Thursday, June 20, 2013

The beach with Cousins...

Our nieces and nephews (Wyatt's first cousins and Aunt M) were in the area from Pennsylvania so Wyatt and I made a trip over to the beach to play yesterday afternoon. They have been busy visiting family and friends in Austin and Houston so we were super excited to see them!

Wyatt and I started out the day at the gym, grabbed some quick snacks at the store, and then headed toward the beach. Luckily he took a nice long nap in the car.  We arrived a few minutes early with just enough time to grab a few seashells for our Christmas tree of ornaments from our travels/places we have lived and I of course could not resist the urge to get him an adorable Crystal Beach shirt. When M and the kids arrived we ordered a pizza and had a quick lunch before heading to the beach. We found a great spot and set up to let the kids play and a nice spot for us to visit. We parked so we had shade if needed and Michelle and I were actually able to relax a little. It was fantastic! 

 The kids had so much fun playing together! They spent several hours digging in the sand, watching the birds, watching each other, chasing waves, eating snacks, having us carry them out into the waves, jumping the waves, and sitting at the edge of the beach!

 My guy loved running in circles all over the beach, telling me that was WaWa, look birds, and laughing out loud!

 I looked over after we had been playing and visiting for several hours to see this. I think this was a sign it was getting close to time to pack up! LOL! #takingabreak!! HA HA!
He was out  within minutes! Signs of a successful day! 

 It was a great day spent with family and a much needed way to end the last day of my 33rd year! :)

Promise I am trying to caught up on the other posts. Our MiFi sometimes (as in often) doesn't like uploading a large number of pictures to Blogger if they are large files (which they always are). I think I am getting close so don't give up on me! :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Children's Museum

I know am behind again on blogging...whateves I will catch up someday! :)

For now enjoy this fun video of Wyatt at the Children's Museum in Lake Charles today. To say he loved it, is an understatement!

Promise to blog again very soon..