Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama!

I am so lucky to have a great mama like you! You are always willing to listen, help, and give great advice! I am so thankful for all of the values you have taught me and hope I can be half of the woman you are. I have learned so many valuable lifeisms from you: how to be a confident woman; how to be kind, funny, and honest; how to cook (even if daddy had to teach you (haha); how to bargain shop; how to be a great girlfriend; how to give, give, give; how to never give up on dreams; how to check the basics on your car; how to be accepting; how to sing loudly in the car even if you have no idea of the words; how to dance in a crowd; you really can go anywhere and do anything; and how to have fun, loving, and strong relationships! Someday mama we will ride those Tea Cup together!Don't worry I will bring the nausea patch! hahah

Mama we hope you have a great birthday! We had a great time celebrating with you on Saturday! I love you so much and hope all your birthday wishes come true!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh Mr Sun, Where Did You Go?

Whew..busy week! We are leaving tomorrow morning to head to Longview, TX! Everything is almost packed just the bedroom to finish. I am so glad I got a head start before the storms. The puppies are excited :) ok well all they really care about is playing outside. It was hot earlier this week bright and sunny but today is cold with rain, rain, rain.
Over Easter weekend we practiced with Hershey on jumping into the water.
This week we have had extra lake time and she is now running and diving off without hesitation. We have a dock diver on our hands! I know Daniel would love for her to compete!

We can't believe how fast 3 months have flow by! Happy Last Day at work Daniel! I know you are so excited! Livingston has brought us lots of lake time, outdoor adventures, trade days, many laughs, time with family and friends, and a completely new friend. We always experience something new in every location. We can't wait to begin something fun in Longview! Well I guess I better get back to packing and trying to keep Hershey under control! Rain please go away!!!

Check back for updates I will post after we find a place to live!
Love and Miss Everyone!
Daniel and Melissa

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dedicated to Andrea!

So Andrea you called me out on your blog for not posting. So I am dedicating this post to you! ;) All smiles!
Drum roll please we have a new location..Longview, TX! Our last day in this location is next Friday and then we are movin on up! We are excited about new adventures!
Two weekends ago we had an extremely low key but nice weekend. It went a little something like this: Friday night dinner with Freddy, toured the history of the town, and played fetch with the dogs. We planned on going to the Civil War Reenactment but after playing with the dogs we were just too tired! We heard all the commotion from the lake and it felt as if we were there. That is good enough right?!?!
Last weekend we met Ben and Ann in Houston at the Space Center. We had a great time but it was not at all what I expected. I did learn more about NASA (which was neat) but in my opinion it is geared more towards children. I am sure we will go back because I do believe it is worth seeing at least once! It was great seeing Ben and Ann and catching up with them! We had a great time with you guys and can't wait to see you again hopefully soon!!!

Tuesday night 0we headed to Houston for the Astros second home game. I knew Daniel would jump at a chance to see his favorite team espically given we are so close. Daniel was so happy the Astros won over the Cubs in the 10th. We had amazing seats between home and first base and enjoyed all that comes with a baseball game. We could not have had a better date!!

So there you have it we have been busy and loving it! I am starting to pack things up for our "move" next week! I will try (with my fingers crossed) and do better with posting Andrea! I now am off to indulge in some of these! Doesn't this just say summer is approaching!!
We hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend! Enjoy being with the ones you love! We miss all of you!
Daniel and Melissa