Monday, July 29, 2013

Here we go again..

Well, Daniel is finally done with school for the semester (as of a few nights ago) and I am hoping to really get caught up on blogging. Oh wait..I forgot (LOL) we are moving again on Thursday. Yes, I know when we moved this last time it was a "permanent position" however, life clearly had other plans and we are being transferred to north TX. Ultimately we decided to transfer with D's current company, as beginning a job search all over again is never fun. We decided this was the best decision for our family and are excited about the opportunities it has already brought and will continue to bring. In the midst of this process life has gone on I had a birthday and our little guy turned 2! Since learning of our move we have been busy with swim lessons, library time, crafting up a storm, baking, prepping for a birthday party, beach trips, trips the the children's museum, traveling for birthday parties, seeing friends, and family, and scoping out our new town!

Somone LOVED his big present from Nanny, Papa, and greatgrandma! LOVED it! 

Anyway, So here we go again. The past few weeks we have been busy packing,  saying our goodbyes, and soaking up our time with friends. Please pray for an easy move, safe travels, and zero complications! mama really needs an easy stress free move and travel to the new location! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Well, well, well...

Getting behind is never planned, but somehow it happens so easily.  So here we go...May and June have come and gone and we are certainly digging deep into July. How does that happen? Well regardless we have been busy busy busy.

The first weekend in June we played a lot outside and ended up at the River Walk in town one Sunday afternoon. We were walking along the new area and saw an alligator swimming through town. I admit this did freak me out more than just a little! LOL!

I already blogged about our super fun trip to the zoo with MOPS friends and water hose fun.

Someone also showed their strength by doing this all by himself one afternoon.  We were impressed and worried at the same time. When the boy wants something in the sink, he will get it! We now have a counter climber!

We made a trip over to Delta Downs to keep with our annual tradition of celebrating the Kentucky Derby. This year was successful! Little guy enjoyed the races and all the excitement of looking at the horses and people watching. He really loved it!



We made a day trip with Stefanie on what started out as a trip to Port A and ended up in Beaumont playing at Toys R US. Someone thought that was pretty cool and he even got popcorn in Target..something mama never does!

We had fun at the last MOPS meeting of the school year. I helped put together a cute thank you note for all the Moppet workers and the group catered in a nice lunch. Wyatt and I also made fun treat bags for the Moppets in the baby room. I know we are going to miss our friends this summer hopefully, we will see them at play-dates!

Lets go..last day!

We took advantage of the wind and space letting Wyatt experience the fun of Kite flying. He thought it was so "neat" and even held the string. We were pretty amazed he was actually flying the kite!

Mother's Day weekend we decided to spend the day in Houston.  We started out eating at the always yummy and a favorite Chuy's . Then had a little fun around town followed by some time at the park. 

My guys made it a special day for me by painting a frog a few weeks before.

Thank you Daniel and Wyatt for making Mother's Day extra special. I love you guys! 

The next week became Operation One Nap Week because Wyatt had been waking up once a night at a random time and was staying awake for several hours. My sweet friend Stefanie suggested that he might need to go to one nap. In my mind of not ever having kids, I didn't realize how this would make a difference if he slept 1 nap at 3 hrs or 2 1.5 hr naps. Clearly it does! LOL! It took a little over a week of staying out of the house in the mornings for him to push it back a little and only need one nap. He is sleeping though the night and on average taking a 2 hr nap. So in order to make the operation successful, we went to the splash park, bounce house, out to lunch, ran errands, had a play-date, and kept busy. H, Meredith, Stefanie, and Wyatt and I were all on one big mission! Mission Complete!

This boy loved the bounce house and didn't stop the entire 2 hrs. He loved the slide! It was a little hard for him to climb up himself but that didn't stop him. The big kids didn't really phase him either..he just wanted to jump!

22  Months...

Up next our trip to Crystal Beach, a weekend of sickness,  Memorial Weekend,  OH and of course all of June! :)