Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5th Wheel

Many of you have been asking for pictures of our new home..Here you go. Keep in mind I am still unpacking and putting things into every place possible. As you walk in to the right, walk up two steps you will be in the bedroom and bathroom. To the left is the kitchen, tablet, tv, couch, and chairs. I do love it so far. We are staying in small town of 13,000 and everyone is so nice. Tonight we went for a run and we were totally in the country. Daniel is loving his job and we both feel we have made a good decision! Its going to be a fun adventure!

Friday, April 25, 2008


I am leaving tomorrow and I am so excited! I have a shout out to my ladies: Marie, Casey, and KyLee and the little couple Fletcher and Kayla. We had a good time at Whole Foods today! You ladies rock!
I am going to miss all of you!
To the tomato lady...aka Suzette I am so glad that you asked Daniel about the $5 tomatoes! If it were not for you..we never would have spoken. Thanks for asking us out on a date! We love you!!!!

Mary thank you so much for helping me pack up everything. I would still be in that apartment with boxes and stuff everywhere! I can't thank you enough for several trips to the storage unit!!!!

Ben thank you for letting me stay with you! I love you! Now your back yard can go back to normal. Hoses out, check, anything out, check, destructing Hershey is gone! Lucy your life is back to normal!! hehe

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fortune Cookie, Wrapping Up, and Saying Bye

Work Pary Jan, Katie and Me
Work Party Ryan, Me, Knowles, and LA

Hershey is so ready!

T-minus 3 days until I am with Daniel and I can't wait! Today I saw something that made me reflect... A few weeks ago I got a fortune cookie that said: Look with favor upon a bold beginning. I think its totally fitting for life right now. Friday was my last day at 24 Hour and this week I am giving finals at Concordia. It’s a great feeling but also a little sad to know that I am wrapping up 5 years in Austin! I do love it here but, its time to venture out and experience something new.

When I think about my time here its ironic to me I am back staying where I began. My sweet brother Ben (well Ben and Ann's now) asked me if Hershey and I wanted to stay with them for my last month since Daniel is gone. Its odd to be in the same room and it not be filled with my things. I remember all the nights of studying for grad school in this room and now I am studying to prepare for my lectures!! It’s just so fitting! Life does circles I guess.

This weekend Amanda and Kevin came into town and my work had a going away party for me..(it was fun!) I had happy hour with my friend Cara tonight and tomorrow I am having lunch with Mary and Melissa. The next few days are filled with lunches, grading finals, and packing…I can’t wait to be in St. Louis this weekend with friends!!!