Saturday, March 29, 2008

Getting ready!

Saying Bye

We know everyone is super busy and wanted to have a way to keep in touch while Daniel and I are traveling over the next year (at least) with his job.
Daniel is traveling physical therapist and has been on the road since February and I have been in Austin continuing to teach at Concordia University as well as personal training. However, we decided that I am going begin traveling with him in May. We packed everything into storage and are ready. We are super excited about this opportunity and the adventures it is going to bring.

We will be in locations for 3 months with a max of 6 and then travel to anther town for another 3 months. I have no idea where we are going, but as of now Daniel is in Joplin, MO.
Daniel picked up the 5th Wheel today. I will be with him on April 25 and can not wait!!!
Who knows, we might be in or near your town next! Our main goal is to have fun! So...who knows we may be coming to see you soon!!!! I hope all is well with each one of you.