Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of 2010! It only seems fitting to send Warm Wishes and Happy Holiday Greetings from our traveling home to yours!With Love-

Daniel, Melissa, Chance, and Hershey

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The post you have been waiting on....

Ok get ready...we have been keeping the roads warm!

In August, we made the drive over to Oklahoma, to jump Hershey in the Claremore 2010 Dog Expo. My parents came up to cheer on their grand-dog and watch her win! Hershey placed 1st and 2nd in the Dock Dogs Big Air Junior Division with an ultimate best jump of 14,5”. She moved up this competition from the Novice to the Junior Division based on her distance. We are proud parents! We also met Melisse and her dog Yaska (both are amazing) a Malamute, the breed that won overall at the CynoSport World Championship last year. Team Yaska went all the way to win 1st place at the Dock Dogs Nationals. I know we will be seeing more of them at dock diving events in the future. We had a great weekend, are so glad we were able to see my parents, and get another win!! A summer of dock practice at the lake paid off!

The next week we dropped off our babies with R and R and headed to the airport to begin our vacation in Cabo! Jill and Jason were there to greet us at the resort when we arrived. We had an amazing week with a lot of relaxing on the beach, by the pool, making new friends, and catching up . The guys went deep sea fishing and caught 2 huge Marlins. They had a great time and still talk about it.

The resort, friends, and the fishing trip
Jill and Jay
The resort had an amazing view however, up close the landscape was outstanding. We all rented jet skis and went over to Lovers Beach, the Arch to see the sea lions, Lands End, and to view the Pacific Ocean side.

Jet ski's, Sea Lion up close, Lands End
Daniel and I also went zip lining at Wild Canyon and had a blast! It was quite intense with a lot of hiking and was totally different than any other zip lining I had done. I would totally do it again, but this place was the real deal!
We had an amazing trip and already want to go back. Jill and Jason thank you so much for asking us to take a trip with you...we loved every second of it!!! We are so lucky to have friends like you!

After a relaxing week we headed back on Saturday to pick up our babies from R and R’s. We stayed the rest of the weekend to hang out because we had not seen them in a while.

The babies "look" so sweet...

Before we left we decided to make our vacation a combo Anniversary and Daniel's birthday trip..but I couldn't let his birthday go by without a little celebration. A few days after we got home it was time to celebrate. Dinner was low key with chicken and dumpling followed by a fabulous cheesecake. It was the perfect end to an amazing trip! Happy Birthday D I love you!

We made another trip out the lake for one last fun weekend however,it was so cold and rainy we didn't even get in the water! So, we enjoyed it by visiting with the neighbors, catching up on some reading, and watching movies.

The next weekend packed up for Dallas to dog sit for R and R. We were also able to see my parents, Ben, Ann, and Connor as well as my grandparents. It was a busy visit but we had a blast!

Daniel and I were finally able to make it to the Texas Sate Fair! We have been talking about going for 5 years and have been out of state the last few. I do have to say its much bigger than any other state fair I have attended. We had a great time, but were exhausted within a few short hours. We went on a Baylor game weekend and it was packed! I still don't know how all the parents with little kids do it and last all day. I think that might be too much for me! HA! I am so glad we went and we want to try and make it back next year..just not on a game weekend!

Big Tex, Ferris Wheel, and the strip

Early October we headed to Austin for Aaron and Gretchen’s baby shower. Both of us were excited to be close enough that we were able to drive down for the weekend. We were pleasantly surprised as we got to see many friends that went to school with Daniel and most we had not seen since we started traveling. We used to see them all time when we lived in Austin. We are so happy for Gretchen and Aaron. They had little Leo a few weeks ago and from what Aaron tells Daniel having a newborn in the house is easy! While in town, were also able to see Daniel's family as well as Ben, Ann, and Connor. Daniel's mom had everyone over for a barbecue and we got in some good family time. Michelle also had little Jacob a few weeks ago and from the pictures he is a cutie! We stopped by Ben and Ann's house to hug on Connor and make a video for my parents. We enjoyed our trip and are happy we decided to head to Austin for the weekend.

The next weekend we headed back to Dallas for a memorial service for my grandfather. He had been sick for a while and as sad as loosing a family member is, we all know he had a good full life. The memorial service was very nice, my mother did a great job giving the eulogy, as well as my brother saying words. The house was packed for a reception at my grandmothers and that is exactly what she needed. We all know she has a great group of friends to surround her with love and support.

My dad and KoKo got some fun play time outside with Connor. Daniel also has a new buddy, Connor was helping him write a paper for school.

November 3 was our 3rd Anniversary (you know when I was supposed to blog HA!) Well this year was leather and apparently..two great minds think alike! ;) I again ordered the cake topper and as every year something happens. This year they made our chocolate chocolate cake, vanilla. The lady came out and said "How does this look, dear?" My response laughing" Um..well I think its supposed to be chocolate." She nearly died and ran into the back and 15 minutes later came out with the perfect topper! I thought it was funny and came home to get ready for dinner. So long story short blah, blah, blah, we come home from dinner and the precious babies had eaten the entire thing!!!!!!!!!! They were so excited to see us! I bet all jacked up on sugar..silly dogs! We could not believe they did not make a mess and we almost did not notice the cake box on the floor. Needless to say we were not happy! We still love them but geesh! Happy Anniversary Daniel here is to 57 more.. we'll be a young 88 and 94 ;)Lets see what else...I flew to AR to visit with the family before Thanksgiving. While in town I was able to attend little Jaxton's first birthday party and visit with several dear friends. Andrea did amazing job on the decorations, food, everything! Thank you guys for inviting me! Jaxton and Ashlynn are so cute and enjoyed visiting with everyone at the party!
Trips to AR are always packed and there are so many people we want to see. I was able to get together with Andrea, Shannon, Jennifer as well as, many family friends. Love you ladies and hope we can make it back soon so we can do it again!

Ben and Ann came in early in the week while the rest of the family arrived on Wednesday. Poor Daniel worked, drove in, and then had school work to do that night. We had a great Thanksgiving with both my dad and mom's family. This was the first year to have both sides together and we enjoyed getting to see everyone at once.
While in town, we helped my parents put up a few Christmas decorations as ours are in storage.(Daniel was just certain we would be back to Austin before the holidays..silly D) My dad and Daniel also made a trip to the preserve to quail hunt. They had a great time and I am glad they were able to go before we left town. This year Christmas shopping has been a task as I started out on behind the 8 ball. I have been frantically trying to get all the shopping done and at this moment I am 99.9% finished. That makes me happy! The Christmas cards are coming as well...I am waiting for them to arrive so I can send them out. Wowza someone needs to get on the ball! HA!

We also recently nailed down our next rotation. We are traveling to Oregon! From what I can tell the town is in a valley so it doesn't get super cold or super hot! We shall see! One big plus..lots of snowboarding resorts within an hour drive! ;) Daniel starts his rotation on January 19 so we will be heading out early on the 15th. Its a 3 day drive and obviously we have no room for issues...Please keep your fingers crossed!

Finally I guess I need to add the reason I have been neglecting the blog, shopping, etc. I have been a little "under the weather." Right around Thanksgiving my migraines came back full force and have been present almost every other day. Guess what?!? We are having little nugget in July! Yesterday (12-21-10) we had our first doctors appointment, everything is going great, and baby is growing on track. I will say I was not prepared for the migraine increase nor the actual unknown by doctors as far as migraines go with expectant mothers. I am actually further along than we previously thought and currently almost 11 weeks! So as my mom said today "Wow you are almost a third of the way done!" I responded "Wow, um... well yea I guess I am!" I don't know what I expected yesterday, but I really wasn't expecting to see a little baby on the screen or hear a heartbeat. So yes we are adding a little nugget to our full-time lifestyle of traveling on the road craziness! I think we are going to have many many stories of raising a baby on the road but its an adventure we are ready to tackle. We could not be more excited to share this news! I also have to add, I was overwhelmed with joy by all the comments and nice words we have heard from everyone! Thank you so much!!
I hope this post finds all of our friends and family in good health, good spirits, and living life to the fullest. Please leave a comment to let us know how you are doing. We miss talking to everyone!!!

We hope each of you has a safe and Merry Christmas!
Many Many Hugs!!!

Daniel and Melissa