Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vacation or Not...

Well hello there! First things first...

Happy Late Valentines Day Everyone!

Happy Birthday to my Daddy! Its a big one this year!!! We know you had a great day and are so happy Ben was home to celebrate with you!! We love you and miss you!
Happy Anniversary to Ben and Ann! We love and miss you guys!!

Also the oh so important Unofficial First Date Anniversary! Four years have passed and I am so glad Suzette asked you to go to a party (with me). There we were (just like a blind date although we did know each others faces) at Kevin's house waiting for Amanda to arrive. I am so glad we were able to break the ice and so thankful for that unofficial first date! Love ya!

Lets see..2 weekends ago Daniels parents came on Saturday and we spent the day enjoying the lake and trails. We went to the Whistle Stop Cafe for breakfast (yummy) and then worked in a little quick antiquing. Daniel and I had not made it out to the big state park so we decided this was a perfect time! The day was complete with hiking, grilling out, and relaxing by the fire. We had a great time catching up and enjoying some good food. Leo and Mary come back and see us any time!

Last week I spent time organizing all our "travel" things to put into storage. We took the "split level" in again on Tuesday and hope that this is the last time! We are getting the slide fixed, a new fridge, new carpet, and all the other stuff that goes along with a leak. Daniel and I joke..we have really been camping! I spent last week looking for a place for us to live this week and a storage unit for our things. So as of now everything is in storage and we are on "vacation" in a hotel. Ok well staying in a hotel! Let me just say it was slim pickins in this town...but its done! We have also had to deal with rain, rain, and rain making this process take a little longer! How long will we "vacation" you ask? That is the question of the week! I will keep you updated on the progress!

Our "vacation" spot and the puppies enjoying it!

Valentines weekend was an absolute blast and we realized we were both trying to be creative! Daniel told me not to plan anything for Saturday. I woke up to breakfast in bed...which is ironic as he said he can't cook (umm French Toast). You have to be able to cook right!?! Hahah Later that day we went horseback riding around the lake. We have been saying we were going to do this for months and months!! I was totally surprised and could not have had a better time! We ended with dinner at Chuy's, my fav. Oh how I have a special place in my heart for their hatch chili enchiladas!

I planned a future day of LOVE Daniel style including: Longhorn baseball game, dinner at Texas Roadhouse (his favorite), lake fun, and go cart rides! It was so cute that Daniel got excited that I came up with items to represent each letter! Its amazing that our gift to each other was ultimately to spend time together. I had an amazing time Daniel and I love you!
Mama and Daddy thank you for the jewelry and picture frame and we both love our pooping reindeer! Around Christmas I showed mama these crazy reindeer that I thought were stupidly funny and she found them! They really do poop jelly beans! Ha ha!!

Horseback riding and playing with the puppies
Daniel's job is still busy and he is so fortunate to have another traveler in the PT department. The guy is our age and he enjoys doing the same types of things as we do. Its always nice to meet another traveler!!

Yesterday I made a very much needed trip to Houston to go to Sams. I meet up with Kristina (from back in the sorority college days) and her two adorable kiddos. She took me to the Kemah Boardwalk and it was very impressive. A definite must see for anyone in the area! I am not familiar with the Houston Metro area and had no idea the coast was so close. I was amazed at how fast we were at the water!. She showed me all of the devastation from the recent storm but it looks as though the rebuilding is in progress. I can not believe all of the damage and how many miles it covered! We had some yummy seafood, I had a great time catching up with her, and B entertained us with a very cute dance! Thanks Kristina, B, and Baby C for a fun time! Hopefully Daniel and I can make a trip back while we are in the area and we can all go to boardwalk! There is a lot to see and do!

The Kemah Boardwalk and Kristina's cute kiddos.

Daniel and I realized the other day this rotation is flying!! We can't believe we have been here for a month! Goodness..Soon we will be looking for another rotation and making new plans. Life is busy busy and we miss everyone! Leave us a comment or email and let us know what is going on with you!! Love Daniel and Melissa

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thinking about so many...

Jill this picture is for you..but its not the bob I will make you wait! ;)
Well...Its been 2 weeks since my last post but we are back after technical difficulties with the wireless data card. FYI use extreme care and go ahead get the insurance! A belated birthday wish to...three very special people Marshall, Maria Maria, and Stacy!I know you all had great birthdays we are just sending some extended love!

The past few weeks have been extremely busy for Daniel at work with a patient load much to high for one therapist. He is still enjoying this rotation but has welcomed with open arms a new traveler that began on Monday. I can tell he is definitely happier!!

All in all, things have been low key and we love it! I have however, decided to run yet another half marathon this summer! Needless to say...we have been on the trails!

The past two Friday nights we have been kicking it with the locals and listening to Texas Rockabilly at Buster McNutty's. Its some good stuff and we love learning more about the area! Saturday Daniel and I decided to do a little antiquing..ok well well it was more me. We only hit up half of the shops...more weekends of fun to come! :)
Daniel's parents are coming this weekend and we are excited to show them all the area has to offer!
On a totally side note..Today we are thinking of so many with prayers and warm wishes.
Daniel's Aunt, Mrs Toole, is having surgery this morning to drain blood off her brain. Leighton has a heart coming!!!!!!!! The Bonner family lost Charlie yesterday after a long battle with stomach cancer. Harper is going home!!!

Please think of all of them today. I know they all appreciate the warm thoughts. We miss all of you and I will try to post more often! Love us!