Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mid April to now!

As you will see, mama has been doing quite a bit of this.  Lots of pictures...quick descriptions so I don't forget what we did in 30 years or next week!

Ok as I left on in my last blog...My parents came to visit us while my mom was on spring break in mid April. We were so excited they came to see our new town and  experience all the fun things this area has to offer. It was a quick but, great visit. Wyatt and I took them to Port A and Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center one afternoon to explore. We watched birds, walked around the bayou, looked at some pretty flowers, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

 Wyatt had lots of fun playtime with Nannie and Pawpaw. They were so sweet to watch him so I could have a break and get a much need hair cut! He even had his first apple like a big kid! He was all about it! They spoiled him as grandparents should and Daniel and I love watching them together.
Of course as soon as they left it rained for several days straight and this guy was starting to go stir crazy!
Poor guy has done a lot of this lately. Something in the air in this area has given him quite the run around :(
We have been getting out on warmer days. This was his first time painting with a brush. We have pudding and shaving cream painted many times but this was even better! Wyatt made some pretty cute magnet picture frames. I was quite impressed at how cute they turned out!

Then it was Easter and time to dye eggs..I feel like it was just Christmas! This activity was a huge hit and was our first time dying eggs as last year he was a little young. He sat still for 45 minutes! AMAZING! Stefanie came over to enjoy the fun and was a big help. Wyatt really enjoyed putting each egg in the KoolAid then attempting to take it out with a spoon. Surprisingly he was pretty clean until the very end when we let him dump and play in the color on the patio. He really enjoyed that part as well! Boys loves messes and it cleaned up very stains!
 Easter morning was a lot of fun. The Easter bunny had left baskets for Wyatt and Daniel and they were full of fun surprises. Wyatt was so cute picking up the eggs and after we showed him they opened.  He was so excited about the Cheerios and Goldfish!  He had fun with his egg glasses, wind up toys and bubble gun.  We decided while dying eggs with Stefanie that we were going to cook an actual Easter lunch. I set up a table outside complete with cloth napkins. Yep we are fancy! LOL! We had a great lunch complete from salad to dessert and it was nice to be able to enjoy the day with our friends. We had also made plans to go the Southeast TX State Fair however, a rainstorm kept us from really enjoying it. We did end up going and walking through the photography and art section but it was pouring outside. We decided to leave and head for ice cream. Turns out..that was a much better option!

 Easter 2013

 With the weather starting to warm up a little, we have spent many afternoons and evenings outside after Daniel gets home from work! Wyatt has become an extreme walking machine. He has been "walking" for quite a while but in the past few months has become so much more comfortable. He is full-time walking unless he is playing with his cars on the floor. Just another lesson that every baby is different!

 Play-date fun at the park.
 Stefanie and I made a trip to Port A to hit up Target, Dillards, and a few other places in the mall. I went against everything I know and let Wyatt play in the play area. Stefanie convinced me it would be ok...though I had a rebuttal for everything she said.  I just had to not think about it. Luckily there were only 3 other kids playing at the time we went and I got to really inspect the climb ons. They were fine (as in appeared that they were cleaned often) and yes I washed his hands immediately after! He really enjoyed it and I was glad I had someone pushing me..or honestly this never would have happened!
 We been going on afternoon hikes daily. The dogs, the kid, and the mama love it!
 A few weekends ago I suggested that we go to an Astros game. Daniel has been working extremely hard and coming home very late. I decided he needed an afternoon/night of fun to take his mind off of school and work! Astros vs the Oakland A's. Wyatt was such a trooper although, this year he was pretty interested in the steps, walking around, and snacking! It was a great family night that we all needed!
 Flat Stanley also recently came for a visit and we took him to the game as well as, hiking (a few more pictures below). I am pretty sure he had fun!
Random park fun with daddy.

 We decided to hit up the trails one Sunday afternoon while the weather is still cool-ish. Wyatt hiked some and relaxed in the backpack at other times. The dogs enjoyed getting out and we realized poor things hadn't been anywhere in almost 2 months. Our traveled babies have been so deprived since we moved this time! HA! At the end of the hike Wyatt and Daniel spent some time swinging while the dogs and I relaxed!
 A random mix of playhouse fun, blowing bubbles, and a boo boo first. Wyatt was chasing after me and fell on the rocks. I felt so bad for him. Poor guy. He handeled it well and I know this is just one of many more to come. 

 I decided one Sunday afternoon to drag out pool because it was unseasonably hot. Clearly someone else thought that was a good idea as well! We ended up having an impromptu pizza party with Stefanie and her husband while enjoying the weather. It is safe to say we all slept great that night!
 The next week Wyatt was having another reaction to something in the air. When he started feeling better Stefanie and I decided to take him to Chick-fil-A as a treat. He played in the play area for the first time and loved it! We went early so most of the kids were his age and that really helped. He was all over the place and I am certain we will have many more playtimes at Chick-fil-A.

As I mentioned earlier my poor guy was having a rough week and Daniel had to stay late every night. He showed up with these last Friday! He totally surprised me. We were leaving to go out of town so the last thing on my mind was the possibility of any sort of "sweet treat." We made plans to meet one of Daniel's best friends and family on Friday afternoon in Houston to go the game. I was excited to see had almost been three months! We were used to seeming them quite often when we were living north of Houston. We all decided to stay at the Inn at the Ballpark across from the ballpark. It was incredibly convenient as well as, a nice hotel. Stefanie was so sweet to offer to come over and let our babies out so we could leave them home. We were planning on taking them with us and were so incredibly surprised when she offered to watch them. We really appreciated it and honestly it did make the trip so much easier!

When the S family saw Wyatt they were so cute! They said he was walking with confidence, talking so much, and had gotten taller. (Total side note....This is isn't something I was honestly truly prepared for as a mom..the worry and almost guilt you feel in regards to your child. To have someone who saw him in late Jan say that made me feel so good. Were we hurting him in regards to the fact that he didn't have a big house to roam so his walking wasn't as fast to develop as other kids?  I know from the hours of research that I did, kids who live in smaller spaces like an RV or studio apartment are often later walkers because they can cruise and crawl to get to everything. The last doctor that saw him in late January commented on how all kids are different and that he is a very strong smart kid (when I mentioned that he didn't seem comfortable walking on his own) and that I had no reason to worry or even think about it another second. I knew in my heart it was a space issue, he was fine, he is  very strong (carries around 8 and 10lb kettlebells), smart, etc..but of course I worried. I know he is on mark with milestones, but for someone else to note it..makes my heart full!) Anyway, we had a lot of fun at the game and I actually got to visit a little with T which was nice. At one point the boys were all sitting together and it was so cute to see into the future of many games to come. This was a late game so Wyatt took a nap around 9. Thank goodness because a guy can only go for so long! After the fireworks we headed to the hotel and visited for a while before sacking out.

The next day we met the S family at a park downtown for a few hours of fun before we headed back to SE Texas. The weather was perfect so they big boys kayaked while Wyatt ran, jumped, clapped, and danced to the live music. He was jumping off the boardwalk (with help) just like the other boys before we left.
Sunday we made plans to go to a Crawfish festival in a local town with Stefanie and her husband. We enjoyed some yummy Crawfish...even Wyatt and Daniel. Wyatt was all about the tractor display and was all smiles when Daniel let him climb on one. We stayed for a few hours listening to the local "band" then headed home for naps.

Tractor boy!
Just hanging out.

And finally my boys on their night out while I went to a ladies night out with my moms group.  My guys went to Chick-fil-A and speaks to their heart! LOL! I enjoyed a night out of Mexican food and chatting with no kiddo interruption! (That is something I never thought I would say!) HA!!!

2013 Bluebonnets
                                             How does this happen? 2012 and 2013

And finally Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet mama! We hope you are having a great birthday!

Well, that catches you up on us. Obviously, we been exploring the area and are making plans for more hikes, camping, and the zoo. I am attempting to get in as much fun before it gets extremely hot. Although..last night it rained and I am pretty sure the humidity is 100%. We just came in and whew!

What is new with you? 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Well this catches up until Mid March...

Ok so in an attempt to catch up a little.. 
Early March like the same evening I really blogged last (March 8) we had dinner with our new friends Stefanie and and Paul at a local Mexican restaurant. It was a lot of fun and the first time the guys had gotten together. Two thumbs up to the food and company!

Stefanie and I also had a fun day of shopping earlier that week. We both needed some girl time and actual time to shop. You know how it is when the men go, they never really want to stand around why you try on things...silly men! LOL! We were both able to find some cute things and had fun visiting and getting to know each other. Wyatt was just happy to walk around and enjoy being out.

We also met our MOPS friends at the park for a Spring Break play-date. It was so nice here that week and the park was packed. Daniel ended up meeting us for a picnic lunch as well which, was a very nice surprise.

According to the papers "So many fans of the Bassmaster Elite Series turned out in Orange, Texas, for the March 14-17 Sabine River Challenge presented by STARK Cultural Venues, attendance records were not only broken, they were smashed." It was a big event for this area with over 35,000 people attending. We made it out on Saturday and it was much like the Bassmasters Series we went to  in Willis 2 summers ago. We had a great time watching the pros weigh their catches, a concert by country singer Neal McCoy and fireworks. Wyatt was all about the crowd and the room to roam.

After a monthly MOPS meeting in March we met Daniel for lunch and clearly someone had a great time playing with his friends!
Up next more fun.....I know some of you hope sooner than later! :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Not at all forgotten...

We have been pretty busy lately and the blog is not forgotten. Daniel is still taking the laptop to work, I can't get the old one to connect to the Mi-Fi, and using the tablet requires a lot more patience than I am able to find to blog! LOL!

Wyatt is as busy as a toddler can be and is certainly expressing his indpendence. It.really.happened.overnight and I am still trying to figure out where the little boy who wanted my help has gone. Those that have traveled this road before me warned it would come out of nowhere and they were certainly right! (I guess I really shouldn't be surprised because according to my parents and Daniel's we were both pretty independent and headstrong. That is a surprise right?!?!) HA! He is still a very sweet and funny little guy, but when he feels it necessary can be an Ornery strong headed little thing! Honestly though..I wouldn't change it for the world!

I saw this today on another blog and it is certainly true.

Enjoy a few pictures of life lately.
Over this way..

Daily hike with the dogs


 Daddy's home

Can we go to the big kid side of the park? 

Hopefully I can really blog this weekend! I have so much to catch up on!