Thursday, June 28, 2012

Father's Day, Cruising, and Talking

New traditions were made as this was the first official father's day for Daniel and Wyatt and I tried or hardest to make it extra special. We wanted to go to an Astro's game, but they were out of town. The weekend before and after we had commitments when they were playing in the area. We were going to make a fun in sun beach weekend of it in Galveston but, apparently everyone had that idea. Hotel rooms were more than we wanted to spend for an impromptu weekend. Then we decided to see a movie. Clearly we are still "new" at this child thing because its rating didn't cross our mind. Quickly that was out. Wyatt and I were prepared and had made an "I love you because..." bag out of fun treats like Cheetos, Reeses cups, 100 Grands, etc. Like We love you 100 Grand, We always Cheer (Cheetos) you on at CrossFit, Daddy=Joy (Almond Joy), etc. He thought it was cute!  We also made a special keepsake bat for for ticket stubs and pictures of games he and Wyatt attend.  He LOVED this! I figure it is a great keepsake for both of them.

Saturday I decided we should take a quick trip over to Huntsville to check out the downtown area. It was filled with antique shops. I am certain Daniel was  not impressed but, it is definitely a place I will go with my parents when they visit. Wyatt relaxed and looked around at all the fun stuff.

Little man is continuing to come more vocal. He loves to talk to his wooden spoon, water bottle, and Sofie. He is a fan of banging on pots and pans and feeling textures.  I love letting him feel things and watch him just study to see what is going on with that object. He is a character! Still can't believe how fast he is growing!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads and father figures in my life! An extra special hug to Daniel for being an amazing daddy to Wyatt.  Daniel you have shown me over the past year that your love becomes deeper each day. It makes my heart so full.  And to my dad a special hug for all the love and support over the years! I know you can't wait to take YY fishing, hiking, etc! It won't be long! Love you both more than you know! Happy Father's Day!

Ben, Ann, and Connor welcome a baby boy...

Matthew Pascal Chen McKenzie was born May 30th  to a very excited Ben, Ann, and big brother Connor. Everyone is doing great and we are all very excited to have a new McKenzie in the family!

7 lbs 5 oz, 19" long
Congratulations! We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet him very soon! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 months, Brewbbq Festival, a trip, and lots of summer fun over the past 2 weeks

Summer has arrived and it is hot here! I mean HOT with a capitol H-O-T!! We have had a lot of work done on the 5th wheel just trying to keep cool. So far we are surviving but... it is not perfect by any means.We have a new light, new seals all the way around, new grates, new ac know all the RV people lingo..right? HA!  The work the repair men did isn't completed and probably won't be until we fix (completely have rebuilt) another slide from a water leak. It is frustrating but we know every time we hit another repair bump we are ultimately learning another lesson living life on the road. But still..Grrrr...

Anyway, since my last post little man turned 10 months old. I still can’t believe that in two short months my lil guy is going to be ONE! It can’t be possible! It is pretty common for us to think of our year in three month increments, as we have three month rotations..but still! This year, however has gone by faster than any other. I admit so did the year before, as we were anticipating July and the arrival of Wyatt.

 Brewbbq Festival
The Brewbbq festival has been in Conroe for 4 years. We were excited for some bbq however, as our luck seemingly has it….we couldn’t find any! WHAT at a Brewbbq festival?!?! I know! Regardless, the music was good, it was a great weekend event, and Wyatt had a blast dancing. 

We decided to have a character done of us after viewing the artists work. I think this may have to become something that we do every year. Daniel and I think it is hilarious! I love that the artist put Wyatt’s pacifier in his mouth. He typically only has it in when he is sleeping, but I do keep it with us, just in case! I crack up every time I see the picture.

Friday June 1 We headed to Dallas to house sit for R and R and babies while they went on vacation. It was nice to have “room” to move, relax, and for Wyatt to crawl all over. Our four legged babies had a great time and were worn out when we got home. I also visited with Jill, Jason, baby Preston and the Cherry’s. I had seen the Cherry’s since Jill and Jason’s wedding so it was time to say hi again! J Wyatt and I had a fun day with great friends. Preston and Wyatt were on a different schedule that day and really didn’t get to see each other much however,  I am certain they will be buds forever! I also stopped in to see my grandmother and uncle and ran several errands you can really only do in the "big city." (When I was growing up we would always joke about living in the country and going to the "big city." It was just something funny we said anytime we went anywhere other than Ozark!) We got in a lot of pool time and Wyatt loved every second of it. R and R had a great trip and we were happy to have a "vacation" away from our 5th wheel! I am also glad we were able to spend some extra time after they got back so we could catch up and play! :) We do miss our friends..Yes even our AR friends! :) Anyway, we had a great time and are really glad we were able to house/dog sit for R and R as well as have fun while in town. It is always nice to get out of the 5th wheel for a few days!

Pool time

Hmm..Dad what do you think?

Dare Devil for sure

Ikea fun with my new baby doll!

Wyatt was crawling around on R and R's couch and got stuck in the cushions. He decided it was comfortable so it relaxed for a while with daddy.

 Little guy has also been pulling up on everything for a few weeks but finally figured it out in the pack n play. It made me laugh and feel the excitement of a milestone although kinda sad. It has made nap time a little tougher, he really wants to stand up instead of just being still!
Wyatt is really close to walking and Daniel thinks he will be by his first birthday. He may be right. He is walking back and for between furniture, along the couch, and I have actually watched him let go for a few seconds. Again..another happy but my baby is growing up moment! :) Regardless this age is a blast!We are spending more time outside as the humidity allows. This kiddo loves to play, play, play. I have also decided he is all boy. He loves trucks, dirt, balls, rocks, grass, leaves. etc. All the fun stuff.

Add caption
The famous ball. Many game of roll it to me!
So far we have had a great summer! I can't believe my birthday is coming up. It really doesn't feel like it is time..but then I guess it does! HA! Hope your having a great summer as well!
Lots of hugs from the road!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

10 months and Brewbbq Festival

I am not feeling great..yep another migraine that has been brewing for a few days. Hopefully I will feel better soon and can blog all about our fun weekend at the Brewbbq festival. For now enjoy 10 month pictures and a video of our dancing boy. He has moves like Jaggar!

I can't get the video to upload directly. I will try later.

Ta ta for now. I am off to pack my head in heat!