Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just consider us your personal tour guides.. a coveted destination? Well possibly, if you consider Oregon one of the places you must visit! ;)

Continued from the last post mainly in pictures. We have been some busy travelers. A recap of our first few months.... We visited Whoodoo Hoo resort, Silver Falls, the Capitol, Lincoln City beach, Driftwood Covered Bridge, Meadows resort, Mt Bachelor, Meadows resort, Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, have taken several trips to Portland - outdoor show, rv show, a trip to AR, San Francisco, and Mt St. Helens.

As always, winter brings snowboarding season which is a HUGE, very important, must happen every weekend, kind of deal in our "house". We both love it! I decided I would snowboard this year as long as I felt up to it. I have to admit the first time we went the conditions were not the I only boarded once. I didn't think I would be nervous however, I was. I was in the midst of a migraine cycle and I just didn't feel comfortable. NOT in my ability, (oh no) the ability of others! ;) You really just have no idea when someone is going to come at you out of control. You have to be on constant guard to move out of the way or those silly kids (adults) will slam into you. It was a good thing I was cautious b/c I was greeted by a fantastic migraine while at the resort.

So yes, I snowboarded 6 months pregnant. We hiked in Silver Falls state park. We hiked the 8 mile loop and took in the breathtaking waterfalls. It was beautiful, amazing, etc!
We spent a weekend exploring downtown Salem and the capitol.We found out Nugget is a boy
We drove over to the coast and played with the dogs on the beach in Lincoln City. I knew the beaches would be rocky and gorgeous however, I was amazed at all the colors. We saw starfish, muscles, rocks, and more!
visited Driftwood Covered Bridge
We spent a Sunday at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival and it did not disappoint. The flowers were beautiful and apparently due to all the rain, it was not even up to its normal standards. We tromped around in the mud, played in the fields, looked at old farm equipment, and listened to music. As you can see..the babies enjoyed the day as well! We have been to Portland several times involving: shopping, an rv show, trips to Ikea (Daniel's fav), a visit with Rebecca while she was in town, horse races, a huge sportsman show, and to see KyLee before she left for bootcamp.I made a trip to AR for LP's wedding back in April. I really wanted Daniel to go but with the cost of a flight, it just didn't make sense to only go for a weekend. I was able to go for an extended period of time and it was so nice. Michael and Lauren, were married the first weekend in April. They are a great couple and I am so glad I was able to travel to their wedding. Lauren was a very beautiful bride, and everything about her wedding was gorgeous. I also enjoyed getting to spend time with Shannon, Cassie, and Rebecca. It had been a year since..but that is part of living on the road. Cassie was expecting as well and now has a 2 month old baby girl. It was exciting to see her with a baby bump! Congratulations!!!I knew with this trip this would be the last time I would be at my parents' house before baby arrives. I enjoyed being in my room, laying on the couch, playing with the doggies, spending time with mama looking at baby stuff, and helping my dad around the land. I kept thinking the next time I am "home" I will have a baby! My parents kept reminding me and I thought it was so cute! I remember feeling the same way before Daniel and I got married..this is the last time I will be at here as a single lady! I was so excited then and I am so excited now!!!! :)

While in town I was able to meet up with several friends. I was able to see Andrea and Marshall, Kerryanne, Alta, Jennifer, and many many family friends. I loved catching up with everyone and we miss all of you already! Its so hard when we make it to AR (even more now being in OR) as I always want to see so many. I have to make myself relax or I spend the entire time in town rushing to see everyone! Point here is it always warms my heart to get to spend time with people I hold so close and re-energizes me to come back and know that people heart us and us and our gypsy lifestyle! Living on the road and not meeting anyone is a little harder in some locations than others (ie Oregon). Not to stereotype however, some of the west coast folks are missing out on the southern charm! :) Y'all agree? I say this with with warmness in my heart..but it is true! I also got to see this little guy as well..

Shortly after my trip, it was time to decide where we wanted to head next. It just made logical sense to stay in Oregon until the baby arrives. We decided Daniel needed a vacation and San Francisco was our destination! We drove down the 101 and headed through the Redwood Forest! It was amazing and highly recommended!!! Our plan for San Francisco was to hit up all the big attractions as well as, simply relax. We experienced the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, China Town, Japan Town, Fisherman's Warf and Sea Lions, Cable Cars, Painted Ladies, Lombard Street, AT&T Park, USS Pampantio, Golden Gate Park, Lands End, Coit Tower, and Napa Valley on the way back.

We were lucky enough to meet Rebecca for dinner on our last night for some yummy seafood. It was great to see you!!!

Since the arrival of the baby is getting close and our time here (might be) less than a month we made a point to visit Mt. Saint Helens and do a little hiking. The mountain is amazing and the history is very interesting. We learned a lot! We were both surprised that due to all the snow this year only 1/4 of the mountain was open for driving. Yes that is right can still ski and snowboard on the mountains around us!

I know what you really came for! We finally had nice weather and I was able to get a few shots at 34 weeks! I am glad I took advantage because it has been back to rain since then! I am now 36 weeks and hopefully the weather will cooperate again before the little guy arrives! Daniel has been super busy with work and is still on track to graduate early! He is so ready for a break! I could not be a prouder wife! He is spending his free time starting to train for a race sometime this winter as well as, practicing with Hershey. We have a big dock diving competition coming up next weekend in Albany, OR. Baby girl is ready and says she is going to win again! Go TEAM PK!!! Happy Father's Day Daniel..I know we are off to the dog park or to hike at the falls this afternoon! You are a great dog dad and I know will be a fantastic daddy! LOVES! :)

And finally a Happy Father's Day to my daddy! You are the best dad a girl could ask for..funny, serious, teacher, role model, loves the outdoors, knows life lessons are important, offers advice but always willing to just listen, and an amazing friend! I love you!! We hope everyone is doing great and staying cool! If you are looking for a cool place right now..Oregon is it! Today's high is 70 and as you have read it has a lot to offer! :) Now, I think I have updated you with current and past happenings. We plan to stay busy busy until we leave..and that doesn't even include the arrival of little guy! Let us know what is going on with you!
Melissa and Daniel