at the place where D is working could become low. That is always scary for us. So we decided to look for another assignment. Luckily we found one. So at the end of the month we will be moving again. Of course last week while making this decision, Daniel and Wyatt were both sick.! I got it before..well at least I thought I I really get it that when daddy and baby are sick..mama  works overtime! HA!

They both felt bad over the weekend so our plans for the pumpkin path were postponed. We did do a short family hike on Sunday. It wasn't anything fantabulous, but it was family time and we were outside.

 Then little guy did this and all the whining from not feeling well was all worth it! :)
We have plans to fill our last weekend here with a trip to the pumpkin patch, the historic downtown area, and packing. Hope all is well with each of you and I certainly will do better at taking pictures!