Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MOPS and a first for us..

FYI I started writing this on  2-19. Daniel is taking the computer to work so it makes it very hard for me to find time to blog! :)

So since we travel full-time and please don't gasp but...we have never had a "play date." Yeah I know. It is not that I didn't try... Ok- I guess I should clarify like one that was scheduled to be a playdate with a group. Of course we have played with lots of babies: Andrea's, Reb's, Jill's, Jenn's, Shani's, Victoria's, and all of the cousins. (So I guess we have!) LOL!

Anyway, Daniel came home last week and said that he saw in the paper an add for a MOPS group. I got so excited I started jumping up and down. I called the next day for information and found out that the next meeting was on Tuesday. The lady in charge was increadibly nice and expalained the organizaiton as well as, what the moms do and what the babies do. It sounded like a lot of fun. The moms have time to hang out and on meeting days the babies play under the supervision of fantatic childcare volunteers.

All ready to go!
I was worried how Wyatt would do from our previous experience of trying to leave him in a childcare situation. He.blew.me.away and I am not sure if I have ever been so proud of him! (Probably jinxing myself here!) We walked in and a few people tried to hold him while I filled out the paperwork. He wasn't having it. I got a nervous feeling my stomach...as I check the appropriate boxes and wrote a brief note about his favorite things and his stuffed monkey. We walked in the nursery/2 and under room. He started to get a little nervous and then I saw "the amazing car" on the floor. I handed it to Wyatt and he was so excited! (This kid loves cars, tractors, trains, etc). I could tell at this point I still needed something else for him to play with. One of the workers said they had a play kitchen across the room...We have a winner. I walked him across the room and showed him how to open close the doors, turn dials etc and he was in heaven. He put is car in the oven opened and closed the doors. I hugged him and quickly walked away! He was so happy and when I looked back from the door (with tears in my eyes) I knew that more than anything this was going to be great for him (and for me).

When the meeting was over as I walked back down the hall I heard a kiddo crying and it made me nervous. I could tell it wasn't mine however, still I walked a little faster as I approached the door to his room then... I saw W asleep in a stroller holding onto his monkey. I immediately broke out in a huge smile as I knew he had to be comfortable! (I didn't want for him to be miserable the entire time and for the sweet childcare workers to be miserable with him crying.) He was starting to wake up and they quickly told me he had fun, played, had a snack, and then started getting fussy. They said they walked him up and down the hall and he fell asleep. It didn't surprise me at all because that is his schedule! (play, play, play if late nap fussy... small snack and then he is out) LOL! They said he was a happy guy. Of course as soon as he saw me, he got upset so I picked him up and he was all smiles!

We quickly ran a few errands, came home for lunch, and W went down for a long nap. He woke up recharged and mama had a nice long break!  (It is amazing what a few hours can do for you!)

After nap playing outside and a "naak" in his "kar"
And as for me....well, I enjoyed the meeting and having some fun time with the other moms. We  talked, reflected, laughed, etc. I am already looking forward to the next meeting or seeing the other mama's as playdates arise.

And since I am now posting this a week later...we have been around our new friends a few times and have had fun! Hopefully I can blog about those soon!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day...

Happy Valentines Day! 


 It is gorgeous here....

We "may" have just had a dance party outside...

Clearly someone enjoyed it!

Lots of love!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The first two weeks were not as expected but..things are lookin' up!

Some of this probably will not be very interesting...I just want to document it! 
As I previously mentioned we arrived late on a Thursday and spent the weekend stalking the area as we typically do. We found Kroger, the hospital, Daniel's work (which we were scared of the facility upon first glance but he is actually the Director at a different facility..that is so much nicer!), looked at other RV parks, and spent time checking out  other areas of town. We made a trip to Beaumont (the big city lol) to hit up Sam's to stock up on a few essentials i.e. dog food.

Sunday we visited a church and upon first impression were not excited. It should be noted that this entire area flooded with Issac and many places either didn't renovate, are still in the process, or are selling and building a new location. The church was completely flooded and they  are holding services in the gym. We didn't know that when we walked in the main part of the church and it stank  of mold like nobody's business. I of course got a headache immediately. Then we attempted to put Wyatt in the nursery for the first time. Didn't go well. We always take him with us and sit in the back of the church in case we have to take him out. I have several special toys and books and he snacks on Goldfish and yogurt melts. Fifteen minutes into the service they came and got me and said he wasn't happy. He really wasn't that upset until he saw me. I stayed with him for about 10 minutes and he wouldn't let go. I cringed as I saw him stick several balls in his mouth. (Believe me, I know this is normal although I could tell they weren't really clean.) So after a few minutes of chatting with the sweet ladies in his room I decided to take him with me back into the service. He was fine and sat and played like a good boy.

 That said and this could be a total fluke and combined with the cough he had in Austin...I know kids catch anything...Tuesday at about 3am he woke up so incredibly congested.  (Side note to add that a horrible random pediatrician we saw in Austin completely dismissed us when we asked about a random cough that started. It did go away when we left but he just brushed us off when we asked him to listen just be safe since we were moving. Grr) (Another side note...I will always go with my mama instinct as far as, something doesn't seem right and a feeling about a doctor! Ok enough of a rant! But for real...we do know best because the mama guilt...whew!) I did get him back to sleep and  he was a snotty mess all day. That afternoon he started coughing but didn't act like he felt bad. (I had talked to a few friends and family on the phone and told them if he started feeling bad I was going to take him in as his cough started sounding rough) Poor baby didn't sleep at all on Tues night.  I called first thing in the morning over 25 pediatricians in all the surrounding cities and NONE of them were accepting new patients due to the flu season. Luckily, someone Daniel works with told him about an Urgent Care about  25 miles away that took little ones and off we went Wed morning. After about four 4 hrs we were transferred via ambulance to the ER where we were until almost 5pm. He had low Pulse Ox levels and respiration with a high heart rate. They said when we arrived at the Urgent Care he was in Respiratory distress. It wasn't fun. Long story short..no flu, no RSV, no pneumonia,  the end result after about 8 x-rays, many many  many, tests and 4 breathing treatments- Croup and Bronchitis with double ear infections.   We had an amazing doctor and if we need care and are able to make the trip we will go back to that hospital or Urgent Care clinic. After that day I was spent...I know many many people go through  horrible emergencies but having to hold your child down during tests and x-rays is not fun! (I can't imagine what some parents and babies go through and it really makes me count my blessings!)
I had packed a backpack as I knew we might be gone awhile at Urgent Care. However, the trip to the ER threw me and the backpack was in my car. Luckily I had put a cup, some snacks, a book and a diaper in my purse.  Of course my charger was in the backpack so my phone died, extra clothes, his shoes etc. Then on top of this Daniel had to leave work and drive over to pick us up to take me to my car. We are incredibly blessed to have a healthy boy and that Daniel's  work was so understanding and willing to let him do what he needed to do. While we waited for daddy, poor baby was starving when he started feeling better and the #1 mom that I am, I got him a cup of fruit and a special cookie in the snack area of the hospital. He deserved it..mama deserved it!He was feeling so much better that evening and the next day however, mama was still spent.

Not feeling well, in the ER and then wait am I sick. Let me play in a box!
As soon as Wyatt started feeling better of course Daniel got sick. Really..why does that always happen? We decided if everyone was well by Sunday we would go the Mardi Graus Parade. I am so glad everyone was better and we went. It was a lot of fun and the town puts on a great parade. We heard from many people that it really wasn't as large as the other parades in bigger cities but for us it was perfect. We got lots of beads not even trying. Wyatt enjoyed dancing and clapping. What more can you ask for?


 Daniel is back full swing in the MBA program. He is taking a heck of a financial analysis course and we both can't wait for it to be over..yet he just began the class! HA! I keep telling him it is ok to be frustrated, we moved, he started a new job, and is now in the hardest class of the MBA program so he can be stressed.
In other fun news, little man and I have been getting out as much as possible. We made a trip to the library for the first time ever this week. He was all about it! Lots of room to roam!
We found a fantastic park with a huge castle. It is on the river and absolutely amazing! LOVE!

I mean really. I want to climb all through this as well!

 In other big news- Two weekends ago, Wyatt also finally took several unassisted steps. He has been walking along things and cruising for many many many months but would not let go and take more than 2 steps at once. For months, he has been pushing toys and walking behind them, holding our hands, and holding onto our pants legs. We have been working with him however, he wouldn't do it on his own. He finally decided it was time! We squealed with joy! He has done it several times since but isn't completely consistent doing it full time. He will stand up in the middle of them room and take 4 steps, clap, laugh and drop down and crawl as fast as possible. Obviously he can walk and (in many doctors words is incredibly strong)...our space is so small he doesn't need to! LOL! He is walking more and more outside just barely holding onto our hands so we know he is getting good practice. It just a huge step for us and I wanted to remember it!(This is just another lesson in each kid is different and will in their own time.)

Nannie and Papa sent little dude a super cute hat. He is quite the fan...

On a side note...besides Wyatt, Daniel and the dogs, I am keeping busy with clients. Several people took a break with the holidays and are now back. I have to toot their horn (you know you love to read the blog:) as you are all doing FANTASTIC and regardless of your goal :compete in your first race, finish a longer race, faster time, loose weight, gain muscle, keep fit while pregnant, or just continued overall health..you guys amaze me every day! Yes you know that I think you are a Rock-star! Remember:the goal is keep moving even if for just a few minutes a day. It is heart month ladies so park out just a little further, walk down one more isle, half that regular pasta with some whole wheat or high fiber (you won't notice), select fat-free, 1% fat, and low-fat dairy products, limit your salt intake, and do a few squats during a the commercial break. All easy tips to make your heart healthier!

Well, I think that about catches you up. It rained this weekend so we skipped out on the parade we were planning to attend. We decided against standing in the rain! HA!
We can't wait to continue exploring the area and experiencing all that is has to offer. Now that I am caught up, I am ready to blog more frequently!

Hope all is well with each of you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Christmas Morning, New Year, and the reason for crickets...

So back to Christmas morning...we had an amazing breakfast of our traditional Eggs Benedict. It was fantastic as always. If this is someday my job, I definitely have big shoes to fill. My grandmother makes it for 10 people and does it in stride. I kinda feel like that sauce is so delicate...one wrong move and WHAM..you have to start over. I need to start practicing!
I must have been a good girl because I was spoiled over and over and received some much coveted boots! I gave over control to Daniel once I figured out that Rebecca could go with him to make the actual purchase! LOL! I say this with pure love - He has a history..and.if.you.know.it...you would not blame me! Daniel, you know I love you to the moon and back! They were both armed with styles and actually hit the nail on the head with the exact ones I wanted Oh SO BaDlY! I may have worn them almost every day since Christmas! :) Thank you to Ben and Ann as well..I love them!  I am one stylin' girl between the jewelry, clothes, and boots! :)Thank you again everyone we were certainly spoiled and incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful family!
 Though Wyatt cried in Santa's lap, he was on the nice list! He got a neat-o tricycle, lots of puzzles, and trucks, books, blocks, clothes, and so much fun stuff! He and Connor were so cute playing with all the fun stuff Santa brought!

 During/Before                                                             After...

While we were opening presents it began to snow (a White Christmas..Neat!)  Daniel and I were pretty excited. I hoped it meant that Daniel could stay that night but when we looked at the map, it wasn't far enough south. We were able to take Wyatt out to play before Daddy left that evening. Daniel and I decided that since my parents were in town Wyatt and I would stay for a few extra days.  It worked out perfectly that they could take us back before we had to head to Austin to celebrate the holidays with Daniel's side. Daniel was able to get ahead on school work and we got some family time. It also meant that we got to see some of my grandmothers friends, shop, play, and relax.

My parents and I drove over to meet Daniel on Friday and had dinner at the favorite local spot "The Sale Barn." It lived up the to hype and they enjoyed dinner. Daniel and I headed to Austin early and left my parents antiquing on the way to Austin. They enjoyed spending a leisurely day seeing the area.  We arrived at Daniel's parents to everyone waiting on us. That is pretty normal. We are the ones that travel so we are the ones always walking in at the last minute. When they say noon..they really mean 11:45. We haven't learned this and never will because with my parents that actually means 12:15..or later! :) 
Anyway, we had a nice time visiting with family and exchanging gifts. The kids had fun playing with new games and toys. We actually all piled on the living room floor and played a game about brands or logos and it was pretty hard.  We enjoyed watching all the kids play and visiting with family.
As we were packing up to head back, Wyatt woke up from a late nap with a 102 temp. We were supposed to stop over at my brothers house to see the family one more time (since we weren't sure if we were moving) but ended up in the emergency room as it was Sunday at 5pm. I couldn't leave for small town east TX knowing that a doctor was at least an hour away and that a holiday was the next day. I needed piece of mind and the what ifs about Daniel's job, insurance, etc. They decided he just had a virus..regardless I was happy to know everything was fine. New Year Eve was a completely uneventful evening as we both fell asleep and I happened to wake up 5 min before midnight. We woke up long enough to watch the ball drop. Big Night!!  HA!  

It is obvious the holidays of 2012 were fantastic however in our minds, Daniel and I were stressed with the unknown of our future. Our fears happened and on his final day of the current assignment we were faced without a contract. We decided to stay put so that we could leave at a moments notice when an assignment opened. It caused major crickets...we were stalled! :)

We tried to make the best of our impromptu "vacation" and site-see around the area when it wasn't raining or to cold for Wyatt to be out. We were able to see several things including Old Fort Parker and other local sites. It was our attempt to try and decrease the stress of not knowing....

"On May 19th 1836, a band of Indians came to Parker's Fort asking for beef, water and a place to camp. When greeted by the Parkers the Indians attacked, taking five captives! The most famous these was 9 year old Cynthia Ann Parker.  She was adopted by a Comanche family, grew up to marry Chief Peta Nocona and later gave birth to the last great Warrior Chief of the Comanches, Quanah Parker." Per Website

Limestone County
 After a few weeks of talking continuously with Daniel's recruiter, the future of a traveling job did not seem any closer. Though we really were not "ready" to stop traveling, we were facing a reality over the past several assignments that the new healthcare laws were affecting the market of traveling positions. IE They were few and far between. We had made a plan that after the first of the year and another traveling assignment we might be pushing our luck.  We decided that during that assignment depending upon our gut feeling, we were going to begin looking for more permanent work.  Long story short after many weeks of uncertainty Daniel was offered a permanent position as a Rehabilitation Director in far southeast Texas. I am so proud of him and know we are incredibly lucky to have a job with benefits. Ultimately our timeline was moved up and though we had no control over the situation, this is what he has been working towards in school.  In the end, Daniel's recruiter looked for an assignment for 9 weeks without any lucky, so to say we feel grateful for this opportunity is an understatement! It is hard for both of us to believe that we hit our 5 year mark on the road almost to the day!! Where did time go?

Last Day before we moved. Park Fun!
Once he accepted the job we still had another week before he started work. We decided to head to Austin to attempt to have some fun on his "vacation." We stayed with the S family and as always completely welcomed us with open arms. We could not have been more thankful to be around civilization as well as, have space to move. We had been couped up for several weeks in the rain and cold waiting, waiting and waiting.
All hooked up to the vehicles, slides in, and ready to roll out.
Travel to Austin was uneventful only stopping to check tire pressure. While in town we were able to see Ben and family as well as, Daniel's mom and sister Melissa. Going to Austin turned out to be a good decision as Daniel had a lot of paperwork, doctors  appointments, etc to do before everything (insurance) changed for the new job. I went to mug night with Terri and had a great time. It was nice to have an evening just the ladies! :) We spent one day unloading our 5th wheel and cargo trailer with things we knew we would not need into storage (snowboarding and cold weather gear, the random stuff we never use, some kitchen items, clothing, etc) and had some fun! We also did a lot of work on the 5th wheel  (well I did a little it was mainly Daniel and Shelbi) and this little guy had some much fun entertaining himself in the leaves!

We celebrated Wyatt's one a half year birthday (18 months) with ice cream. He loved it!

Quickly the week was over and it was time to head to our new location. We loaded up early and hit the road. This move felt different even with the two legs of the trip. I think it was more because we knew we wouldn't be leaving in a few months.
Happy Traveler!

Luckily, this leg was uneventful as well even with the navigation of leaving Austin and going through Houston. We arrived mid afternoon and were able to find a park rather easily. It is nothing special but has a lot of acreage for the dogs to run, for us to explore, and for Wyatt to toddle about. The weather has been gorgeous and we have spent a lot of time outside!

The job is going great and Daniel has some really nice employees. We have been taking in the area and are enjoying it. More to come....