Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Whew Wooie....this year flew by. This year was truly an amazing one for the Basham's. We were busy traveling a lot with two cross country moves followed by several quick unexpected moves. Yes, they were stressful but the adventure and memories were worth all the obstacles. It did come with medical hiccups and bumps but, what year doesn't always seem to be filled with some sort of surprise. We were blessed more than we ever thought possible with the arrival of Wyatt G.P. He continues to fill our hearts with gummy smiles and belly laughs every day much more than we ever imagined. We were fortunate to play in the ocean, snowboard, hike, travel, and explore in parts of the country that were new to us! Hershey girl once again made her mama and daddy proud by winning in Dock Diving competitions in 2011. Chance...well he was just a lover as many know! We were not able to see our friends and family as much as in the past due to the majority of the year being so far away...but at least we did get to see many of those that we love. The holidays this year were all amazing spending time with our loves and experiencing many firsts with "The W" (as Daniel and I jokingly refer to him). Ultimately this year was outstanding regardless of the bumps we encountered.

And since clearly I am not going to ever get around to ordering New Years cards..

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope that 2012 brings each one of you much joy and happiness.

So with that, I leave you with a promise. I am going to make the resolution of a 52 week project. This year I will post at least once a week. I did this in the beginning and it was so much easier than going back and trying to cover a few weeks..months at once. Some weeks will be short with just a picture and others more in-depth. Its not about me taking more pictures, as I assure you that is not the problem. The little guys life and our travels are well photo documented!! I just know this will keep me on track. We are busy while living on the road and I want all of it to be in a book so that one day..when we do stop living the life of "gypsies" we can look back and truly understand what an adventure we were living!

And yes..I am STILL working on a post to backdate our travels up to now..its almost done and it. is. long!!

Happy New Year! We love each and every one of you!
Daniel, Melissa, and Wyatt