Monday, July 28, 2008

What happened to the water?

So last week I started thinking about the travel to another location and began planning the packing process. Its not like it is a huge job but we do have a few more things set up than just regular RV r' things, dog kennels, picture frames, all our summer clothes, a portable closet, etc. So that is on my well as realizing that we do not have a lot of time left in this area. This lead me to plan (and I don't normally plan at all..but you know this) several things with friends in the area and I can't wait to see everyone.. After a full blow migraine on Tuesday and Wednesday I have also decided to again analyze my meal plan and anything I think might be a trigger.

Thursday I met a friend from college Julie and her family in Springfield at Bass Pro Shops. I had not seen Julie in a very long time and it was so nice to meet her little ones and her husband Billy. They are currently stationed in Fort Leonardwood MO, after a tour in Germany for many years. Unfortunately Billy had neck surgery this summer but is doing well! We walked around, looked at the animals, and watched the fish feeding. It was so nice to catch up with her and made me look forward to someday having little ones! We also promised we would get together again before we leave the area so Daniel and Billy can meet.

Friday Daniel and I made the trip to Ozark for the weekend. We had plans to float the Mulberry and again Daniel tells me he has never been canoing!! I know right!!! I called on Wed, Thurs, and Fri to check on the water level and much to my complete surprise...the water was too low and almost gone on Sat morning!!! I know...What happened to the water??? We had already decided to kayak and not canoe because the water was a little low and to protect our marriage I decided it would be best to be in different water crafts! So, I take after my dad..I didn't want to yell all day!! I was bummed and he was as well. I do know however Daniel was excited to get to use the chain-saw on mama and daddy's farm all day!! It was so hot I tried to stay inside and do the 10 loads of laundry we had and get out of helping him! I did have to help however, he finally decided it was to hot to work outside. We again had a great time in Ozark and got more clearing done for my parents!! They love having us there and we never want to leave!!..ok well I don't !
Well back to more packing and organizing of our things!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Trip to Eureka for Daniel

Last weekend Daniel surprised me with the idea of going to Eureka Springs for a night! I was super excited as I knew he would love it. Daniel has heard a lot about the area and was eager to see and experience all Eureka has to offer! We are now realizing our time in the area is limited and are trying to see all we can, as well as , spend a lot of time with family and friends.

We got up early Saturday had breakfast in a dive built in 1979 with no decor or price changes since opening and drove over to Eureka per Daniels way...aka the back roads way. On the way we had to look at Beaver Lake and the White River..can't miss that and the damn.. Daniel was surprised at how many different things there are to see and do. We spent all day going in and out of shops, lunch at the downstairs Mud Street Cafe, listening to music, we watched Shakespeare in the park, had dinner on the balcony of the Basin Park, a large non-calorie caramel apple, and a few drinks with some dancing that night.
Sunday morning we got up to see the Fat Tire Mountain Biking Festival Race Start. (Oh yea this weekend was the Fat Tire Mountain Biking Festival...we loved it!) We stayed in the historic district at Basin Park which was the start location for the race. It was super hot on Sunday and I am so glad we didn't know about the festival months in advance and want to participate in the the ride. We had brunch at the historic Crescent Hotel and it was super yummy with Crab Legs, Salmon and Capers! After brunch I somehow got Daniel excited to see all the gingerbread bed and breakfasts. We stumbled upon Onxy Cave and decided it was a must! Its a cool cave with a self guided tour and was worth the walk. On the way out of town we climbed the Razorback tower..which we had to scrounge change to do!! (We didn't think ahead about having cash! I know, I know!!) After the tower with great views of the Ozarks, Daniel had his heart set on fresh peaches and blackberry's...we finally found some and he was a happy boy!
Sometimes its hard for me to remember he is not from this area so we got a little lost and came to a screeching halt as we passed the Pea Ridge Battlefield Grounds. We went into the center and did the driving tour stopping at each location so I could read the tour guide and he loved it! See the pictures below. It was a fun weekend showing Daniel the area he has heard a lot about!! He is ready to go mountain biking in the Eureka area and I assured him it will happen someday!!

I am having a little trouble getting the pictures up..Sometimes the wireless internet is super slow..I will try again to put the pictures up for all you Texas peeps who have been asking!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rain again and a weekend at the parents

Last week was filled with rain, sun, and more rain. Monday I met my mom in Arkansas for lunch and shopping for a few hours after her physical therapy appointment. Her knee is recovering with no setbacks! The rest of the week, I spent trying to keep a migraine from coming on, nursing a migraine, and recovering from it. I am sure it was all from the weather. I was finally feeling a little better on Friday and we headed to my parents house for the weekend! Daniel and I got much needed massages on Sat morning. It really helped with the headache.
My parents went with us to look at snowboarding equipment that afternoon. I need snowboarding pants and Daniel was looking for a new board. No luck! Daniel thinks we are going North next with his job! We had a great time in Ozark and its nice to be close to my parents for a few months!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Where have you been?

Well...its been a busy few weeks for us. This is going to be a long one! On Saturday, June 13th Daniel and friends surprised me by meeting up for an early birthday dinner at Texas Land and Cattle in the Pinnacle Hills!! I was super surprised as I just thought we were meeting for dinner and drinks!! Daniel did a good job keeping the whole thing a surprise. Dinner was yummy and after closing the restaurant down we and had a cake party in the parking lot. We all went to the Electric Cowboy after let Daniel observe an Arkansas style Cowboy country bar. It was not all what he expected but funny to see his reaction.

Daniel and I also decided that for my birthday he is going to get me a new mountain bike!! I don't have the bike yet and as most of you know we love to be I am ready to find the right size with good shocks!!

The next week was spent packing for a trip with my parents and packing up the 5th wheel to take to the dealership. We had a leak in one of the slideouts! So after a week of having things in storage and in our cars, I left with my parents on Thursday to drive to Dalhart, Texas...and what a trip we had! It was an absolute blast to take a car trip with my parents!! They are a hoot and sometimes I truly believe they need me to tell them what to do. HAHA We drove most of the way on Thursday (after a Denny's slam) and got up early on Friday and finished the way to Dalhart. My parents had presents for me to open on Friday morning and which I loved!! The rehearsal dinner was in the historic XIT Museum and had a lot of history on the famous XIT ranch and area. If ever in the area this museum is worth the trip. My mom and I helped the day of the wedding to return the favors Ann lovingly did for both mine and Ben's weddings.
Elizabeth was a gorgeous bride and the wedding weekend was a lot of fun! It was nice to catch up with relatives. I learned and heard so much on the trip about wind generators, feed lots, ranching, cattle branding, etc. Dalhart is in the panhandle and on the way back my dad wanted to look at the national grasslands to hunt and show us the places he hunts on his trips to KS. We drove into OK, KS, and CO it made the trip longer but we saw a lot of wildlife..even antelope up close!

We arrived back in Ozark early Monday morning and I came back up north to finishing packing up the 5th wheel (split level). Daniel was super excited to see me! We took the split level in early Tuesday morning and drum roll it wasn't ready to be picked up that night..The pictures say what happened that night.. I was not happy at first and then just decided to laugh it off!
It was fixed on Wed evening with no time to get life back in order.

I left early on Thursday to help my mom get ready for her surgery on Tuesday, July 1. I got one of the pesky migraines that afternoon so I spent the night at my parents. I had planned on going to Fayetteville that night to meet Amanda and start the wedding weekend fun! Amanda is a friend from the sorority and we both moved to Austin for grad school (by luck) on the same day! We have become good friends over the years. She was in my wedding and I was honored to be able to do the same for her. I arrived on Friday and helped Amanda and Kevin with some last minute items before the rehearsal and dinner. Daniel had to work late so was unable to make the dinner but met up with us later in Fayetteville. The dinner was nice and it was fun to see all the girls and their families.

Amanda and Kevin were so excited about the next day! Saturday morning was spent getting ready and hanging out with Amanda's bridal party! It was fun getting ready and watching Amanda get ready to be a Mrs. The wedding at Mildred B Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista, AR with a reception at Carnal Hall on the University of Arkansas Campus. Everything was very nice and in such a pretty setting.I got to see people from Austin and the girls from the house. I always love catching up and hearing the happenings in the lives of girls that I once lived with and saw every day! Amanda and Kevin looked so happy and l don't think could have asked for a better day!

On Sunday Daniel and I spent time hanging out before he headed north and I went back to my parents. My mom had knee surgery on Tuesday morning and the meniscus repair was a success. We made several trips to Fayetteville for physical therapy and I can say she is very pleased so far. Yea mama! Daniel met us on Thursday night and came back to Ozark for the night. I had a good time at my parents house and I know Hershey did..she went crazy!

Friday we headed to meet Kylie and Brett and some of their friends to camp for the 4th. That is also Kylie's birthday so we had to go camping!! Several of their friends came as well. It was super hot, but a lot of fun!! It made Daniel and I realize how much we really do love camping. This fall there will be many camping trips to write about!!
Ok well my hands are tired...I will not let blog posting get this out of makes it hard to catch up!!