Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Traveling kid?

Sorry for the silence..since moving our internet has been hit and miss and we were ripping through all our data (and couldn't figure out why)! We made a trip to the AT&T store changed our plan and got a new wireless we are up and running! Whoo Hoo!

Ok back on track..can you tell this kid has spent his life on the road?

I can't even use like Father Like Son because mama is always towing something as well! He cracks me up because he is constantly looking back to make sure his "Motorcycle is still towing the other Motorcycle!" LOL! All this has done is also just fuel his obsession and love to ride his motorcycle!! :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday To Nannie

A little late in the evening..but hey better late than never!

PS I thought I had stopped recording but, clearly I hadn't. I think it Goldfish in the chair "Make a mess" just adds to it!
Love you mama and hope you had a great day!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bluebonnets... not planned but I love them!

 We had to make quick day trip to Austin on Sunday. As we were driving we found a lovely patch of Bluebonnets. Of course we had to stop and get a few shots. It was impromptu but, I love them! I am hoping we are able to take more pictures on Easter all spiffed up! This has become a tradition and it is one that I love!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Celebrating a sweet girl, boy, and seeing lots of besties..

Last month...where did the time go?

The beginning of last month one of my besties and her family were Dallas to celebrate their daughters 9th birthday! When she called me and asked if we would be interested in meeting them of course I jumped at the opportunity!! She said they were going to make it very special and go the American Girl store! Umm..yes please! I read the books when I was a little girl but didn't have any of the dolls.  Meet Kirsten was my favorite! (I even dressed up as her for a school book character day!)

Meet Kirsten: An American Girl (American Girls: Kirsten, #1)
I was excited to get to go the store..I didn't realized just how excited I was until I really didn't sleep the night before and I admit that I looked up dolls on the way down to Dallas! LOL! Yes, like a dream for a girl who really loved playing with her baby dolls! I arrived in the middle of the appointment and D and W headed over to the hotel to swim with the other men folk!

We had so much fun being girls and I am so glad I was able to join in on this special experience.

After finishing up I made sure a few special memories were captured. #makingmemories! You only get one chance at going to the American Girls Store for the first time!

After shopping, we went back to the hotel to join the boys at the swimming pool. The boys were having a blast and my little guy was right in the middle of having fun with J. He was so cute! I was not sure exactly how he would "remember" the water..but he did great! He was even jumping off the side of the pool into Daniel's arms.

A also went swimming and that provided and opportuntity for Andrea and I to really chat. We were talking so much and catching up before we knew it, it was time to head over to the Galleria for the next suprise! Ice skating! We knew W was to young so we were watched and did some shopping. D loves a certain kind of custom shirt with french cuffs and they are not easy to find. I am always looking for a brand that is easy to work with or a company that makes a tall and will custom order online as well as, in store. We found a new company that sounds like a winner! Whoo!

Someone took a nap....

 After ice skating, it  was time to head over to Grapevine Mall to eat dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. It was yummy and Wyatt thought all the animals were really neat. He loved when the thunder started!

When we were leaving the mall, the kids spotted the train. I love this picture so much because D and I were amazed that W just sat up in that train car and acted like a big boy! Not long ago...(we were expecting it to happen that night) he would not have gone without one of us..just another step of gaining indepence :( HA!
W thought riding a train was the neatest thing ever!  So happy!
I am so glad we were able to see our friends and help celebrate the birthday of a special sweet girl! We love you guys and are lucky to have great friends like you! I am so glad we got to part of a special experience!!! Love you! 

The next weekend it was P's turn for a birthday celebration! J and J invited us to come to a fun birthday party at a jump place! W has only been to one other birthday party (other than ones at his school) that wasn't his own and he was only 1! LOL! I am not sure he really understood it but he certainly grasped it and had fun! 

 Not sure at first but, he caught on quickly!

 Tackling the incline...he mastered it and would slide down on his tummy.

 Cake time!

 Playtime fun with the birthday boy!
 We had a great time! Thank you for inviting us. J is one of my besties and I love being able to spend time with her! Love ya girlie and am so lucky to have you in my life! I am also so happy the boys are relatively close in age!! Obviously someone had a great time..this was before we left the parking lot!

We left the party and headed over to my grandmothers house for the afternoon. Lots of outside playtime on the tractor. We had a yummy dinner and were able to do laundry and relax.

As always thanks Great-grandmaw for letting us come in and spread out! LOL!

Then the next week another bestie Kerryanne was in Dallas for a work trip! We drove down and went to dinner at Chuy's! We gave her the inside scoop on how to order! She spoiled us with some new Razorback gear! W loves is Aunt Kookie and has been wearing his shirts and Hog Nose nonstop! I was also spoiled with super cute scarf and I am surprised her hands didn't burn off she even got D something with Longhorns! :) 
 What more could a kid ask for a new hog shirt and a sucker! :)
I know I am super blessed to have such amazing friends and my love tank is definitely full! I really needed some friend time to recharge before moving! We love all of you and hope to see you again very soon!!!