Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Cass!

Who would of thought asking for chapter notes would lead to so many memories? How many years ago did we live in the Hump Dump? Wait don't answer that!!!

Love ya girl! Hope you had a great birthday!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homeless Again...and New Happenings

Does time seem to be flying to anyone else? I feel like just the other day it was June! At the moment our lives are consumed with insurance, hail, and repairs.. Blah, blah,blah. So, let me just jump in. We are homeless yet again as of this past Monday. We hauled the 5th wheel into the shop and according to the dealership repairs might take until the END of November (yea you read that right)! I am not happy about this for obvious reasons and the fact that I only packed for a week. I guess that means I will have to go shopping. Sorry Daniel;) We found a nice place to call home after searching for several days! Everything is booked up insurance adjusters, roofers, etc.
Two weeks ago Daniel and I ran a 5k benefiting Greater El Paso PT District as well as the El Paso Spinal Cord Support Group. We really enjoyed running together as well with, Daniel's coworkers from the hospital! We decided to register for a 10K the next weekend as soon as we crossed the finish line. I know Andrea...we are crazy! ;)

A car combined with a motorcycle!

I spent most of last week trying to keep a migraine at bay however, it won. I started feeling better towards the end of the week and was able to get things packed and organized for the big repair trip. I was not thrilled about packing again in the middle of this rotation so I put if off as long as possible.
We did spend several evenings sitting around the fire catching up with our new friends. I love this time of year when the nights get cool and the fire is warm. It does make me miss the trees changing and Hog Football. Could someone bottle those for me? Ha ;)
Last Saturday we took the hunters education safety course. I took the course when I was much much younger and decided to retake it so Daniel wouldn't be by himself. I also remember the course being easy. This one was not and the teacher was strict. I was so nervous when I had to shoot I felt like a kid getting scolded. Anyway, we both passed and I told Daniel he owed me for subjecting myself to that torture!

Sunday I was feeling better and we decided to and run in the Spira Worlds Fastest 10K Run benefiting Million Koins For Kids and National Psoriasis Foundation. Oh my goodness was it ever fun and we both ran our personal bests! The race started at Smugglers Gap (the highest point of Trans-Mountain road)which is 5280 feet high and drops 3,000 ft during the race. It was so cold when we started and hot when we finished! I think we have many more races together in our future! I love doing them but Daniel has never wanted to enter. I now think he understands why I am always registering for runs and triathlons! ;)
Another new happening: Daniel is playing on a softball league with guys from the hospital. He is loving it and I enjoy watching him play! So far they are all having a great time! Now if we can just keep him injury free..haha if you know him, you know that is not possible!

On a completely random side note I wanted to pass long a favorite site Coupons.com Who doesn't like to save money on things you buy weekly? At the moment they also have several coupons for toys (like Mr Potato Head and the Sit n Spin) and they don’t expire until 1/15/10. I am excited as this year we have new nieces and nephews (3 additional ones with 8 total and 5 under 3) to shop for! I can't wait for all the new little ones at the holidays this year!
Speaking of little ones..
I received a request for the blog and I can't let down little A! Isn't she a cutie? Her family is awaiting the arrival of little brother! Excitement! In this picture A is putting on a puppet show for her mama while she rests. I think its just too cute and shows her adorable personality! A message to A: Hey A! I hope you are being good for your mommy and daddy! Have a great weekend! Hershey and Chance say hi! ;)
Well....both dogs and Daniel are snoozing and I am wondering why I have not changed the channel off of ESPN? I am realizing my eyes are closing as I type..so who knows what fun things I have forgotten to post.

I guess that is it for this week. We hope everyone has a great weekend! The flu is in full force in EP and I am trying my best to keep it away!
Love and Miss ya,
Daniel and Melissa