Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boo to the Flu...

Lets see last week we got a little treat..the flu! My little plan of not getting sick this year didn't work when Daniel came home on Thursday not feeling well. Poor thing was super sick and I started feeling bad on Sat night. We must have looked horrible because we made a trip to the pharmacy and the lady looked at us as though to say "oh you guys don't look good." Isn't that nice? Love it! Anyway we are both feeling much better!!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow? Happy Thanksgiving everyone! With that in mind something new and exciting to give thanks for coming soon...


and Daniel says Go Horns!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Very busy...Has it been a year?!? Seriously!!

Whew have we been busy. I didn't mean to take such a long break from blogging (I began this post over a week ago) just happened. No Jenny L. I was not busy planning social events...ok well maybe a few impromptu ones. Daniels mom arrived on Thursday the 30th. We met Daniel for lunch and spent the rest of the day shopping. Friday our Halloween adventure was buying a cargo trailer. Not an easy find but we located one in a small town in Iowa and spent the evening at an estate auction. I got to watch Daniel and his mom take it all in. My advice..don't talk with your hands however, we ended up with a few good finds.

Saturday we took the 5th wheel into the dealership to get the leak in the slide fixed and spent the rest of the day watching football and cooking out with Luther and Victoria. On a total side note..its leaking again! Now why did the repair man go through telling us all about his repair again???

Sunday we made it to the Henry Doorly Zoo with Luther and Vitoria. I know I have mentioned it before and it did not disappoint! Its huge and look at those Gorillas!! I was amazed at how the exhibits were staged. They reminded me of the ones I saw in Japan...oh memories. Mary was very excited to see Rosenblatt Stadium as well..the Men's College World Series home. Sunday night we sat by the fire and made smores for some it was their first taste! I know!

Monday was our one year anniversary (I can't believe it) and Daniel and I celebrated with dinner at Main Stream Brewery. I completely forgot to pick up the cake topper I ordered..and remembered around 5 pm. So I frantically ran to the store and improvised with a few one year birthday cakes and icing. It turned out well and only took 30 min to improvise..Its a good thing I am easy going! ;) I came home to a dozen sunflowers and a rose. I am not sure when it started but he calls me his Sunflower so...he always gets me roses with a sunflower in them. We stuck with the tradition first year gifts of paper so I was very excited to see what he came up with! We exchanged gifts and Daniel shocked me with something I thought he would never do..He made me a book of coupons filled with things, like a ski trip, massage, dinners, new purses, etc. I had heard of coupon books before but you never think you are going to get one. Its funny because I was going to make in the money clip I was going to give him..but he bought if for himself instead. I got him a cabin stay in the forest around here and a picture from the last marathon I ran in. Dinner was great, we listened to music on the street, and ended with ice cream from Maggy Moos!! Yummy!

Mary and I were busy shopping most of the week. We also went to the Durham Museum which had miniatures on display and if you know me well..they make me smile! The museum was an old train station and displayed old rail cars, home items from the past, old cars, and Eyewitness an exhibit on actual accounts from the past. We spent the rest of the week, shopping, going to the vet, the dog park, and went to Cabela's, Scheels, and Bass Pro. Saturday Daniel and his mama watched the Longhorn game and Sunday we walked the pedestrian bridge from Nebraska to Iowa and back. It was actually fun and apparently is the only footbridge that connects two states. We ended the weekend with a yummy dinner at Big Cabin and Mary had an Omaha steak. She flew home on Tuesday and it sounds like she hit Austin running. We had a great time with you here Mary and the puppies miss you!!! We hope you come to see us wherever this great journey takes us next!!! See you at Christmas!

I spent rest of the week getting ready for our cabin weekend! It was super cold in the forest this weekend and just as soon as I got a camp fire started it began sleeting and snowing. I thought starting a fire was something Daniel would have learned as much camping as we do. After his pitiful attempt, I knew and have now come to terms with the fact that I will always be starting the fires. I think this is a common problem. ;) We woke up on Sat morning to a dusting of snow and hiked much of Saturday in the fluries. It was great and Daniel said it was the perfect anniversary gift!

On a total side note..daddy Hershey is learning to "whoa" very well!! According to for those of you who don't know "Whoa" simply means, "stop, don't move until I release you." Don't laugh...and yes I taught her..its all those years of watching you!;)

I also can't believe how fast the holidays are approaching! I am in the beginning of Christmas shopping and I think the fact that all the stores around are decorated and the music is early for the season but the weather is seasonal..I am realizing it is that time of year! Hopefully we will know soon where our next adventure is taking. Daniel is really hoping for ski country! Many good JuJu wishes to our friends and family...we miss all of you!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Daniel! Wow how fast a year can fly and change your life! We have many many more great years to come. Daniel I love you!!!