Thursday, February 26, 2015

The post that is way outdated...Orange Move 7-13 to...

Well we left Orange with high hopes of an easy move...but nope we broke down about 100 miles south of Dallas. Thankfully we were able to have the truck towed to a dealership near my grandmothers house and she lets us camp out with her for the week!

I am pretty 2 people were excited about that! After a few days we learned the motor was blown up. It was super expensive to get fixed and after talks of towing it to Austin, to AR, etc we ultimately left the truck in front of my grandmothers house for a few months! Thank you so much!!!

We hired a guy to tow the truck to Denison however, we hadn't been able to find a park. So Daniel, W, and I headed to find a park. We ultimately decided on one in OK and were happy with our decision. We got things set up and did a little exploring of the area before heading back to Dallas for the rest of our "vacation."

Playing at Eisenhower's birthplace! Someone had been in he car for several hours and needed to run.

We decided to make a trip to AR to visit my parents at the end of August. I had signed Wyatt up for PreK -2 at an amazing private school in town but was able to delay his start so that we could make a trip to AR. It worked out perfectly in that I wanted to surprise D with a trip for his birthday and need to be close enough my parents for them to watch Wyatt while we went. Daniel had no idea what the plans were and I decided to surprise him when we were in town. We spend the first week playing at my parents and visiting with local family and friends. Wyatt and I made a trip to NWA over the weekend to see Shannon and B, Kerryanne, Andrea and Marshall, A, and J. We made it into town in time to have a fun play date with Shannon and B. They boys had so much fun playing and I enjoyed getting to catch up with Shannon. I had not been in AR in a year since the sorority reunion last summer. We had just been too far away to make it happen. The boys played so well together and even cracked us up getting in the cozy car together! We left Aunt Shanis house and met Andrea and family for dinner. The kids were so cute watching each other. We were able to chat and then had a yummy dessert of frozen yogurt. They were so sweet to let us stay with him and the kids got to play while Andrea and I visited more that evening. I miss so much girl time while we travel I LOVED being able to see so many great friends all in one trip. The next morning our plans to visit Cassie were changed but it all worked out that and we still got to meet Kerryanne (aka Aunt Kookie) and Shanie and B for lunch at Mimi’s! Again so fun to visit while the kiddos “chatted” LOL!

I also got to see my childhood friend Jennifer. We took the kids to Russellville for a little shopping. They  had a blast! We even hit up a few kids sales and I got W several fun things.

I decided since Daniel had to come back to pick us up we needed to do something fun for his birthday. I ultimately decided on Kansas City. Daniel had never been and I knew we would have fun. A knew about the area so she helped plan the trip. We had so much fun celebrating the big 40 with some of our favorite people. I didn't tell Daniel where we were going. I think that made it more fun! He knew to just pack some nicer clothes. Long story short after he arrived Wyatt lost the car keys in my parents house. We had only one set with us. My dad had to drive us up to NWA to meet A and M so we could leave for Kansas City. To this day we still haven't found that set of keys. My mom and I had to drive to OK on Sunday to get the other set. We even had to break into the RV because I didn't remember to take a key to unlock the door. Yeah it was so fun!

We had an amazing time with our friends. Daniel was really surprised and loved a little get away weekend. Just adults. Thank you to my parents for keeping W.

Family Pictures in front of my dads office.

First Day of School
Then it was time for someone first day of school. I enrolled W in an amazing private school 2 days a week. I wasn't sure how he would do  and the tears flowed at drop off but when I picked him up he was all smiles! He loved it!

I mean look at this sweet face! Here I come Mrs. Moody and Mrs. Shamekia!!!


October Fest, Red Bull Flutag, and Balloon Fest

We made a weekend of festivals with our friends R, R, and C in the DFW area one weekend.We had so much fun we decided we are going to try and make it a yearly event! Beer, balloons, and flying flutag...what really more could adults (and kids minus the beer) need? HA!

And this is where...I will have to come back and fill in! :)

Meet the teacher

Pumpkin Patch
Reb and I decided to meet up at Big Orange Pumpkin Patch at the end of Sept. It was still hot but the boys had a blast! It was about half way for both of us. D had school stuff that day and R was busy with work. Perfect Reb and I got to catch up and the boys got to play!

Pumpkin Hershey the Dog for a school pumpkin decorating contest!

I'm a Monk Monk! I went up to school to help with the fall carnival. We had some cute games and lots of candy! The kids were adorable. My guy was shy and didn't want to leave mama when it was time for his class to leave but, he still had fun!

Library Time/Firefighter

Hike at Lake Texoma

the zoo ??

Our anniversary,  Dallas Arboretum
Hospital stay

 Austin visit - Aunt Sandy birthday


Truck to IL

Christmas Program

Christmas Parties at Library and school
Trip to pick up truck in IL
Austin visit
Houston to see NeNe
Day with Mary
Park fun
 Back to school
Truck Breaks down again
Ikea big boy bed
valentines day

 Mardi Gras at School Parade and event

 Last Day of School


move to college station
stroller strides
fun with friends at stroller strides

My bday 35
July move to Big Spring

W turns 3! 
Parents visit, Carlsbad caverns


Mary visit, trip to White Sands and the mountains
Daniel's birthday
Wreck the truck

First Haircut

 Trip to the Fair


Pumpkin patch fun in Lubbock
Thanksgiving, Dallas
Fun day for mama Root Canal
Christmas, Dallas
New Years
Rodeo in Odessa
Trip to Austin - D's work trip
Trip to Arkansas
blah so much more to blog!