Sunday, December 23, 2012

Not knowing...

Well, we know we are moving again in early January. We do not have an assignment as of today, so please keep your fingers crossed and say some prayers. One of the most frustrating things about traveling is going into the holidays knowing we do not have an assignment after the first of the year. It can make it hard to justify certain things...

Anyway, last weekend we headed to Dallas to babysit little C so his parents could go to a work function. He was such a good boy. We had seen him a few times however, had not been able to work out a weekend trip. At one point on Friday evening Daniel said "this is why I don't want more than one!" I laughed because all I said was "Daniel, you check on Wyatt and I will check on C so we can make sure they are both asleep." We had just put them down and just wanted to make sure.  LOL! Daniel you crack me up! It could not have been easier! We even had pizza delivered to really make things easy.

 We have the same wagon and Wyatt loved having one to play with inside. We were all sitting in the other room and heard him talking. R walked around corner and he had climbed into it. He did this several times, we all thought it was so funny, and were pretty impressed. We never caught him in the actual act, but he was quick and careful! He even got a few wagon rides through the house! Silly boy!

Trying to catch him in the act...

 Playtime with C. He is so cute and is getting strong. He is such a good baby and makes this whole infant thing look easy. I told them before they know it, he will be all over the place!

 We ventured out for Pluckers. It has been a group favorite since we met almost 7 years ago! Two babies in tow makes for a fun time getting a table!
Love them!

Rebecca and I were able to get out on Sunday afternoon for a few hours to do a little shopping. Wyatt napped and C was in and out while the daddy's had baby duty. They always get the easy tasks! :)
 Sunday we also went for a walk around the neighborhood and over to the live nativity at the church before heading back home. They live in such a friendly neighborhood and it was nice to be doing the types of "community feel/neighborhood" things we often miss out on. We enjoyed walking around and Wyatt loved outside time!

 We had such a nice visit spending time with our friends. I can't believe we both have babies. It seems just like yesterday we were running at Town Lake during lunch. We hope we can visit again soon.  We always enjoy our time with them as we are able to relax, recharge, and have some fun friend time! Lots of laughs! So excited for your family and love that little guy! I know we have lots of fun times with the boys ahead. You are great parents and little C is incredibly lucky!

This week I have been busy gearing up for the holidays. Yesterday we had a marathon day of shopping and I am almost done. Woop!  Can't wait for the excitement of all the little ones and to spend time with family in the coming week! More blogs to come!

Another Woo Pig Attempt

Calling the Ikea. We were shopping while in Austin a few weeks ago and he started the Woo part all on his own. It was obvious to me he was trying. We tried to help, so I apologize for our Wooo Pigs..LOL! I think many people have this problem. Oh well. I know the gparents will love it regardless.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Decorations 5th Wheel Style

Yep this is decorating in a 5th Wheel. Don't be jealous! It look 10 minutes. I am kinda embarrassed to show this, because it really is just a mismatch of small random things that won't get broken however, I do want to remember it. My sweet mom has had her students have make us ornaments for the past 5 years and they decorate our tree. They send us sweet pictures and holiday creations all the time. It does makes us feel loved!

I know that when we are done with this adventure I will always have at least one tree filled with these ornaments. We also buy an ornament or something we can hang on a tree as a memento of each location we have lived/ that tree will be eclectic! I also bet that once we have a house, I will go crazy because this really is all I can do with our space! It is lovely isn't it! HA!

Drum Roll........

I know it is amazing. The holiday season has arrived at Basham Travel!

Ok now I want to see your decorations! Thanks for visiting from the Christmas Tour of Homes!

Here for now...

Just like everyone else we have been going non-stop. We are still here however, honestly I am not sure how much longer. That has made for a stressful time leading up the holidays. One day we might move, the next day we are staying put for another few days...

Anyway, that said blogging has been on my mind just not on my schedule or little man's :)

We were in Austin this past weekend and H and R were in a Christmas parade. Since Shelby was driving one of the floats for the baseball team Daniel and Wyatt both ended up being in it as well. Terri and I were on the float then opted to get off. (That was a good decision as the parade was long!) Anyway, Wyatt loved it and Daniel said he took it all in. I am glad we were on the side lines to watch and capture memories!

 A few from the parade

It was a great parade and a fun family memory. I know we have many more Christmas parades in our future!

Thank you S Family for letting us stay with you! We had a blast..other than the unfortunate migraine I had on Sunday. You will never know how much I appreciated that you helped take care of Wyatt while I was down. A million thank yous!!!

I stayed in town  a few more days for doctors appointments, essential errands (car inspection, etc) and was able to get some Christmas shopping done. Melissa (Daniel's) sister and family had us over for dinner and Wyatt had a great time playing with the boys. Funny side note..Wyatt has started randomly calling the Hogs. Even in Ikea the kid was raising his arms. People took note and it was really funny!  I will have to upload the video in another post.  Mary I enjoyed spending time with you and I know it was good for both of us to have some "girl" time. :)

Wyatt obviously enjoyed the space...Dapper Dude

 I hope to have a few more blog posts up before we leave again this weekend..but we all know how that could go! :)

For now I hope each of you are enjoying: cooler weather, the reason for the season, some fun family time, and are making memories! This time of the year really  really makes us miss our know we are sending lots and lots of hugs!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankful for 30 days

I am so glad that I decided to do 30 Days of Thankful.
It definitely made me think about how blessed we truly are.
It made me blog more..which I loved.
And it made me appreciate the tiniest littlest daily things!
It also made me get behind on our Anniversary post :/

 Hold on, to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home

Settle down, it'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home

This map isn't completely correct. I try and keep it updated as we travel however, I totally missed our route to Oregon. I am not quite sure how..I wasn't pregnant or anything! HA! Daniel also informed me a few others are off...
To little man:  I know that someday when we tell you about your first year of life it may not have been as traditional as all of your friends.  What I do promise is however, you have had a lot of fun! You have traveled a lot, played, experienced so many things, laughed, and have brought more joy to our lives than we ever thought possible. We were happy before you came however, now our our hearts are so full of love and you bring a new joy to simple pleasures. I know you may not have your own room or all the toys in the world because we don't have the space..but I promise you have more love than you could ever need. You bring so much happiness to us and we are beyond thankful for you! (We really are thankful for you each day...if you can't tell!)

As we continue to travel this crazy road, I am thankful for our family and friends. I know no matter where we are, no matter the miles, we are completely surrounded by love. Thank you to everyone that prays for us as we travel and that supports us with love and kind words on this journey.  I am beyond thankful for this blog and the ability to store our travel memories in such a neat way.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Painted Nails..

I painted my FINGER nails other than clear for the first time in forever today! I kinda feel like #KellyRipa #BobbyThomas or #likearockstar


Thanks to Andrea for the color! I have used it many times on my toes but decided to get a little wild! :) I also love how the simple pleasure of painted fingernails can make you feel instantly refreshed and well...pretty (there I said it!) :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The ability to know this rotation isn't permanant..

You are the maker of your own happiness. Daniel and I have realized that the opportunity to travel, at this point in our lives, is certainly something we can't take for granted. and certainly has challenges that we didn't even think about when we started talking about traveling. When we researched living on the road and there were aspects that didn't arise until we hit the road. All that said, we are grateful for this experience and would not change it. We meet people often that are not able to travel until they retire. Many of them are only able to "travel" because they work as a park host. Of course we meet people that travel for pure joy they however, are completely jealous of our age. We hear "Oh how we wish we could have experienced this at your age." They have aches, pains, medical issues, etc. In fact we have met many an older couple having trouble maneuvering their rig. They get so frustrated that they consider giving up what they dreamed of doing in retirement because they just don't think they could RV.

We know we are very fortunate however, here is the other thing...We made this happen. We decided to go on the road. We decided this was a great opportunity for our family. We were newly married, some thought it was neat, others thought we were crazy, but we had nothing to lose. I am not saying this is for everyone, because I certainly can't see many of my friends doing this. know who you are. What I am saying is that we get out of life and happiness what we put into it.

Of course everyone goes through times of frustration. Even now as we travel this rotation isn't the best. Many of the full time people at this facility are NOT happy and they take it out on all the travelers. Over 3/4 of the therapy department are travels and the full timers are (I am guessing jealous) and extremely unhappy. And well it makes for a tough three months for the travelers. Apparently many don't make it for the full rotation.

That said, often it seems as though it takes something major for people to make the change. I am so thankful that Daniel and I really talked about this opportunity and after much thought, we took it! Traveling didn't happen overnight but  we did it. Even when we hit a tough rotation, all the others make it worth it. No each day isn't roses and glitter and gum drops and happy dances (like when I am up on the roof or below the 5th wheel or digging for something else) but, I am so happy we are having this life experience. I know I have said this many times but, we have been places and experienced things we would not have otherwise.

We aren't promised tomorrow and we have no idea what the future we have to make the best of today!

Lots of love to each of you. Make today a fun one! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An easy day

Thankful for a day with not a lot to do.
A boy that is taking lots of naps.
Several phone converstaions with sweet friends over the past few days.
An easy trip to the store for essentials.
Fun with daddy when he came home.
An evening full of TV shows to make me laugh then Parenthood always pulls at my heartstrings to end the night!

Thankful for a day of ease!

Monday, November 26, 2012

More Thanksgiving pics

A random group of pictures from Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our family that love us and the ability to spend time together! I believe it also goes without saying, we have quite the little ham...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fun Thanksgiving..although we passed around a bug

The last few days are delayed as I was super busy on Thanksgiving cooking, visiting, and cleaning up. Friday I was off all day and by the evening it was apparent I had caught what Ben, Ann, Connor, and Jean had. YUCK! I am feeling better but am off to bed. I hope to update tomorrow all about our fun. My eyes are closing by the second and I am typing a lot of nonsense!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gorgeous weather -Day 24

Thankful for lots of outside playtime in November! Yep we took advantage of it for sure!

Friday, November 23, 2012


This guy loves his little family. I think he surprises his sisters, parents, aunts, etc and lifelong friends at how good of a family man and husband he is and wants to be. He spent many years being a care free bachelor and apparently I "changed" him. I don't necessarily think I think changed him, I think he just felt love and it was real! (I am know you all know what I am talking about!)

Over the Thanksgiving holiday if I couldn't find him in the house, I knew where to look....out on the golf course! He was pulling the kids around, sitting on the fairway letting Wyatt run off some energy, chasing Wyatt, or playing fetch with Hershey! I love this man with all my heart!


Love you Daniel for everything you do and for all the love you have for our family!