Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!

Well it doesn't seem possible that my little tiny baby is one! Ok reality is -  he isn't a tiny new baby anymore, but it just doesn't see possible that it has been a year! Don't get me wrong, I am used to all things that go along with a kiddo..always having a stocked bag with extras like clothes, cloth diapers, snacks, bibs, a toy, etc, keeping up with naps, meals, and making sure everyday we have some sort of outside and short learning time. Obviously I know I am not doing everything perfectly..really how would you know?  I believe people have been raising kids way before I came along and as I have heard from the many before me - all you can do is the best you can do. I have learned  (yes I already knew this) that I have amazing friends and family that are always willing to answer any questions or help with things that may be frazzling me. What consistency should his food be, teething help, sippy cup type, when I do this or that, how do I make him feel better if he is sick,  etc? I have learned a lot and know that each day presents itself with another way to do this or that, or something new that Wyatt can accomplish today that yesterday he wasn't so sure of..he and I are both always learning.
**Daniel said that I should add..he is an amazing help..that makes me laugh out loud as he has no idea and asks me everything and to answer your question (many of you are asking) NO he still doesn't change diapers**To Daniel one every 2 weeks isn't enough to stand your ground on! :) Loves!

I admit sometimes being in such a small space is hard as I am constantly rotating toys, organizing, moving furniture, and coming up with more efficient ways to do things..but I couldn't imagine it any other way! Daniel and I are completely head over heels in love with him and the dogs are pretty smitten as well! Wyatt is becoming more independent but still likes his cuddle bug time. It cracks me up that he is not shy however, will lay his head to one side when someone talks to him and has started doing the same thing when we walk up towards people. I love that he says mama, dada, bye bye, Y Y, hi, and yum. He definitely recognizes things/objects when I say certain words, ball, dog, Hershey, Chance, bottle, cup,  banana, drink, milk, lunch, chair, lay down, no, hungry, swim, wagon, monkey, and more. At his last doctors visit he was right on track with measurements and all milestones. He is pulling up on everything (safe and not) and is so close to walking. He will let go and stand for a few seconds before sitting down. He will also walk behind his Clicky Clack...however due to space I have to continually turn it around. It is a catch 22 on if I am ready for him to walk! As the doctor said "he won't be walking long. I look for him to be running in a few weeks"..Gee thanks..that is great! He is in love with all of the toys he got for his birthday. Trigger (as mentioned in the last post) is a fan favorite as well as the Dump Truck that Connor gave him. He doesn't have a of room to ride it but certainly gets the gist of it and gets mad when I have to turn him around!

Party weekend-
 We got in town on Thursday evening and stopped on the way for dinner at Southside Meat Market in Elgin. Daniel said it was good and was right! He used to go all the time..way back he was a bachelor and wanted to take us to see if it had changed.

  Friday I spent the morning shopping. That afternoon we stopped by Ben's so Wyatt and Connor could play.  Wyatt was a fan of the Mega blocks and Connor showed him all his new birthday toys.

 We met the Shellenberger's for dinner at a Springhill Restaurant (a catfish place) in Pflugerville that has been around forever. It was apparently as yummy as it has always been! Wyatt was a fan!
Last night before you turn 1! We sang happy nite nite birthday to you.

Ok now back to the party details. Early on when I was pregnant, even before we knew if we were having a boy or girl,  Daniel and I were out shopping and came across the book the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Daniel went on to explain how it was one of his favorites and how he hoped the same for our child. I had heard of it but I am not sure I had ever read it until that day.  It  was actually the first purchase we made for our future little one. Shortly after we found the caterpillar and kept these two items in a very special place all through the pregnancy. Daniel read the book to Wyatt several times while I was pregnant and would tell him all about pictures. When I was packing for the hospital I was informed Caterpillar was going to the hospital as well to keep Wyatt company and was to be along for the first car ride. I kinda thought he was kidding however, on one of Daniel's first trips home he came back with my bag and Caterpillar was in tow as well. I wasn't sure if the hospital would let Caterpillar in Wyatt's bed with him..they did and as Daniel said "He is our baby. We can do whatever we want." That was exactly what the nurses said as well. HA! He was in our first family picture, went home to introduce the pups to Wyatt's scent, and came back for the ride home. He was by Wyatt's side on our cross country trip and has been a close friend every since.

When I started thinking about party themes I initially thought of  football or baseball then I started looking online searching 1st birthday parties. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, so I searched a few more ideas, and finally showed Daniel the top 3. He wouldn't even look at other themes. So I began searching and ultimately started pinning everything I could find to Pinterest. I wanted every detail to be complete and everything to be perfectly cute! Don't get me wrong..I know that the 1st birthday party is more for us, family, friends, and pictures..and really a chance to see everyone. Some of those at the party we had not seen since his welcome bbq last September. So in short..I wanted every detail to be just as I wanted it. I found some amazing decorations, spread ideas, games, etc.
So as I joked with my mom and Pam..it was a total Pinterest party! I found some adorable party kits on Etsy but decided in the end..I really wanted to make everything myself! It was more of a feeling of I can totally use my Cricket and create those cute decorations and accent.

As previously mentioned all the details had to be completed the morning of the party since we were having it at Daniel's parents house. Total confession so people kept asking Daniel and I when the party started in the days leading up and neither one of us knew. We would say we thought noon or 1 but that they should check the evite. That said neither one of us checked the evite so we thought the party started at 12:00 and rushed to get ready. It wasn't until a few minutes after when we had everything ready but the food on the grill..for obvious reasons that we checked the time on the evite. We both busted out laughing because that is so typically of us. It did sorta backfire because I had Wyatt take his nap with the idea the party was at noon so he was bathed, fead, etc. So by the end of the party he was done and ready for a nap. It lasted until almost 5 and poor thing work up at 11 from his nap.
I would not have been able to pull everything together with out the help of my mom, Daniel's mom, or Daniel. The four of us prepped and decorated until our hearts were content. The party on the 21st and it was his actual 1st birthday!! Luckily we had done a little the day before (mainly my mom) and I had baked the cupcakes because lesson learned on having a party mid-day. I found some adorable ideas for creating the Caterpillar and creatively my mom and I made it happen. We had 3 Caterpillars- a fluffy one in the kitchen, a fan one in the living room, and a baby fluffy one on the outside covered porch. I hung Wyatt's monthly pictures on the porch along with pictures of his first year! It was neat to be able to look at how much he changed as well as, allow our friends a glimpse into what we have been doing over the past year.We had burgers for the adults and hotdogs for the kiddos along with potato salad, coleslaw, beans, veggies, and fruit, caterpillar grape skewers, chips, and the table was completed with my attempt at a cupcake caterpillar.
Cute pictures, caterpillars, Wyatt's 1, and Happy Birthday signs accented the table!

Caterpillar cupcake, bubbles, and bracelet party favors

 My mom painted an amazing personalized party banner!! I was going to order one..but having her do it made it so much more special. It looked exactly like I wanted. I am lucky to have such a talented mama!

 Actual outdoor decorations - a few tables, games, and picture area.

 I wasn't sure if a highchair banner would work with  his chair because the tray is smaller..but it did and it was cute! (Leslie thank you again for this! We use it every day 4 times a day! :)
Playing outdoor yard games and visiting. It was so hot I just let the kids go at it.
Wyatt and Lilly playing in the yard.
We visited, the kids played, everyone had lunch and soon it was time to sing Happy Birthday. Wyatt wasn't sure what to think at first. He played with the cupcake for a few minuites, then daddy decided to help him by taking the wrapper off the bottom. It caused to cupcake to explode, which in turn made Wyatt burst into tears. I showed him it was fine and he could still eat it. He was ok with this and enjoyed a few bites!
Oh its time for cake..huh?

Well ok..but what does it taste like?

Daddy why did you have to take the wrapper off? NOW look what you made it do?  It just exploded!

Oh ok. It still tastes good!

Mmmm..you want some? I  like it!

 Random pictures of guests. We got so busy visiting that the picture area didn't happen during the party.

We cleaned him up and it was time for presents! Daddy helped him open all the fun new toys and clothes. Wyatt got some super cute things from our family and friends. He loves all of them and is one lucky  little dude.

During Wyatt's nap we cleaned up and visited with both sets of parents. Its hard to get everyone together when we are in town. After a nap Wyatt woke up refreshed and ready to play more! We were so busy during the party but were able to get some cute pictures after!

My party was fun..but I am enjoying this swing!
I don't think we could have had a better party! Our friends and family are amazing. Wyatt is one lucky little guy and is very loved! We were completely touched and thank you to everyone who made this day so special to us. We had a great time and I am certain Wyatt did as well. He was worn out by the end of the day. After the party we met up with Luther, Victoria, and Lilly to watch the bats in downtown Austin...another post to come!