Saturday, February 22, 2014

School Mardi Gras Parade

I love all the fun things W's school does!

Today they had a parade to kick off Mardi Gras and because the big fundraising event for the school is this weekend! Someone was pretty excited to walk in the parade!

 Success! I am so glad that both Daniel and I were able to make the parade! The kids (and teachers) were all so excited no uniforms today! LOL! :) Love that I was able to capture these memories!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Fun times with friends...

We love spending time with our friends and are finally able to start having fun now that Daniel is finished with school. We made plans to go play with the Lind Family Saturday evening before meeting Daniel's sister and husband for dinner. We had so much fun! The boys were hilarious. I hope we are able to see them soooo much more now that we have  time and are close! We love them and cherish our times together!  I personally love watching the boys play, listing to the guys talk, and getting in some quality girl time with a bestie! Filllin' up that friend love tank! It can get pretty empty traveling all the time! (Honesty!)

 Someone wasn't really into the pictures by the end..Hmmm I wonder who???
We had a great time hanging out..lets do it again very soon!! Hugs!!!!

Valentines party and all

I took Wyatt up to school on Friday so he could participate in his classroom Valetines Party! He spent about half of it crying thinking I was leaving him. Yes, we had talked about the fact that I was staying for the party and he said he understood but, I knew he didn't! Poor guy! (We are still not to the point where doesn't cry at drop off. I do know he stops almost immediately when I leave the room and the door closes. I have tested this by standing outside the door several times or stopped back by and he is happy, happy, happy! He does it for my sake I guess! Side note..I did the same sweet thing for my mama! LOL! I know someday I will wish he cried when I left!) Anyway, he ended up being happy and they had a cute party as they always do! They ate lunch, danced, and played. I love his teachers and enjoy getting to actually talk to them for a few minutes. If other parents are helping I like meeting them (although that has only happened once.) I just enjoy seeing him with this little friends, talking them them, and I really enjoy helping! All in all, he seemed to really enjoy the lunch party and the fun cookies! Bless his teachers and all they do! So many consistent needs from the little people...they are angles!

We are so lucky to have found such a great school that is teaching him so much educationally, manners, and much more all with a Christian background!
I mean seriously.....

We left the party and impromputly met Daniel at a local restaurant for a lunch date.  (Someone didn't eat at his party!)  It was packed as we expected but, was a nice Valentines lunch date with my loves! 

 Daniel surprised me with this and another item for the constant 5th wheel remodel after work! LOVE HIM!!


 We had a nice low key evening at home with yummy a seafood dinner and cake! It was just what we needed! :)
My parents sent us some fun Valentines Day treats and Wyatt loved them! Clearly...look at Super Cupid Wyatt! :) I got Daniel a new race day running shirt..he hearts it! HAHA!
  Chance went to work with Daniel on Friday as a treat for the residents. He of course had to be in his Valentines best! We got Chance a few days after Valentines day so we also celebrate his birthday around this time. He is 11 and I think looks pretty good for his age! Oh Chancie we love you!

Then you have this girl...she was laid out on the floor. If you look closely you can see Teddy Graham's in Wyatt's Valentines Bag (above). Well piggy (Aka Hershey) found the bag...just like she does everything else and ate all of them! I thought her face said it all.  Like oh my tummy! HAHA! She was paying for devouring the entire bag! LOL!

We had a great Valentines Day! It was our 8th one my guy! Happy Valentines Day D! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Birthday PawPaw!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet daddy! I love you more than you know. I hope you have a great day and that mama gets you "a white cake with white icing" and not whipped icing, the kind you really like LOL!

 I have a little song to sing to you...(As he may know the words but I am going to change them a bit..)


You are an amazing daddy.

I have wonderful memories of: PK, trout fishing, running races, playing horse or whatever word we used that day, fishing on the river, hiking on the mountain land, the Mulberry, camping, horse races, dinner parties, swimming in the creek, fishing in the pond, swim team and swim meets, hiking on the 40 acres, lessons on N,S,E, and W, fun times at the law office, races in the driveway, Password, ZZ Top and Willie Nelson, history lessons, quizzes after shows, the way you always pick up seeds or nuts to "plant" at home, lessons on life and love, Dallas, the bamboo forest, gathering grasshoppers before  PK, putting in a few hot water heaters, learning to drive, watching you train your bird dogs, playing pool, hearing about hunting trips, the garden, watching you meet, fall in love with, and teach Wyatt,your cooking concoctions, veggie dinners, dance parties from your records, pepper sandwiches (still yuck), White Water, Branson, White Rock, helping you clean fish, quail, or whatever you hunted, your reaction the first time you saw me in my wedding dress, listening to family stories, watching you and mama in continue to fall love, fun times at Razorback games, walking me down the isle, having a few drinks on Dickson with you, you meeting Daniel and creating a relationship, sharing college stories, and our trip across the country to name a few. I loved you as a little kid and even more now as a parent. You have taught me so much honestly, more than you will ever know! Wisdom, life, experiences, love it all makes us who we are! Thank you!

I am a lucky girl and am so thrilled for you to be a Paw Paw to Wyatt!!! He LOVES you more than you know!

We love you and hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweet Southern Smocked Boy...

I love sweet smocked outfits! I definitely think you can get away with girls in sweet smocked dresses so much longer than boys. I know my days of  Jon Jon's and Shortalls are numbered, not saying how many though! LOL! Today I had to embrace a sweet smocked Valentines outfit!

***Daniel HATES them so we met him for lunch on a random Wednesday! :) He LOVED it!

You are welcome mama!

We had a small leak outside that we didn't know about....

It really was a small spraying drip....

but it doesn't look like it and I just happened to notice it!

Yes, it is fixed but wow! LOL!  Such is life on the road!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Conversations with a 2.5 yr old..

I just sometimes have to document our conversations! This was taken last Friday. Little guy has started asking me (all the time) "Where daddy Go?" It started right after Christmas when we were away from him visiting family. He never likes my response! LOL! W now knows all the songs I sing to him. It can make for a hard but funny nap/bedtime. I have resorted to sorority songs and he is picking them up! This is an excerpt from a bath-time last week! I was trying to keep him in the lukewarm bath to break a fever. It worked and he was having fun "talking" so I had to document it! Enjoy!! M