Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Wow!!! Time flies when you're having fun! I can't believe its been three years since that warm November day in the vineyard! (Specifically since it has been windy and cold here today!) I remember all the excitement I had about marrying the man of my dreams! I will never forget the love, laughter, and great memories made with our family and friends over that weekend.

Daniel, I love you more today than the day I married you! You are such a great loving person. I can't believe how much our lives have changed in three years. We had only talked about traveling and I would have never dreamed some of the things we have experienced. I love that you wanted to travel full time, the fact that you convinced me we needed a truck and a 5th wheel to live in with 2 labs. Neither one of us would have thought we would spend a winter in Iowa, a summer in El Paso, live in towns so small we thought we might not make it out, mountain bike all over the country, camp in the heat of the summer and the dead of winter, live on the lake and the slopes all in one year!!! Its the little things in life! HA! I love you Daniel!

AND.......I feel like I should be in a group. ”Hello My name is Melissa and I have been having so much fun I have let the blog slack.” I know, I's been forever since I have written to my infamous fans and updated you on our musings. We have been busy! I am working this rotation teaching Gyrotonics and Medical Pilates, Daniel is nonstop with work and school, we have taken a fabulous vacation, and of course non-stop weekend traveling.

I feel pressure (of course not from the "fans" :) to write about things we have done, places we have visited, and the funny events in our life to keep a record of our crazy newlywed traveling years! This past month and a half really didn’t seem that interesting...until I made the list and defiantly realized I should get back to my weekly goal of updating the blog. I will try and do a better job of fans are waiting. Oh, YOU know you are a fan!!!! My goal is to have to post up this weekend!

Many Many Hugs!!!

Melissa and Daniel