Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend "Vacation"

I am still trying to get caught up from our move last summer. The post is almost done and I just in the uploading of picture stages but, alas we have the internet usage issue. I think I just need a night to check into a hotel with NOTHING but wifi, a TV, and time to finish. Do I deserve that..why yes I think I do.

Anyway, we are on  a mini vacation and are having a blast. Daniel's mom came over so we decided to show her what the "area" has to offer! Currently, it is almost 1 am (excuse mistakes...exhausted) I am outside with everyone sleeping soundly inside...enjoying the cooler temps of New Mexico!

Yes that says 54 and trip over!

 So neat..the picture is horrible.... but they were amazing!

Today we visited Ruidoso, NM, hit up horse races, did some downtown eclectic shopping, and more fair shopping. We ended the day with a signature go to place of Farley's for Dinner. We had a blast!

Shopping in Downtown Ruidoso

 Ruidoso Downs

 Hmm..Which ones?


 Go Ponies Go!


 Ruidoso Downs Family Pic



  Festival Fun...Cottownwood



We have another big day tomorrow...stay tuned!~)  I am hoping I can blog about it ASAP! :) Thanks for hanging in with us for almost 7 years!!!