Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and life truly on the road...

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you have all been truly blessed today with the company of family and friends. We are out of Omaha, have been in Ozark for a few short packed full days, and are now in Dallas at my grandparents house.

Christmas this morning was so warming and nice to be with family and friends. It amazing how quickly you can become comfortable with surroundings you have not seen in several months.

We hope you continue to have a great holiday and many more great days to come! Love all of you and hope to see you soon!! Pictures of snowboarding to come in a few days as well as our last days in Omaha!

One more special shout out..HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILLSIE!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside is Frighful...but Let It Snow, Let it Snow. Let is Snow!

Its official..its our last week in Omaha and we are headed to Macon, GA! Its just south of Atlanta. We are really excited about another adventure and are ready for all a new city has to offer.

Last week the weather was cold to say the was below freezing all week beginning in the teens and today below zero. Saturday was a super nice day and we spent it taking in the 5th wheel, enjoying the weather outside, and going to the Old Market to see the twinkling Christmas lights!

I spent the week packing the split level, Christmas shopping, and designing websites. The puppies love the cold weather but more importantly love laying on my electric blanket. Saturday I built a huge fire outside and played with the dogs until they were sleepy. That night we went downtown for dinner and to see all the Christmas festivities. It was a winter festivities explosion: outdoor ice rink, caroling, twinkle lights galore, and Christmas music everywhere! It is a nice change to be in a cold place around Christmas.

It snowed several inches here on Tuesday and the forecast is for snow again today! I can't wait to build a snowman!! The ski slope opens today so we are hitting it up before leaving town sometime this weekend!! Daniel is so excited to snowboard and be surrounded by the sport. I can't wait!!! More to come..its almost time to see family and friends for the Holiday Season!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving and Its Beginning To Look Like Christmas...

Thanksgiving this word awesome! We got home around 3 am and mama loves to chat it up when we get there so I didn't go to bed until 5. We got up on Thursday to watch the parade and made sweet potatoes, a family Bing Cherry salad, and my dad's famous (after this year) relish tray. Daddy was in charge of going to the store and we all know he doesn't do that well. He bought every kind of pickle, relish, olives, cranberries, and antipasta they had. He gave us so many became a joke at the house. I only took half of what he bought the Shawn's house and it was at least 30 containers! Everything was super yummy and we had such a good time. We had not had the chance to see most of the family since our wedding last Nov and even then we didn't get to chat much. It was so nice to catch up. laugh, and just hang out with everyone! I totally forgot to take pictures as we were so busy visiting. boo

Friday we did a little low key shopping and then headed to dinner with Kylie and Brett and Andrea and Marshall at Weiderkehrs. It was the first time for us to be back since our wedding and it was so nice. We had a great time hearing all about their daily happenings and holidays. We really miss getting together with you guys!! It was so much fun!!!

Kylie, Brett, Andrea, Marshall, Me and Daniel

Saturday Daniel and daddy went quail and pheasant hunting. They got up super early and were out all day. I know they had a great time and we heard all about how the dogs hunted! Daniel had a great time hunting Daddy - he still talks about it. While they were hunting Mama and I went antique shopping..I had some very specific items I was searching for and I found them!! We were super low key that night watching SNL as all of us were exhausted. We all relaxed Sunday morning and Daniel and I hit the road early as the weather was predicting snow for our entire drive back. The weather was right but we didn't have any problems thank goodness. We had a great time mama and daddy thank you so much for letting us come in and relax. We always have a blast and enjoy all the room!!

We wanted to wait until this past weekend to put up our tree but on Thursday it happened. This is the first year in my life I have not had a real tree and it is the earliest I have ever put one up. I know it doesn't make sense in our 400 square feet to really decorate so I made it special. We have sunflowers from the rehearsal dinner and silver balls from our reception. Daniel added a few Family Guy characters and we found some funny RV ornaments and they fit our tree nicely. A tree does make it feel more like Christmas.

We had a great weekend of shopping, relaxing, and spending time with Daniels work friends. Friday was date night with dinner and a movie! We never go to the movies and were both very excited! We saw 4 Christmases and both thought it was super funny. Saturday we shopped for winter clothes for Daniel..that is not an easy task. The lines at Kohl's were so long!! We ended the day meeting up with Daniels co-workers and then out to the Old Market. He works with some of the nicest people and we had a great time with them. We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing trying to stay warm.

It snowed 2 times this week and has been so so so cold. I do have to say the weather man is scaring me by the "snow storm/blizzard conditions" they are predicting for Monday night. I am excited but not ready for a blizzard!! Daniel is on his way to work!
We are still having a great time and making memories but miss everyone! Hope you are all great! Christmas is coming fast!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Now this would make your week...You know you wanna look...

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Here is mine from the site...

I love, love, love to recycle at Christmas (ok all year). I have never understood why people throw away bows and bags that they receive throughout the year. Last year I got married and saved the bows and bags. If they were not too wedding related I would use them again. If they were I would cut out a piece of the bag and glue it on another to make a new bag design using several bags. I always use bows from all year and re-make them into new by adding or taking away from them. I also like to use stickers and stamps to decorate bags. I have been known to make wrapping paper out of brown grocery bags or newspaper and made stamps out of potatoes for Christmas designs using different paint colors or food coloring. It is green and saves money! Its also super cute and you can be totally creative in how you make the gift look.

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