Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adventures of new food...and T minus one week!!

We celebrated with brownie cake on Sunday evening as a little late 6 month birthday for Wyatt. You can pass on a time for cake...right?!?!
Monday I headed back to Daniel's sisters house to keep her kiddos for the night while she worked. They were all good although, I will say I was tired because adding in 5 extra kiddos will wear a girl out. The oldest ones were a huge help especially when I would ask questions like..what do you eat for breakfast, do I make it, where are the diapers, where are your shoes, what do you wear to school, who wears what size, do I fix your hair, you gave them candy..how much, how does your mom warm up milk? HA! Everyone has their way of doing things and I didn't want to mess it up! One of the little girls didn't want to go to sleep, which is normal, but asking if we can party at 4 am...whew. All in all they were outstanding and I would watch them anytime!

I took these last weekend and thought they were so cute..this may the little one that didn't want to sleep! :) She loved dressing up her Uncle Daniel....

So we have been on the rice cereal bandwagon for almost a month when it became apparent something needed to change. He was hungry! To be honest this is the same reason we started rice cereal when we did. He ate the cereal like a champ so I began researching new food options. Pulling from my nutrition background I knew I wanted something with protein and not just carbohydrates and not sweet as to "delight" he pallet. I ended up going with butternut squash. We Skyped with my parents while he took his first bite. At first he wasn't so sure but ended up loving it. We started slow because I was afraid of tummy troubles however, we had none! We have since moved onto avocado and a love has been born.

Daniel has one week left of school we could not be more excited! Whew! I hope that when Wyatt starts school the calculus concepts will not have changed again! HA!

And just in case you have been wondering we haven't forgotten about our other babies....they are so mistreated!

Friday, January 27, 2012

6 months

I can't believe Wyatt turned 6 months on Saturday. I really feel like I was just pregnant and leaving the hospital with a new baby. In all honesty though, we have a had a lot going on and are having to hold on and treasure the moments and milestones. We are in the depths of medical testing for Daniel. Luckily it seems as though we are a little closer to a diagnosis which ultimately, could still go many ways but we are hoping for the best. This has brought with it several levels of stress and challenges..but what doesn't!! We are riding this roller coaster as it comes! :)

After a stressful week, we decided on Saturday morning to head to Moody Gardens for the day. I had not visited before but Daniel went several times with his Mi-mommy as a kiddo. We had a blast! I loved more than anything spending the day with my boys. A storm was rolling in from the Gulf and it was amazing! We spent several hours looking at fish, animals, plants, etc and then ended the visit with a quick walk on the beach. Wyatt laughed a lot and talked with us all day. It was a great way to spend his 6 month birthday! We stopped by Daniel's sisters on the way home and visited with them for a few hours. We enjoy being able to see them and Wyatt gets in some play time with his nieces and nephews. Sunday was a day of homework for Daniel. We both can't wait until this class is over!
So far this week has been super busy thus...a late weekly post. :) We had major rain and as a result discovered several new leaks in places completely fine before. Daniel has contacted the manufacture and we are hopefully making some headway. I am so frustrated and started looking again at 2013 models online. I was completely against trading this one in as I feel that if you spend a ton of money a product should be reliable..well I am almost over that after 4 years! Well, I mean I am considering it! HA! I bet Daniel is screaming FINALLY!!! :)
Anyway, hope everyone is doing great! We started Wyatt on real solid food this week...so fun pictures to come! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2 Flying High...

A new found love?

Yep - I think the belly laughs say it all!

About the only thing that will keep this little guy happy while more teeth (six) come in ...time outside and flying! Yep- we do this a lot! :)

Also- as promised a few pics of the new "layout." It isn't exactly how I want things (and unless we get a new 5th wheel it never will be) as I never unpacked the picture frames, kitchen stuff, etc when we arrived. We have a ton of items to get fixed/replaced on the 5th wheel- blowout repairs, leak issues, slide issues, carpet and wall issues, lights not working, propane and water heater glitches, and general carpentry things that have fallen apart..(yes I said fallen apart) so I decided to wait. We also have plans to possibly move parks..we are the youngest couple by about 40-50 years. The logistics of moving at the right time, figuring out how long the 5th wheel will be at the dealer, ordering parts, dealing with the warranty company, finding a place to live, and the rotation assignment has just been unworkable. We both hope that very, very soon we can figure all of it out. Daniel and I are ready for a time when we do not have to deal with major issues from this 5th wheel!!

Did you notice..baby girl Hershey in every picture? Its a small place and she can see me from any location but that won't do...she's always under my feet!! Regardless I still love her!

Lots of hugs from us!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 1...as promised

Happy New Year! We were in Austin to celebrate the new year and Christmas with Daniel's family. (More on that in the long catch up post.) We spent new years eve with the Casey and Calvin, an evening out with dinner and a movie MI4. To be honest, I am not a movie person unless it is a good comedy...but I did however, enjoy this one. :) We had a fantastic time catching up! My parents (well really my mama) kept Wyatt for us at Ben and Ann's house. I am pretty sure she had lots of help.... however, she was the one that was still awake when we came to pick him up. She said he was fantastic and just slept, ate, played, then fell asleep after watching a little football. Leaving him for this long was a biggie as this was the longest time I would have been away from him. I did fine and only texted to say that I was putting my phone on vibrate. I am so glad he was good. Poor little guy is getting 4 teeth and has been a little grumpy. I don't blame him, I would be as well!! Thank you all for watching him. I know he was well loved and had a great time!

Sunday we met the Shellenberger family for lunch. We always love getting to see our friends while in town, though its always fast and furious. We also visited with my family before leaving and stopped by Casey and Calvin's house to pick up some yummy fish. Thank you to Daniel's mom for letting us come in again and spread out at your house!
This week has been very low key. We unpacked, played lots of fetch, spent a lot of time outside, played with new toys, and enjoyed being "home." I also worked on organization and a new layout of the 5th wheel. We really don't have that many options but, I wanted to try something new. Wyatt has lots of fun toys from Christmas and I really wanted to keep the bouncer inside instead of having to take it apart (which is easy but still) and store it in the cargo trailer every evening. I still have to take it apart due to space but, it is much easier to slide it in its new space inside! I figure I am always moving things around so why not continue :) I will post pictures when I am completely finished!

Daniel also started his last class! We celebrated with cheesecake after a hard week of his class. As what seems to the norm with school..this last class is the hardest! He can do it and I am so proud of him for what he is accomplishing!
Watching the Hogs play in the Cotton Bowl and take home a win!!

As for Wyatt he is a growing, cereal lovin, talking, rolling, stomach sleeping, bouncer loving, teething machine, that is trying to crawl and never stops moving. We. love. it! He is playing more and more with his toys and really enjoys the ones he can grasp and move on his own! He loves to giggle and will crack up over anything! He really is a lot of fun at this stage and I know it is going to get even better.

I will leave you with a predicament I caught Wyatt in this week...

Until next..or hopefully sooner if I can ever get all the pictures uploaded for the catch up post..live it up and stick your fingers in your nose!