Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year - New Goals!

Well Happy New Year! I am back! I have been wanting to blog and just got so far behind I felt like I couldn't. We haven't stayed in a park in over 2 years (since Denision I think) that has had wifi. This has limited blogging. The place we lived last year in west Texas kept my phone constantly searching for a signal. Anyway, I need to blog. It is our journal and has kept up with the last 8 years of our life!

I know 8 years. We said "Lets just try this for a year!" In February we will begin year 9!!! Yes NINE years! Honestly, it has flown. We have to think about years by where where we have lived. Over Christmas we were in Austin and we were talking to friends about when we left and it seems like it was yesterday to us!

Here are a few recent holiday pictures.  My plan is backtrack a little but more to just keep up with the now.

We had Christmas morning in the 5th wheel then drove over to Austin to have Christmas with the rest of the family.

 5th Wheel Christmas!
 Date Night! Whoop! We went to see Daddys Home..hilarious and then to a dinner of yummy Italian food. We were so happy that Shelby and Terri joined us! This was us not knowing how to act while waiting for them at the theater!

More to come!
New Year-New Goals! Happy New Year!