Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No Tractor Pull instead a cave for lunch, waterfalls, dinner and casino

I met mama for her PT appointment and follow up with the orthopedist on Friday. She was glad that I came because the doctor decided that she needs to have a meniscus repair on her knee. Poor mama is not happy about it but I told her if I had to chose a surgery it would be that one. She is going to continue physical therapy for the next few weeks and have surgery in the beginning of July. I told her I would be her personal therapist and visit them for a few days while she recovers...not that my dad can't do it..I know she is just super happy we are close for a few months. I always like to remind her no matter where I am, its closer than Japan!

Friday night Daniel and I went on a date..to a restaurant called Stouts. Good pizza, good beer, and fantastic Cinnamon rolls. I thought it was strange Daniel has been talking about this place since he got here. It was sooooo good! I love Hawaiian Pizza~! After dinner we went to the casino on the state line in Oklahoma. I had not ever been to a reservation casino. I won 80 bucks and was so happy. I joked all day on Saturday telling Daniel that was my new job!

Saturday morning Daniel had a surprise for me..we went to see the waterfalls in the area! I think he was super disappointed in them. I thought they were pretty , but not the most amazing thing I have seen before. After hiking we went to lunch at a restaurant in a cave. It was a lot of fun..nice and cool! Its right by a place to camp and rent canoes. We are going back to float.

That night was an event Daniel as been so excited about and has been telling everyone for the past 2 weeks! It was a tractor pull. Unfortunately the weather has been very bad in this area with lots of rain and tornadoes. The tractor pull was postponed!!! The pictures are from 10 min south of where we are staying. So a sad Daniel was dealt with and we went back to the Lucky J for dinner. Kylie, Brett, and a friend came up for the tractor pull and went with us to dinner. It was a again good and we got to watch a few horses run. Most of the barrel racing and team roping was over for the evening. We went back to the same casino and lost all of the $80 I had won the night before. Most of us played the penny slots and kept switching machines..no luck that night.

Sunday we slept in and had a very lazy day. It was fun to watch Dirty Jobs and Ice Road Truckers and that night we finally got around to grilling! Good food and good friends again. It was so nice to just hang out!

This week has been good..except for the few days of rain!
We discovered this week a leak in the slideouts. Tomorrow its getting looked at by the company. It makes me so mad because we have no idea now long the leak has been there and some of my stuff is molded. Nasty!! I have been drying the carpets out and checking it every so often. I know we will get it fixed even if we spend a few nights in a hotel..

Anyway its been a good week! I am ready for the current storm to pass I can feel super again! Daniel is ready for the weekend!! We are ready to play hard!!! Hope all is well with each of you!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My migraine situation is still much better but on Saturday I again thought I was going down for the count! I beat it though. I know a lot of this has to be due to the rain that will not go away for good. Every day there is a tornado warning or Severe T-Storm. It can be super nice and sunny during the day and at night it becomes a mess of weather. I know its common for this area..but it has to be over soon. There has been so many tornadoes around this area just since I arrived..it kinda makes me nervous.

I met my mom in Fayetteville for her physical therapy appt on Monday..I like her therapist and he is showing her good exercies for her knees. She is doing all this to try and avoid surgery after her wreck. I hope she can build her muscles up and aviod it. When we left I told her he was a good therapist and gave her a few tips on things she still needed to correct while exercising. She was super cute listening to me and trying to understand the perfect squat technique. I can tell she is determined. YOU GO MAMA!! She is having some swelling in her lower legs, but that is due to her increased activity level and the fact that she just had her last week of school and was on her feet more than normal.I know she does believe me, but I could tell the swelling bothers her.
We met up with Kylie and her mom for dinner and shopping. It was nice for our moms to meet. They had fun shopping together and meeting! We went to one of my fav stores TJ Max. I always want so much of the kitchen and house stuff. I finally found some rugs for the living room. The dogs are hard on the carpet and I don't want them to tear it up. My mom got us a collapsible bowl for the kitchen. I love it because it takes up zero space! We looked for a strainer as well but could find a pretty one. I used the bowl tonight when I made cupcakes! Thanks mama, I love it! Now I want convert all my bowls and measuring things to the collapsible kind. We also shopped for a wedding present for our cousin who is getting married this month in Texas. I am excited for her wedding and a road trip with my parents!
We had our neighbor over for dinner tonight. It was fun to get to know him better. I made chicken enchiladas and cupcakes. It was yummy in our tummies. He is from the other side of the state and his wife and children have not moved over this way yet. After dinner I decided I wanted to climb up on the ladder on the back of the 5th wheel. (Don't ask why..I have no idea) Keep in mind I had on a sun dress and had no inention of climbing up on the top, that is way up there. However, Daniel wanted me to and to just check things out because the antenna was moved. Let me say its way up and kinda scary. However, I being who I am said to Daniel I wonder if I could lay out up here? No one would see me. He kinda laughed but knew I was serious..hmmm who knows if I will but I did see myslef up there tomorrow..We will just have to see if I get the courage to climb back up there..its a good spot. Can you see a girl in an RV park up on her 5th wheel laying out? What would you think? I know what I would? And it worries me I thought of it..hahahha Happy Birthday Mom (grandmaw)! I am sure you loved that laying out story..it fit huh! Anyway, so far a good week! We miss everyone in Austin!!