Saturday, May 23, 2009

A month of catching up!

Wow! Ok so I didn't get to do the update like I promised because of the weather and our Internet connection. We drove to Longview in downpours with tornados looming all around. The easiest part of packing and loading up the 5th wheel becomes a huge chore. The park pickings were slim but we decided on a place that is minimal but works for us and appears to be safe! We decided on a spot, set up home, and then headed to AR for a week of fun and R and R.
Mama and daddy met us in Clarksville for dinner and it was yummy! Monday was a day of touring. We hit up Paris, viewed historic homes and buildings, went to Subiaco, and ended up again Clarskville. Tuesday Daniel and I were appointment happy. We had dr, hair, vet, etc! Wednesday I meet up with my childhood friend Jennifer in Clarskville to see her new baby girl. MacKenzie was born on St Patricks day and is adorable. She also showed me her new home and we spent several hours just catching up! Jennifer I can't wait to watch MacKenzie grow up and someday play with our kiddos. I hope they have a friendship that lasts as long as ours has! We also attended Taste of the Ozarks and enjoyed seeing several people from high school. Thursday we had lunch in Ozark at my cousins restaurant and got to visit with some family. That night we meet up with a high school friend Patrick and his wife Kacie. We had dinner at Keltz (yummy) and got to visit with the Lindley's as well. Patrick and Kacie we had a great time seeing you guys! Friday we did a little work around my parents land and then and headed to NWA for dinner at Crabby's with Shannon and Jason, Kerryanne, Andrea and Marshall, and Kylie and Brett. It was great! I love all of these ladies and we always have such a great time catching up!

Saturday before leaving town we had brunch at Ricks (YUM) where I got mama the cutest birthday cake. I now think we will make Rick's a must when we are in town! We headed to Fort Smith to meet mama and daddy for shopping and a birthday surprise dinner! I am so glad we were able to be their for her birthday! I know she got some really pretty flowers from daddy! Lucky lady!
Sunday we loaded up our family and drove back to Longview early in the day. Apparently their was a lack in communication at the park as we had to move our 5th wheel! We of course had complications getting our new location set up but are now at home literally across the driveway! So much work for so little of a move ;) I left early on Monday morning to head to Austin for another dentist appointment and spent the week with these 2 little darlings ;)

Sunday I woke up with a horrible migraine and was not able to run the half marathon I had been training for. I spent the rest of the week in bed and finally felt better on Wed just in time to pack for my trip to FL. I left on Thursday night after Hershey and Chance surprised me with a mother's day gift! They bought Marley and Me the book and movie! ;) Yes I cried like a baby at the end of the book and can't wait to have time to watch the movie.
I spent Thursday night with my favorite double J's. They dropped me off at the airport on their way to work on Friday morning and my trip began! Thank you so much guys!!!! I arrived in Tallahassee on Friday evening and met up with Sue and her fiance Tarick. We waited on Kerryanne to arrive and headed out for sushi! It was so good!!! Saturday morning was Sue's graduation from Law School so we met up with her mom, fiance, aunt, and cousins for the ceremony. KA and I were like proud parents!
That afternoon we went to lunch at a great Mexican restaurant with an amazing hot sauce bar, shopping and just hung out in our hotel until we headed to the movies. Sunday Kerryanne and I took a side trip to Bald Point Beach ...such a blast! White beaches near Tallahassee? So very pretty! That night we kept low key with pizza at Sue's. The trip could not have been more fun and on Monday evening I wanted a few more days of fun! ! I had a great time catching up with Kerryanne and Sue. We laugh, reminisced, and planned for the future! Sue I am so proud of you and all that you have done. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. I am honored to have met your fiance and to have been able to spend time with you! Can't wait for a girls trip!!!

We decided on Thursday to head to the lake house for the weekend which marked 3 yrs since he proposed on the dock! We had a great time, relaxed, and spent time together. We did have a few technical issues to take care of when we arrived but all in all a great trip! Daniel played fetch with the dogs all weekend and can't wait to go either!
This weekend we are in AR for my college roommate Cassie's wedding. I dropped our babies off yesterday at the kennels and we arrived in AR last night! Its tonight and I am pretty pumped to see some old friends. Shannon I can't wait to see you!! Daniel's job is going great and he likes this rotation a lot. He has said more than once how much he really likes the current hospital! Daniel I am so happy you are enjoying Select! I love you!!
My dad's tonsil surgery on Thursday went great! Thank you everyone for your thoughts and well wishes. He really appreciated them. The doctor said no cancer and we could not be more thankful! He looks great and is feeling much better than expected! ;)
Well off to visit with the family and play outside! We hope everyone has a great Memorial Weekend and yes I am going to try and update more often!!!
Love, Daniel and Melissa

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy 8s

Leslie tagged me. She is waiting on 2 little girls to arrive and needs some entertainment! ;)

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. Going to the lake house this weekend
2. Meeting all the babies that are going to be born this year!!
3. Doing another triathlon this summer
4. Seeing my family in a few weeks
5. Spending a lot of time on the lake..we are so close!
6. Someday having a family
7. Finding out our next location of travel
8. Going on a run this evening

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Went on a run after work with Daniel
2. Payed all the bills and balanced the checkbook
3. Decided to go to the lake house for the weekend
4. Unpacked from FL and cleaned the house
5. Made list of those important things to do short and long term that I always forget like registration and actually getting the current car insurance in the car ;)
6. Talked to the PhD program yet again
7. Started thinking about summer plans
8. Played fetch with Hershey

8 things I wish I could or want to do:
1. Take my entire family on a long vacation to Scotland
2. Go on a spur of the moment trip with Daniel
3. See my friends from Japan more often
4. Let friends and family know that I think about them often and care more than they know even if we don't talk everyday
5. Decided firmly on getting a PhD or not...hmmm
6. Decide where we will live when we stop traveling
7. Go canoeing on the Mulberry
8. Do larger scale positive actions for the environment

8 shows I watch:
1. The Office
2. Thirty Rock
3. The New Adventures of Old Christine
4. 2 and A Half Men
5. Big Bang Theory
6. How I Met Your Mother
7. Biggest Loser
8. Little People Big World

8 People to Tag:
Anyone who wants to participate!

Oh and I will be updating soon of our last month. We have been so busy and the internet connection is very slow! I promise..lots to catch up on coming soon!