Friday, March 27, 2009

The Beach, The Lake, and The Dentist

First many people have asked yes Hershey is still wearing her stylin panties! We are coming up on 2 weeks and it can't come soon enough!!!!
Last weekend we started Friday night dinner at Chuy's (Mexican food) with Freddy! We all had a great time hanging out with him!

Saturday with no plans we decided to head to the beach for the day. We are amazingly close (2hrs) and to have grown up so far from the ocean, I was not going to miss a chance. Knowing it was spring break in Texas we loaded up the dogs, a picnic basket, and headed out. I could not believe all the work done (new beaches) to get the town ready for spring break! I loved my toes in the sand, the sun, the water, and being with Daniel. The dogs of course loved it all! Here are some pics from our amazing day trip to Galveston! Enjoy!

Sunday we headed to the lake to play with the doggies. Saturday did not slow them down after a nights sleep!!

After the lake I headed to Austin for a dentist appointment on Monday. Thank you Mary and Leo for letting me spend Sunday night and to Leo for taking me to the dentist. Marie, Pete, and Fletcher I appreciate your hospitality again and to Marie for being a great nurse on Monday!! Pete I hope you had a great birthday!!! My mouth is feeling better after the crown and proposed root canal. Thank you to everyone for the thoughts. I really appreciate them more than you know!

We can't believe we only have 2 weeks left in Livingston!! Please continue to keep your fingers crossed for us! Who knows what this weekend will hold! Miss everyone!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hershey and her panties?!?!

Yea you read that right! Last weekend Hershey came in heat and to be quite honest I have never had an inside female dog. She brought the same treat to us over Christmas at my parents house and it was so much easier. We live in only 400 square feet so I had to be creative. I know there are diapers specifically for this type of thing and in the past I have laughed about them. In this case, I would have loved to have seen those precious doggie diapers on the shelf of WalMart. Livingston does not have a Petsmart or PetCo..that would be to easy! So I came up with the idea of training pants. At this limited WM they only sell them in a 2 and 3T and our Little Hershey is too big! So I headed to diapers..WOW expensive. I feel for every parent!! I ended up with little boys tightie whites! They are perfect..she wears them backwards! All day on and off as we go inside and out with Hershey's panties! She doesn't mind wearing them at all..its so funny!! My parents enjoyed pictures so I had to pass them on! I also consider this a teaching lesson. What do you put on an inside dog in heat? This...

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We hope everyone enjoyed the day as we did!

Happy Birthday to Ashlynn on Monday! Isn't she a cutie?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekend Loves and Happy Birthdays!

Our weekend started with a favorite local hang out..Buster McNutty's. Nothing like some "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" to make you smile!

Saturday we headed to Humble for some "essential shopping" hit up Sam's, Lowe's, Target, you know all the fun places. haha We did make it to Sports Authority and Academy which makes us both smile! A place after our hearts! We had intentions of making it to the Houston Rodeo (thanks for letting us know Kristina) but all of the sudden it was 9, we were at Texas Roadhouse waiting, and we had frozen items in the car. Yea we didn't think that one through at all! Hahah

Daniel wanted to watch movies that night and why I let him pick them out, I will never understand. We started a movie, realized it was not our taste, and fell asleep immediately! We spent the rest of the weekend outside soaking up the amazing weather! All in all a relaxing weekend spending time together and we loved it!

Happy One Year Birthday to little Kayla on Tuesday. We hope you had a great birthday! Isn't her outfit just adorable?! Her mama is a talented woman!!! We can't wait to see pics in her Longhorn Tutu!!
Also, Wednesday was Sue's Birthday! Happy Birthday Pretty Woman! I hope you had a great day! We love and miss you!!!
Sue, Me and Kerryanne

Update: We are getting closer to finding out our next rotation. Hopefully soon!! Please keep good thoughts coming our way that finding a new rotation assignment will be easy! Love to everyone! We miss you!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality, Back to the...

So our "vacation" is over and we could not be happier to be "normal" again! It was not bad just the unknowing of when our split level would be fixed was a stressor! We finally heard the word on Friday it was going to be finished on time and we were like little kids! Saturday at the hotel for breakfast we had this..I have no words except only in Texas! haha
When we arrived back at the hotel just as they were making some improvements...Ok not really!

We packed our things from the week and headed to set up our home again. I had completely emptied the 5th wheel so I took the opportunity to pack things we do not need. The pile was not big but when you live in such a small space anything helps!

Total side note: I recently came across 6 For The Road on TLC and it has really made me think. I am amazed at how many families travel for work just like us. It is a total other way of living "full-timers" that we did not know existed until last year! Some traveling are retired, some like us young and married, some single, complete families, and some that live in one location! We are learn something new every day! Who knew that grippy stuff could be a necessity?

We decided in our travel time to see Body Worlds 2 and the Brain We got up on Sunday to head to Houston and I had a horrible headache but the kind you think is going to go away..Well it didn't! We arrived at the museum to see the line was a 4 hour wait to buy tickets. We were smart enough to buy them online and had tickets for 7:30 that night. By this time it was 3 and hungry had set in. We ate at Daniel's love Red Robin and I honestly don't remember it! ha I felt worse and worse and of course hit the bottom. On the way back to the museum (I insisted we stay because we missed it when Daniel was in school) I slept but woke up feeling a lot better! We both enjoyed the exhibit and to us it was amazing and educational. We can't wait to see another one of the Body Worlds exhibits.

I spent a good portion of last week recovering from Sunday and unpacking boxes. Its almost done! We did celebrate Fat Tuesday with dinner and Freddy (the other traveling therapist working with Daniel) and I made a King Cake!
Last weekend we headed to Austin for some packed in fun to see Ben, Ann, and her mom as well as Daniel's family,long time friends both Shellberger families, and the Tools! We had a great time guys! Ben and Ann thank you so much for letting us stay with you and letting our dogs play in the backyard with Lucy! We can't believe we had not been in Austin since New Years! We spent Saturday with the Tools riding our mini bike (so much fun) then out to dinner with the Toole's, Ben, Ann, and her mom! Again...a blast!! We met up with several other couples that night for a little dancing! Sunday we headed over the Daniel's parents for great barbecue. It was nice to catch up! Everyone is so busy with their little ones and we could not believe how much they have grown since January! It was so great to see everyone and thank you Mary and Leo for having us over!
Casey and I

Shelby and Terri

Casey and Calvin

We headed home on Sunday evening after a great weekend with summer clothes in possession! I am so glad I organized all our things when we put them into storage!! Your welcome Daniel!!! I made a trip back to Austin on Tuesday for a dentist and insurance appointment. Thank you so much Marie, Pete, and Fletcher for letting me stay with you! Marie and I had girl time catching up and working out like old times! Happy late birthday Fletcher! I can't believe you are already a year old!!
Daniel and Freddy had a guys night while I was in Austin and it sounds like they had fun as well!
I can't forget that Thursday was my little sis's birthday ..Happy Birthday Jen!
Hope you have a great day!!! Love you!

We can't believe we are right around a months mark of leaving! Where did this rotation go? Daniel has been talking to his recruiter so we should know (hopefully soon) our next location! We miss and love everyone!! Let us know how you are doing!
Look at what is blooming!!